LEADING QUESTIONS: Real estate maven keeps even keel

April 14, 2010
Mason King
LQHenry_WatchVideoIn IBJ's new video feature offering management wisdom, Jeff Henry of commercial real estate brokerage Cassidy Turley reveals how to keep your staff cool when the heat is on.

Steak n Shake slashes restaurant spending as CEO hoards cash

January 2, 2010
Cory Schouten
From 1999 to 2008, Steak n Shake Co. spent an average of $55 million a year to add dozens of restaurants and buy equipment for existing ones. In 2009, the locally based chain spent just $5.8 million.

Cummins engine business president stepping down

December 16, 2009
 IBJ Staff and Associated Press
Engine maker Cummins Inc. said the head of its engine business is leaving his role in March to pursue other projects at the company. Jim Kelly joined the company in 1976 and was promoted to president of the engine business in 2005.

Lennen, Ledyard named hospital presidents

August 21, 2009
 IBJ Staff
Community Health Network has chosen Anthony Lennen as president of Community Hospital South and Dr. Robin Ledyard as president of Community Hospital East, the health care system announced this morning.

MARCUS: Will children make good leaders?Restricted Content

July 27, 2009
Morton Marcus
As a quiet person, I am not likely to intrude when I run across egregious wrongs. Most often I let dastardly deeds go without comment. Someday, I hope, I will overcome this character defect and stand up in opposition to wrongdoers.

GUY: What price company leadership?Restricted Content

June 29, 2009
John Guy
The folks who control executive compensation are often executives themselves. Boards must realize that their self-dealing, self-benefiting ways are grossly out of line with the true value of one's contribution to a business and society.

Banker's seat on board turns into bigger challengeRestricted Content

May 25, 2009
Greg Andrews
Within a month of joining the board of Evansville's Integra Bank Corp. Mike Alley, former CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp's central Indiana operations, had become Integra's interim CEO.

Tough times require determined leaderRestricted Content

May 11, 2009
Chris Katterjohn
Someone once told me it's easy to run an organization when times are good. It's when times are tough that things get difficult. Well, we're definitely there.

Is poor management Indiana's problem?Restricted Content

April 27, 2009
Morton Marcus
Hoosiers identify many factors contributing to our state's long-term economic difficulties. It is fashionable to blame our workers. It is easy to decry a lack of natural amenities: no mountains, no coral reefs. Our public schools are inferior and perhaps our higher education is overrated. Our taxes are too high but we have substandard government services. We ain't got no culture. Rarely do we hear anyone say that our problem is management.

How to innovate your way out of this recessionRestricted Content

February 23, 2009
CJ McClanahan
It doesn't matter what industry you are in or how well you have prepared--we will all be affected by what has taken place in the financial markets over the past several months.

Corporate shareholders should demand moreRestricted Content

February 9, 2009
Ken Skarbeck
Free marketers cringe at the thought of government interference, but the fact is that the taxpayer is now a significant shareholder in a number of financial businesses.

Katterjohn's optimism is upliftingRestricted Content

February 9, 2009
I think it is so important to remind people that the one thing we have control of is our attitude. I think you conveyed that beautifully.

Companies must prepare for CEO turnoverRestricted Content

June 18, 2007
J.K. Wall
A methodical process is the right way to change CEOs, according to succession-planning experts. And Indiana needs more of its major corporations to do so. A wave of aging executives is at or near normal retirement age--in Indiana and nationwide. How well those companies' CEOs pass the baton will have a big impact on their companies' futures.

IRSAY'S ODYSSEY: Owner learned from life in NFL to build winning team

January 16, 2006
Anthony Schoettle
The Indianapolis Colts' evolution from perennial patsy to Super Bowl favorite is a body of work with a seldom-told—and often misunderstood—history. It's easy to see the hues all-pros Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James painted on this masterpiece season. President Bill Polian and Coach Tony Dungy certainly colored the landscape. And Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore added his creativity. But theirs aren't the only signatures on this canvas.
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