As Indiana's commerce chief, Roob aims to 'hit on all cylinders'Restricted Content

January 12, 2009
Peter Schnitzler
IBJ talked to new Secretary of Commerce Mitch Roob about Indiana's challenges in 2009, including a recessionary economy, rising unemployment and work-force training gaps.

Conseco's investment loss of $96 million 'pretty good' by comparisonRestricted Content

December 22, 2008
J.K. Wall
Eric Johnson, Conseco Inc.'s president over its investment unit called 40/86 Advisors, talked with IBJ about the surprises of the investing world over the last 18 months.

Franchises can be safer business investments in tough timesRestricted Content

December 15, 2008
Scott Olson
What is the current state of franchising, given the tough economic environment?

ICVA embarking on new direction with new CEO WelshRestricted Content

November 17, 2008
Anthony Schoettle
Don Welsh is quickly making a name for himself as a change agent. Though few knew what to think when Welsh announced he was leaving Seattle to become Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association CEO, he's shown he didn't come here to simply wind down his career.

New IU athletic director vows to follow rules closelyRestricted Content

November 3, 2008
Anthony Schoettle
Fred Glass, formerly a partner at Indianapolis law firm Baker & Daniels, wants to make IU known again as a university that strictly follows the rules and helps all of its student athletes to achieve academically and graduate.

Q&A: Herb Simon takes charge, says family is committed to PacersRestricted Content

June 30, 2008
Anthony Schoettle
Herb Simon is taking a new hands-on approach with the Indiana Pacers, which he co-owns with his brother, Melvin. In response to a string of losing seasons and off-court mishaps involving players, Simon is transforming himself from a behind-the-scenes owner into a visible figure intent on reconnecting the franchise with the community that once adored it.

HHGregg tuned into growthRestricted Content

June 23, 2008
Cory Schouten
Undeterred by a rocky economy, locally based electronics retailer HHGregg is trailblazing into new markets on a quest to quadruple in size. The firm's "price and advice" mantra seems to be catching on. That's no surprise to Jerry Throgmartin, a 33-year veteran of Gregg who has served as the company's chairman and CEO since 2003.

Community Health CEO Corley preparing for 'something different'Restricted Content

June 16, 2008
J.K. Wall
This month, 65-year-old Bill Corley gave his 18 months' notice that he will be retiring as CEO of Community Health Network, the third-largest hospital network based in Indianapolis. Perhaps Community's board of directors needed so much time to replace a man who has held his post so long-nearly 25 years. When Corley arrived in 1984, Community consisted of just one hospital on Indianapolis' east side. Today, it has five.

St. Francis CEO says Beech Grove move inevitableRestricted Content

March 19, 2007
J.K. Wall
Robert J. Brody, president and CEO of St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers, announced March 8 that St. Francis would shutter its inpatient hospital in Beech Grove and expand its south-side hospital by 2010. In an interview with IBJ, Brody laid out the ills that beset hospitals across the country.
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  1. The east side does have potential...and I have always thought Washington Scare should become an outlet mall. Anyone remember how popular Eastgate was? Well, Indy has no outlet malls, we have to go to Edinburgh for the deep discounts and I don't understand why. Jim is right. We need a few good eastsiders interested in actually making some noise and trying to change the commerce, culture and stereotypes of the East side. Irvington is very progressive and making great strides, why can't the far east side ride on their coat tails to make some changes?

  2. Boston.com has an article from 2010 where they talk about how Interactions moved to Massachusetts in the year prior. http://www.boston.com/business/technology/innoeco/2010/07/interactions_banks_63_million.html The article includes a link back to that Inside Indiana Business press release I linked to earlier, snarkily noting, "Guess this 2006 plan to create 200-plus new jobs in Indiana didn't exactly work out."

  3. I live on the east side and I have read all your comments. a local paper just did an article on Washington square mall with just as many comments and concerns. I am not sure if they are still around, but there was an east side coalition with good intentions to do good things on the east side. And there is a facebook post that called my eastside indy with many old members of the eastside who voice concerns about the east side of the city. We need to come together and not just complain and moan, but come up with actual concrete solutions, because what Dal said is very very true- the eastside could be a goldmine in the right hands. But if anyone is going damn, and change things, it is us eastside residents

  4. Please go back re-read your economics text book and the fine print on the February 2014 CBO report. A minimum wage increase has never resulted in a net job loss...

  5. The GOP at the Statehouse is more interested in PR to keep their majority, than using it to get anything good actually done. The State continues its downward spiral.