Regional Taxes

House committee mulls corporate contribution to mass transit

February 24, 2014
Kathleen McLaughlin
The Indiana House Ways and Means Committee is expected to vote Monday on a mass-transit bill and is considering an amendment that would require 10 percent of revenue to come from non-traditional sources.

Indy Chamber proposes commuter taxRestricted Content

January 25, 2014
Kathleen McLaughlin
Indy Chamber is making the case for a commuter tax, arguing that it’s the best way to solve continual fiscal problems threatening to make Marion County, thus the whole metro area, less competitive.

Reagan's supply-side guru to address accountants in Indy

November 1, 2013
Chris O'Malley
Arthur Laffer is reviled by the big-government crowd for blaming high tax rates for slow economic growth. He'll discuss his cautionary tale for states while in Indianapolis next week.

Legislators collide over regional mass-transit plan

September 10, 2013
Kathleen McLaughlin
During a committee meeting Tuesday, Sen. Brent Waltz and Rep. Ed DeLaney crossed swords on a proposal that included widening roads and reforming the IndyGo bus service.

House advances central Indiana transit measure

February 25, 2013
Associated Press
The Indiana House has signed off on a measure that would let local residents vote for higher taxes to pay for a $1.3 billion expansion of the public transportation system.

Meetings start public discussion of regional transit plan

February 16, 2010
Indy Connect will hold its first public forum Tuesday evening to begin the process of gathering public input on a regional transportation plan that proposes raising taxes to build a light-rail line, improve bus service and expand roadways.

Task force endorses regional taxes for mass transit

February 9, 2010
Chris O'Malley
After 30 years of government studies of a regional transportation system, a private-sector group on Wednesday is set to unveil its own plan that includes commuter rail and toll lanes added to congested interstate highways.

Raising already-lofty lodging levy could cause convention planners to bypass IndianapolisRestricted Content

March 2, 2009
Scott Olson
Raising Indianapolis' tax on hotel rooms — already one of the highest rates in the nation — could be the tipping point that causes conventioneers to bypass Indianapolis, some industry experts say.
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  2. I did;nt know anyone in Indiana could count- WHY did they NOT SAY just HOW this would be enforced? Because it WON;T! NOW- with that said- BIG BROTHER is ALIVE in this Article-why take any comment if it won't appease YOU PEOPLE- that's NOT American- with EVERYTHING you indicated is NOT said-I can see WHY it say's o Comments- YOU are COMMIES- BIG BROTHER and most likely- voted for Obama!

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  4. Exciting times in Carmel.

  5. Twenty years ago when we moved to Indy I was a stay at home mom and knew not very many people.WIBC was my family and friends for the most part. It was informative, civil, and humerous with Dave the KING. Terri, Jeff, Stever, Big Joe, Matt, Pat and Crumie. I loved them all, and they seemed to love each other. I didn't mind Greg Garrison, but I was not a Rush fan. NOW I can't stand Chicks and all their giggly opinions. Tony Katz is to abrasive that early in the morning(or really any time). I will tune in on Saturday morning for the usual fun and priceless information from Pat and Crumie, mornings it will be 90.1