Super Bowl 2012/2018

Downtown businesses make adjustments for Super Bowl weekendRestricted Content

January 14, 2012
Sam Stall
Downtown businesses that are not in tourist-dependent industries are girding for Super Bowl weekend, hoping their spot in the big game’s storm shadow brings only a light dusting of logistical, scheduling and personnel hassles.

City announces street closures for Super Bowl

December 15, 2011
Several streets in downtown Indianapolis, including part of Monument Circle and those surrounding Lucas Oil Stadium, will be closed in the few weeks leading up to the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

A&E SEASON PREVIEW: Talking points for local arts communityRestricted Content

September 3, 2011
Kathleen McLaughlin
A sudden change in leadership at the Palladium, a new maestro for the ISO, and the impact of a big football game promise to have the Indy arts scene buzzing.

BENNER: Fans get jilted in NFL's player, owner lovefestRestricted Content

July 30, 2011
Bill Benner
Allow me to interject this sentiment into the euphoria surrounding the agreement among the National Football League owners and players to end their labor dispute.

BENNER: How will NFL's labor dispute play out? No one knowsRestricted Content

October 16, 2010
Bill Benner
With the National Football League season in full swing, it is easy to forget the gathering storm clouds of a labor impasse that threaten the 2011 schedule.

BENNER: Super Bowl delegation's focus is two years outRestricted Content

February 6, 2010
Bill Benner
We can promise, at game time, a perfect environment: 70 degrees and dry.

City gained momentum with Super Bowl bidRestricted Content

May 28, 2007
Andrea Muirragui
Indianapolis' bid to host the 2011 Super Bowl missed by inches, but observers said the city nevertheless scored major points that still could result in a victory. But not without suiting up again.

Super Bowl hinges on whether owners like Irsay or JonesRestricted Content

May 14, 2007
Anthony Schoettle
Bringing a Super Bowl to Indianapolis might have little to do with weather, hotel rooms or posh practice facilities. The biggest factor is likely to be Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, and how other National Football League owners feel about him and the contributions he has made to their tight-knit club.
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  1. Socialized medicine works great for white people in Scandanavia. It works well in Costa Rica for a population that is partly white and partly mestizo. I don't really see Obamacare as something aimed against whites. I think that is a Republican canard designed to elicit support from white people for republican candidates who don't care about them any more than democrats care about the non-whites they pander to with their phony maneuvers. But what is different between Costa Rica nd the Scandanavian nations on one hand and the US on the other? SIZE. Maybe the US is just too damn big. Maybe it just needs to be divided into smaller self governing pieces like when the old Holy Roman Empire was dismantled. Maybe we are always trying the same set of solutions for different kinds of people as if we were all the same. Oh-- I know-- that is liberal dogma, that we are all the same. Which is the most idiotic American notion going right back to the propaganda of 1776. All men are different and their differences are myriad and that which is different is not equal. The state which pretends men are all the same is going to force men to be the same. That is what America does here, that is what we do in our stupid overseas wars, that is how we destroy true diversity and true difference, and we are all as different groups of folks, feeling the pains of how capitalism is grinding us down into equally insignificant proletarian microconsumers with no other identity whether we like it or not. And the Marxists had this much right about the War of Independence: it was fundamentally a war of capitalist against feudal systems. America has been about big money since day one and whatever gets in the way is crushed. Health care is just another market and Obamacare, to the extent that it Rationalizes and makes more uniform a market which should actually be really different in nature and delivery from place to place-- well that will serve the interests of the biggest capitalist stakeholders in health care which is not Walmart for Gosh Sakes it is the INSURANCE INDUSTRY. CUI BONO Obamacare? The insurance industry. So republicans drop the delusion pro capitalist scales from your eyes this has almost nothing to do with race or "socialism" it has to do mostly with what the INSURANCE INDUSTRY wants to have happen in order to make their lives and profits easier.

  2. Read the article - the reason they can't justify staying is they have too many medicare/medicaid patients and the re-imbursements for transporting these patient is so low.

  3. I would not vote for Bayh if he did run. I also wouldn't vote for Pence. My guess is that Bayh does not have the stomach to oppose persons on the far left or far right. Also, outside of capitalizing on his time as U. S. Senator (and his wife's time as a board member to several companies) I don't know if he is willing to fight for anything. If people who claim to be in the middle walk away from fights with the right and left wing, what are we left with? Extremes. It's probably best for Bayh if he does not have the stomach for the fight but the result is no middle ground.

  4. JK - I meant that the results don't ring true. I also questioned the 10-year-old study because so much in the "health care system" has changed since the study was made. Moreover, it was hard to get to any overall conclusion or observation with the article. But....don't be defensive given my comments; I still think you do the best job of any journalist in the area shedding light and insight on important health care issues.

  5. Probably a good idea he doesn't run. I for one do not want someone who lives in VIRGINIA to be the governor. He gave it some thought, but he likes Virginia too much. What a name I cannot say on this site! The way these people think and operate amuses me.