USA Funds

Former U.S. education leader to take over USA Funds

April 24, 2013
 IBJ Staff
William D. Hansen, 53, served as Deputy U.S. Secretary of Education from 2001 to 2003. He'll replace current CEO Carl C. Dalstrom, who is retiring after more than a decade leading Indianapolis-based USA Funds.

USA Funds CEO announces retirement

August 7, 2012
Carl C. Dalstrom says he will leave the student-loan guarantor on June 30, 2013. He has led the locally based not-for-profit since July 2000.

Student-loan debt-collection agencies garner criticism

May 15, 2012
Bloomberg News
Lucrative incentives paid to federal student-loan collectors are sparking criticism that not-for-profit loan-guaranty agencies are reaping a bonanza from the troubles of former students. USA Funds, the largest guaranty agency, is based in Indianapolis.

Starfish Initiative gets $1 million to expand student mentoring

April 9, 2011
 IBJ Staff
Gift from USA Funds will allow organization to help more high-achieving, low-income teens prepare for college.
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  1. Those of you yelling to deport them all should at least understand that the law allows minors (if not from a bordering country) to argue for asylum. If you don't like the law, you can petition Congress to change it. But you can't blindly scream that they all need to be deported now, unless you want your government to just decide which laws to follow and which to ignore.

  2. 52,000 children in a country with a population of nearly 300 million is decimal dust or a nano-amount of people that can be easily absorbed. In addition, the flow of children from central American countries is decreasing. BL - the country can easily absorb these children while at the same time trying to discourage more children from coming. There is tension between economic concerns and the values of Judeo-Christian believers. But, I cannot see how the economic argument can stand up against the values of the believers, which most people in this country espouse (but perhaps don't practice). The Governor, who is an alleged religious man and a family man, seems to favor the economic argument; I do not see how his position is tenable under the circumstances. Yes, this is a complicated situation made worse by politics but....these are helpless children without parents and many want to simply "ship" them back to who knows where. Where are our Hoosier hearts? I thought the term Hoosier was synonymous with hospitable.

  3. Illegal aliens. Not undocumented workers (too young anyway). I note that this article never uses the word illegal and calls them immigrants. Being married to a naturalized citizen, these people are criminals and need to be deported as soon as humanly possible. The border needs to be closed NOW.

  4. Send them back NOW.

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