SAXTON: Hospitals launch into downward spiralRestricted Content

August 3, 2013
Todd Saxton / Special to IBJ
The recent cutbacks sweeping central Indiana hospital systems are part of a larger epidemic affecting the entire U.S. health care system.

GUY: Don’t purge good volunteersRestricted Content

July 27, 2013
John Guy
Not-for-profit staffs and boards occasionally stub their toes by “firing” or replacing longtime volunteers.

TEASLEY: Will we tolerate school choice chaos?Restricted Content

July 13, 2013
Kevin Teasley / Special to IBJ
Indiana’s school choice movement is experiencing a lot of growing pains these days, particularly with charter and private schools. Patience and tolerance is called for now.

Student loan debt could cripple recoveryRestricted Content

July 6, 2013
Congress should act immediately to reverse increase in interest rate.

Don’t tamper with charitable deductionsRestricted Content

June 29, 2013
While elected officials express support for the value and impact of charitable giving, proposals on the table indicate a very real threat to incentives that encourage this kind of generosity.

BIELAWSKI: A surprise swing into entrepreneurship

June 22, 2013
Luke Bielawski / Special to IBJ
When I embarked on my 110-day, 48,000-swing, cross-country golf odyssey, I had prepared for the rigors of hitting 500-600 golf balls a day on deserted roads in 100-degree heat.

STUART: Spend more on quality pre-K educationRestricted Content

June 15, 2013
Connie Bond Stuart / Special to IBJ
Fundamental to the American experience is the belief that our children have opportunity to reach whatever heights to which they aspire.

LIBMAN: A plan to fill a media void in the artsRestricted Content

June 8, 2013
Steven Libman / Special to IBJ
Jay Harvey, the performing arts critic for The Indianapolis Star, retired from the paper May 17. Given the importance of the arts to central Indiana, not to mention the amount of advertising bought by arts organizations, one would think the Star has a plan.

ROSENTHAL: Women still struggle for opportunities to lead

June 1, 2013
In the early 1970s, when I was studying at Barnard College in New York City, I worked as a bartender.

SHELLEY: Indiana architects finally get Good Samaritan billRestricted Content

May 25, 2013
Jason Shelley / Special to IBJ
When a tornado swept through Henryville in 2012, I know plenty of Indiana architects who would have gladly volunteered their time to help first responders assess the structural integrity of houses, school buildings, churches and stores.

DAVIS: Support workers' volunteerism

May 18, 2013
With businesses everywhere working to attract and retain great talent and customers, giving back to the community can end up on the back burner. The time and effort required to connect with charities, plan events and provide time off from critical business focus initially seems to be counterproductive. This paradigm leaves many leaders scratching their heads about corporate social responsibility.

DRESSLAR: Extremists hindering Common CoreRestricted Content

May 11, 2013
David Dresslar / Special to IBJ
Controversy over education policy is normal for the General Assembly, but this session’s pointless rancor over Common Core State Standards has only hindered progress in teaching our children and building our communities.

Partying like it’s 2013

May 4, 2013
John Ketzenberger / Special to IBJ
Even after the Great Recession and throughout the stubborn economic recovery, it’s getting harder to recall when Indiana’s fiscal house was a shambles.

PHALEN: Schools for the technology ageRestricted Content

April 20, 2013
Earl Phalen
The world has changed so much over the past century due to the rapid pace of invention and new knowledge. Systems and processes are constantly updated to serve our realities.

UPDIKE: A millennial view of transitRestricted Content

April 13, 2013
Jordan Updike / Special to IBJ
It has been a discouraging year in local politics. Several baby boomers have apologized to me for the state of affairs they are handing over to my generation, and each conversation has made clear the deep and fundamental issues Indiana’s next leaders will face.

Indiana leads in Medicaid changeRestricted Content

April 6, 2013
Mike Pence
A society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable. When it comes to health care, the best thing for every Hoosier, rich or poor, is more choices and more incentives for preventive care. In the debate over Medicaid expansion, our aim must be to protect the health of Hoosiers in need and maintain the fiscal health of our state. Expanding traditional Medicaid cannot accomplish both.

WILLIAMS: Cost-cutting obsession is myopicRestricted Content

March 30, 2013
Often with great pride, elected officials and those seeking elective office exclaim that Indiana is a paragon of fiscal probity and that bountiful state reserves demonstrate the caliber of Hoosier leadership.

KENNEDY: There’s no free lunchRestricted Content

March 23, 2013
Sheila Suess Kennedy
I continue to be amazed by the pundits and politicians who insist that eviscerating government programs will save money.

WHITE: In honor of native son Michael GravesRestricted Content

March 23, 2013
Drew White
he architecture of Michael Graves is controversial. Some dismiss his work for its post-modern and overly decorative qualities.

WALDO: It’s inevitable that plans go wrognRestricted Content

March 16, 2013
Charles Waldo / Special to IBJ
Years ago, Murphy observed, “If anything can go wrong, it will.” Murphy’s law has endured because, although we might chuckle, it rings of truth.

PAULEY: Indianapolis is an education epicenter

March 9, 2013
Jane Pauley / Special to IBJ
A few years ago at a dinner in Washington, D.C., with some of the nation’s leading education reformers, one of them asked if I knew about The Mind Trust.

HOLLENBERG: Deregulation has gone too farRestricted Content

March 2, 2013
Cindy A. Hollenberg / Special to IBJ
As an environmental policy analyst, the governor’s ordering of a moratorium on environmental regulation concerns me. It should also concern Indiana residents and businesses.

KISSINGER: That's not fair!Restricted Content

February 23, 2013
Pete Kissinger
A number of accusations on both sides in the 2012 elections were extrapolations rebroadcast out of context. I began to wonder if the very notion of fairness was worthy of study, or if the word had any substantive meaning beyond complexion and the weather.

BARANOWSKI: Indy is a great city, except...Restricted Content

February 16, 2013
Grace Baranowski / Special to IBJ
It was my privilege to testify recently before the House Roads & Transportation Committee in support of House Bill 1011. I joined more than three dozen citizens, community leaders and elected officials to share our support for mass transit in central Indiana.

ZAHN: Attack health problems the Indy WayRestricted Content

February 9, 2013
Tamara Zahn / Special to IBJ
With all the talk about increasing health care costs, the Affordable Care Act and Hoosiers’ poor health standings, now is the time for Indianapolis to be bold and take action.
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