FAENZI: Big career changes shouldn't be so hardRestricted Content

February 18, 2012
Carol Faenzi
If one’s identity has been based on being a manager, CEO or president of something, what happens when he chooses an unconventional path?

KISSINGER: Measuring success with wealth, not jobsRestricted Content

February 11, 2012
Pete Kissinger
Today, we hear an endless drumbeat about job creation and use that as a metric to judge government incentives. What we really want is “wealth creation” through innovations that satisfy customers.

McNAMAR: I love Indy, but not the public transit systemRestricted Content

February 4, 2012
Eric McNamar / Special to IBJ
I would like to commute by bus—I can’t. I work in Carmel, but IndyGo does not go beyond 96th Street.

COMPTON: School reform in the Kingdom of HappinessRestricted Content

January 28, 2012
Bob Compton / Special to IBJ
Poignantly, the citizens of Bhutan measure gross national happiness, not gross national product. With goals of good health, community vitality, good governance and sustainable development, they are also creating a unique education system.

GUY: I'm pretty good, sure, but outstanding?Restricted Content

January 21, 2012
John Guy
In Indianapolis, 65 of us are “outstanding,” meaning measurably better than all the rest. Hard to imagine.

HENDERSON: Don't choose between online tax and estate taxRestricted Content

January 14, 2012
Tom Henderson
I’ve yet to see an Amazon sign at a Little League playing field, or sponsoring the Girl Scouts.

BEGO: The godsend of right-to-work is freedomRestricted Content

January 7, 2012
Dave Bego / Special to IBJ
Ultimately, right-to-work is an issue of the right to private property, one’s labor, which we as Hoosiers expect both sides of the aisle at the Statehouse to honor and defend.

WILLIAMS: Expand IPS to Marion County bordersRestricted Content

December 31, 2011
Brian Williams
Absent a focus on county-wide educational reform, these efforts may address underachievement within IPS but fail to address needs of top academic performers, the large academic middle, and underperformers in all Marion County schools.

SLAUGHTER: The prudently fast are winning the raceRestricted Content

December 24, 2011
Robby Slaughter
As we wrap up the final quarter of 2011, it’s clear the struggling economy is not a deterrent to many entrepreneurs.

UPDIKE: What millennials look for in urban coresRestricted Content

December 17, 2011
Jordan Updike / Special to IBJ
I’m among the firstborn of the millennial generation—that group of young folk who grew up with the Internet and can’t really remember life without spell-check—and I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to engage my budding generation.

LAMKIN: Solving health care woes with CO-OPsRestricted Content

December 10, 2011
Ned Lamkin
Health costs remain the No. 1 cause of personal bankruptcy and the largest, most uncontrollable element for businesses. This is unsustainable.

IYER: A manufacturing resurgence? MaybeRestricted Content

December 3, 2011
Ananth Iyer / Special to IBJ
As the United States—and Indiana—looks to manufacturing as a way out of recession, they will be well-served by a move toward more energy-efficient, earth-friendly, competitive manufacturing processes.

TEASLEY: Whew! Tap the brakes on school reformRestricted Content

November 26, 2011
Kevin Teasley / Special to IBJ
Given all the new options, mistakes will be made by all.

SHERLOCK: The sensibility of responsible acquisitionsRestricted Content

November 19, 2011
Russ Sherlock / Special to IBJ
In a time when capital for growth is hard to come by, acquisitions can provide a much-needed boost not only to an entrepreneur but also to our nation’s economic recovery.

JOSEPH: Valuing the entrepreneur's blood, sweat and tearsRestricted Content

November 12, 2011
Hannah Kaufman Joseph
More than ever, owners are simply digging in to finance their great idea through their own hard work, time and resourcefulness.

FRAZIER: Sacred cows? They may not be worth itRestricted Content

November 5, 2011
Jan Breiner Frazier / Special to IBJ
Every organization has them. The employees who are deemed sacred cows by the work force and, like the banks deemed “too big to fail,” are considered by those in leadership “too [fill in the blank] to go.”

HENDERSON: Behind the scenery of I-69 oppositionRestricted Content

October 29, 2011
Tom Henderson
Your southern neighbors look at the sheer ugliness of convenience that surrounds Indy-area freeways and say: No way.

MILES: Neighborhoods are city's next challengeRestricted Content

October 22, 2011
Mark Miles
Mass transit is also a vital priority for rebuilding urban neighborhoods, giving residents the mobility to connect with jobs and their other daily needs.

GIGERICH: Midwestern governors learn from DanielsRestricted Content

October 8, 2011
Larry Gigerich
To no surprise, the economy and job creation were leading campaign issues in the 2010 gubernatorial elections. As a result, several new governors were elected across the country.

KLACIK: Many top-10 lists should be deep-sixedRestricted Content

October 1, 2011
Drew Klacik
Sometimes, there’s little difference between No. 10 and No. 11—or even No. 25 for that matter.

SLAUGHTER: Networking is more important than everRestricted Content

September 24, 2011
Robby Slaughter
Your personal network ... is what will grant you the most direct access to the people you need to know.

KHARBANDA: Fiscal hawks should fight new-terrain I-69Restricted Content

September 17, 2011
Jesse Kharbanda
Our organization recently released an economic analysis concluding that, over the next two years, Indiana will dedicate 23 percent of its available funding for highway construction, maintenance and repair to the new-terrain I-69 project.

POULAKIDAS: Raise demands for city-county councilorsRestricted Content

September 10, 2011
Kostas Poulakidas / Special to IBJ
Why is not our expectation that councilors come up with original ideas and solutions to the daily problems our communities face so we know they are qualified?

WALTZ: It's past time for Congress to kill QuillRestricted Content

September 10, 2011
Bill Waltz / Special to IBJ
It is important to remember that online sales taxes would not be a new tax. Sales taxes are currently owed on every retail purchase made over the Internet—they’re just not being paid.

GUY: Who can blame harassed teachers for losing heart?Restricted Content

September 3, 2011
John Guy
An Indianapolis Public Schools teacher was overheard saying, “Why should I improve myself through advanced professional training when the state and its providers will fire me next year?”
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  1. President Obama has referred to the ACA as "Obamacare" any number of times; one thing it is not, if you don't qualify for a subsidy, is "affordable".

  2. One important correction, Indiana does not have an ag-gag law, it was soundly defeated, or at least changed. It was stripped of everything to do with undercover pictures and video on farms. There is NO WAY on earth that ag gag laws will survive a constitutional challenge. None. Period. Also, the reason they are trying to keep you out, isn't so we don't show the blatant abuse like slamming pigs heads into the ground, it's show we don't show you the legal stuf... the anal electroctions, the cutting off of genitals without anesthesia, the tail docking, the cutting off of beaks, the baby male chicks getting thrown alive into a grinder, the deplorable conditions, downed animals, animals sitting in their own excrement, the throat slitting, the bolt guns. It is all deplorable behavior that doesn't belong in a civilized society. The meat, dairy and egg industries are running scared right now, which is why they are trying to pass these ridiculous laws. What a losing battle.

  3. Eating there years ago the food was decent, nothing to write home about. Weird thing was Javier tried to pass off the story the way he ended up in Indy was he took a bus he thought was going to Minneapolis. This seems to be the same story from the founder of Acapulco Joe's. Stopped going as I never really did trust him after that or the quality of what being served.

  4. Indianapolis...the city of cricket, chains, crime and call centers!

  5. "In real life, a farmer wants his livestock as happy and health as possible. Such treatment give the best financial return." I have to disagree. What's in the farmer's best interest is to raise as many animals as possible as quickly as possible as cheaply as possible. There is a reason grass-fed beef is more expensive than corn-fed beef: it costs more to raise. Since consumers often want more food for lower prices, the incentive is for farmers to maximize their production while minimizing their costs. Obviously, having very sick or dead animals does not help the farmer, however, so there is a line somewhere. Where that line is drawn is the question.