LOUGHREY: Hoosier leaders can fight global poverty

August 21, 2010
Joe Loughrey
Our world is quite different from the one President Truman and George Marshall faced in 1947. But the strategy for recovery and broad-based development should be built on a similar foundation of public- and private-sector collaboration.

MERISOTIS: Boosting education boosts your company

August 14, 2010
Jamie Merisotis
By 2018, 63 percent of all jobs in this country will require some form of postsecondary education or training. That’s a huge increase since the mid-’70s.

FELDMANN: Copying others' tactics won't always pay off

August 7, 2010
Derrick Feldmann
It’s common in any business or organization that hears about an incredible success and tries to replicate it by following the same steps.

WEIGAND: Reinvesting in neighborhoods is essential

July 31, 2010
Kurt Wiegand
Our city is about to engage in a high-stakes gamble to avert a death spiral—or accelerate it and make it much more of a certainty.

GROSSMAN: Bill Gates wants to spend your money

July 24, 2010
Peter Z. Grossman
Just as the government built an atomic bomb during World War II, the government should spend billions of dollars to create the energy innovations for a low-carbon economy, according to Gates and friends.

CORLEY: Help a child and who knows where he'll go?

July 17, 2010
William Corley
Consider these alarming statistics: More than 6,700 Marion County students drop out of school every single year. Dropouts earn $9,200 less per year than high school graduates, and earn $1 million less over a lifetime than college graduates.

CHEN: Indiana needs to become Asia-savvy

July 10, 2010
Our state needs to learn how to effectively engage with the emerging economies of the 21st century in order to be successful.

HENDERSON: On civility and donning the brain bucket

July 3, 2010
Tom Henderson
Some of the things I was warned as a young man that I should never get into arguments over were—in no particular order—religion, politics, which hand in a card game wins, and whether there should be a motorcycle-helmet law.

SLAUGHTER: Do you let the telephone control you?

June 26, 2010
Robby Slaughter
The telephone has incredible value. It’s also among the most effective ways to destroy productivity.

OWEN: Why I rethought riding my bicycle to work

June 19, 2010
Dean Owen
One day last spring, I put on a helmet, climbed on my bike, and rode to work with a co-worker. For a guy who had only recently gotten on a bike after more than 15 years away from two-wheelers, it was monumental.

ROWLAND: Monument Circle is all about traffic

June 12, 2010
Time and again, communities have tried pedestrian plazas in downtown areas and have failed because, without cars, there are few people, and businesses failed.

SHOBERT: Could new model save manufacturing?

June 5, 2010
Benjamin A. Shobert
On my most recent trip to China, it was not without some heaviness of heart that I again found myself comparing the newness of the country’s infrastructure—and the teeming activity that seems to have enveloped this part of the world—with much of what I see, or do not, around Indiana and the United States.

BOULET: Has civility become a quaint and obsolete concept?

May 29, 2010
Larry S. Boulet
Americans are not as civil as they used to be. Daily, there are doses of uncivil behavior reported by the media. And bad behavior isn’t limited to highly visible people.

BURNEY: Keep drive for high-ability education

May 22, 2010
Ginny Burney
In 2007, the Indiana General Assembly unanimously put into place the requirement for all Indiana schools to identify students with advanced potential from all groups and provide them with appropriate curriculum and instruction needed to develop their potential.

DUNN: Let's utilize Indiana's energy resources

May 15, 2010
Peter Dunn
Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico have placed considerable focus on the everyday contributions the men and women in the oil and natural gas industry make to help fuel and power our way of life.

JOSEPH: Beware of screening job applicants with social media

May 8, 2010
Hannah Kaufman Joseph
Tech-savvy employers are turning to social-media tools to locate and screen applicants for positions. And with increasing competition for jobs, employers are trying to both find the best applicants available and know as much as possible about them.

THIES: Get ready for state's finest hour

May 1, 2010
Adam Thies
I am a sucker for a good story. During the NCAA men’s basketball championship last month, when that ball, or as the CBS color commentator Clark Kellogg called it, the “pumpkin,” arched into the air from the hands of central Indiana’s now second-most-famous “babyface,” I thought, “This is it!”

COOK: Restoring buildings revitalizes communities

April 24, 2010
William A. Cook
I got involved in restoration projects more than 30 years ago when a serious cardiac illness sidelined me from my medical-device business.

GIGERICH: Happiness is factor in location choices

April 17, 2010
Larry Gigerich
State-by-state comparisons ranking residents' satisfaction levels are gaining traction in economic development circles. While rankings do not drive site-selection decisions, they do play a role.

HENDERSON: The real reasons not to merge utilities

April 10, 2010
Tom Henderson
Part of the overall utility problem is that lack of government oversight and public policy vision has made Indianapolis one of the highest-polluting and just plain ugliest cities in the Midwest.

WEIGAND: Let's rethink fixes for urban poverty

March 27, 2010
Kurt Wiegand
The message to neighborhoods couldn’t be clearer: It’s absolutely essential to attract and retain middle-class homeowners with the resources to invest in—and maintain—their own homes, as well as support surrounding businesses.

GUY: Do you want to travel or truly vacate?

March 20, 2010
John Guy
How does a busy person vacate, as in the dictionary reference, “to vacate one’s mind of worries?” One answer is to take a vacation, but an important choice remains: place or event?

FORSELL: Look beyond results for reciprocity in health care

March 13, 2010
David Forsell
I want to matter to the nurse standing next to me. I want to be more than a number, more than just a name on a list of hundreds of patients on a research protocol.

SHOBERT: Who's your in-house entrepreneur?

March 6, 2010
Benjamin A. Shobert
Times like this are ripe for pioneering activities. Now that your business knows it can operate profitably even in a down economy—no small thing—the next question is what you need to be doing to grow.

FELDMANN: Beware the dreaded donor engagement gap

February 27, 2010
Derrick Feldmann
Engagement gap strikes small organizations and big ones, struggling not-for-profits and successful ones, and it threatens to cripple each of its sufferers.
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