HUDNUT: In appreciation of Mel Simon

October 3, 2009
Bill Hudnut
I happened to be in Indianapolis the week before Mel Simon passed away on Sept. 16, and talked with his secretary about visiting him briefly, because I knew he was very ill. But he was too ill to see me.

FAENZI: Can Kindle and books co-exist?

September 26, 2009
Carol Faenzi
While on a long flight recently, I noticed that the woman sitting next to me was using a “Kindle,” the e-book device that allows one to download books and click through pages. I mourn the fading away of the tangible, the sensual—books, newspapers, letters.

SLAUGHTER: Learn how to say 'no' at work

September 19, 2009
Robby Slaughter
Whether we do so out of fear, greed or a sense of duty, relentlessly volunteering for more work is one of the worst choices we can make at the office.

MUELLER: Women, Wall Street and financial crises

September 12, 2009
Shirley M. Mueller
Although women now make up 60 percent of the work force, they occupy only 20 percent of executive positions. There are even fewer in finance, especially the high-risk areas like hedge funds. This may be one important reason we are in our economic chaos.

ZEIGLER: Downtown deserves better design

September 5, 2009
Connie Zeigler
Downtown Indianapolis has a housing problem. I am not referring to the abandoned and foreclosed homes that blight many of our neighborhoods. This is a problem of new, prominent construction projects that are out of place in our built environment.

BARADA: What's wrong with this picture?Restricted Content

August 29, 2009
Paul W. Barada
There are some pretty basic things out of whack in our society. Not too long ago, a local newspaper reported that a union member from an area General Motors Corp. plant, with a job title of something like “assistant tool room organizer,” was being paid in the high $20-per-hour range, not counting benefits. The only requirement for the job—maybe a high school diploma.

KANNING: Is our nation following in GM's footsteps?

August 24, 2009
Flawed decisions destroy organizations, not company size or lack thereof.

JOSEPH: Don't repeat Marsh's mistakeRestricted Content

August 17, 2009
Marsh Supermarkets quickly realized it could not honor the flood of redemptions of the $10 coupon it recently offered to its Facebook friends.


KOVACS: Time is now for health care reform

August 10, 2009
One of the biggest challenges facing our nation is health care reform. Despite development of the most innovative and significant advances in medical treatment, our ability as health care professionals to provide high-quality, cost-effective and continual patient care too often falls by the wayside as a result of misalignments in our health care system.

GARNER: Urban redevelopment requires dialogue

August 3, 2009
Sanford Garner
Later this summer, architects, urban planners, economists and hydrologists from around the city and around the nation will come to Indianapolis to begin planning for the redevelopment of the area near 22nd Street and the Monon Trail. Known as the American Institute of Architects Sustainable Design Assessment Team, it will work with neighborhood organizations and city leaders to develop a renewal plan to turn this blighted area into a thriving neighborhood.

FELDMANN: Don't seek attention, generate itRestricted Content

July 27, 2009
Derrick Feldmann
In case after case, we see businesses and not-for-profit organizations launching initiatives, holding events and undertaking other activities for the sole purpose of “awareness raising.” And in case after case, we see that the public failed to respond the way the organization expected.

VIEWPOINT: Discuss CEO pay in the openRestricted Content

July 6, 2009
John Guy
While transparency is a stated goal of many corporations, deliberations regarding distribution of shareholder property to executives are not subject to light of day or to review. Instead, decision-making is camouflaged by thousands of words that appear substantial but disclose little.

GUY: What price company leadership?Restricted Content

June 29, 2009
John Guy
The folks who control executive compensation are often executives themselves. Boards must realize that their self-dealing, self-benefiting ways are grossly out of line with the true value of one's contribution to a business and society.

VIEWPOINT: CEOs, do you deserve your salaries?Restricted Content

June 22, 2009
John Guy
An exaggerated share of the nation's wealth is paid to CEOs of public companies, their minions and directors, through agreements made inside boardrooms, by highly compensated individuals who commit shareholders' money and are not subject to effective oversight.

HENDERSON: Urban planning is local oxymoronRestricted Content

June 15, 2009
Tom Henderson
New neighborhood plopped in the middle of former cornfields are a disaster.

BYERS: Stimulus for health care benefits should be lifestyle changesRestricted Content

June 8, 2009
Gayle L. Byers
The cost and severity of our state of health is not going to change until we do. No amount of cost-shifting or federal assistance will stem this problem.

Remove barriers to lower costsRestricted Content

June 1, 2009
Todd Roberson
By preserving residency as a condition to distribute booze, our Legislature is protecting Indiana's existing liquor distributors, many of whom do business in neighboring states like Illinois and Michigan. This antiquated standard is anti-competitive and ultimately means higher prices and reduced selection for Indiana residents.

Consumers too connected to TV, telephone noiseRestricted Content

May 25, 2009
Carol Faenzi
Why are we so addicted to being "connected?" The cell phone, the BlackBerry, the television, all have "power off" buttons, but maybe that's itâ??when we turn the power off, does the sense of being disconnected makes us feel less powerful?

Prepare for Indiana's low-carbon economyRestricted Content

May 18, 2009
Jesse Kharbanda
No doubt the transition to a low-carbon economy will bring great challenges for Hoosier businesses, given how carbon-intensive our society is. However, if we take proactive steps, Indiana can emerge as a standout success story.

Here is a sustainable plan for the CIBRestricted Content

May 11, 2009
Brian Williams
A vibrant Indianapolis powers a dynamic Indiana and the governor, the mayor and the members of the General Assembly should all recognize that.

Read my lips: Reform local governmentRestricted Content

May 4, 2009
John L. Krauss
With the economy struggling, tax receipts falling and federal deficits soaring, there's more pressure than ever for government cost-cutting. Yet most Indiana local government-reform efforts have died an ignoble death in two consecutive legislative sessions. Why?

Central Indiana could lead economic recoveryRestricted Content

April 27, 2009
Drew Klacik
Every day, we get more bad economic news. While I'm not smart enough to know when the global economy will rebound or how strong the rebound will be, I do believe central Indiana and the Midwest are well-positioned to lead the recovery.

De-manufacturing can save resourcesRestricted Content

April 20, 2009
Tom Henderson
An industrywide bar-code identification system should be developed so that component objects used in manufacturing can be easily devolved and reused.

Not-for-profits: Treat donors as investorsRestricted Content

April 13, 2009
Derrick Feldmann
Nonprofit organizations should treat their donors as shareholders because they invest in the organizations just as shareholders do in public companies.

Beware universal health careRestricted Content

April 6, 2009

Any administration considering a tax-funded universal health care system that is free at the point of delivery would do well to examine Britain's National Health Service.

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  1. Of what value is selling alcoholic beverages to State Fair patrons when there are many families with children attending. Is this the message we want to give children attending and participating in the Fair, another venue with alooholic consumption onsite. Is this to promote beer and wine production in the state which are great for the breweries and wineries, but where does this end up 10-15 years from now, lots more drinkers for the alcoholic contents. If these drinks are so important, why not remove the alcohol content and the flavor and drink itself similar to soft drinks would be the novelty, not the alcoholic content and its affects on the drinker. There is no social or material benefit from drinking alcoholic beverages, mostly people want to get slightly or highly drunk.

  2. I did;nt know anyone in Indiana could count- WHY did they NOT SAY just HOW this would be enforced? Because it WON;T! NOW- with that said- BIG BROTHER is ALIVE in this Article-why take any comment if it won't appease YOU PEOPLE- that's NOT American- with EVERYTHING you indicated is NOT said-I can see WHY it say's o Comments- YOU are COMMIES- BIG BROTHER and most likely- voted for Obama!

  3. In Europe there are schools for hairdressing but you don't get a license afterwards but you are required to assist in turkey and Italy its 7 years in japan it's 10 years England 2 so these people who assist know how to do hair their not just anybody and if your an owner and you hire someone with no experience then ur an idiot I've known stylist from different countries with no license but they are professional clean and safe they have no license but they have experience a license doesn't mean anything look at all the bad hairdressers in the world that have fried peoples hair okay but they have a license doesn't make them a professional at their job I think they should get rid of it because stateboard robs stylist and owners and they fine you for the dumbest f***ing things oh ur license isn't displayed 100$ oh ur wearing open toe shoes fine, oh there's ONE HAIR IN UR BRUSH that's a fine it's like really? So I think they need to go or ease up on their regulations because their too strict

  4. Exciting times in Carmel.

  5. Twenty years ago when we moved to Indy I was a stay at home mom and knew not very many people.WIBC was my family and friends for the most part. It was informative, civil, and humerous with Dave the KING. Terri, Jeff, Stever, Big Joe, Matt, Pat and Crumie. I loved them all, and they seemed to love each other. I didn't mind Greg Garrison, but I was not a Rush fan. NOW I can't stand Chicks and all their giggly opinions. Tony Katz is to abrasive that early in the morning(or really any time). I will tune in on Saturday morning for the usual fun and priceless information from Pat and Crumie, mornings it will be 90.1