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Right-to-work boosting job-marketing efforts in IndianaRestricted Content

March 31, 2012
Scott Olson
Local economic development groups are wasting no time touting Indiana's new right-to-work law, a spot check shows.

WALKER: A watershed 401(k) deadline is hurtling our way

January 28, 2012
Brent Walker / Special to IBJ
Plan sponsors will face both higher expectations and legal responsibilities.

DWYER: Hiring costs can be sliced when industry cooperatesRestricted Content

June 11, 2011
Steve Dwyer
Manufacturers and distributors often avoid existing training programs.

MANTOOTH: Companies bogged down by employees' poor healthRestricted Content

May 14, 2011
The problem is, too many people make unhealthy choices and the consequences of these choices become everyone’s problem.

Law firms inch back toward hiring modeRestricted Content

May 7, 2011
Katie Maurer
Improved economy boosts prospects, modestly, for new grads.

Doc groups play up economic impact

April 6, 2011
J.K. Wall
Physicians are regarded as smart, successful and helpful when you’re sick—but not usually as a big driver of the economy. Now, however, physician trade groups are arguing that docs are good for business too.

RATHKE: My saga of staying up to date on health care reform

March 19, 2011
Tracey Rathke
Human resources used to be about payroll and benefits. Now it's also about watching Congress.

Intellectual property theft rising quicklyRestricted Content

February 26, 2011
Bob Kronemyer / Special to IBJ
Filching ranges from crude to highly sophisticated, experts say.

Business agenda might get friendly receptionRestricted Content

December 18, 2010
Mary Dieter
With Republicans firmly in control of the Indiana General Assembly, businesses have a better chance of achieving some of their legislative objectives than they have for years.

SHOUP: Emancipation is near for independent contractorsRestricted Content

July 24, 2010
Steve Shoup
State regulators are gearing up to crack down on companies thought to be treating people as though they are independent contractors instead of employees.

Indiana moves up in med tech rankings

June 16, 2010
J.K. Wall
Medical technology companies employed 19,950 Hoosiers in 2007 and supported another 35,000 jobs in supplier companies, according to an analysis funded by an industry trade group.

KULT: Mortgage loan officers punch the clock under new ruleRestricted Content

May 22, 2010
Gregory P. Kult
The government now views loan officers more like factory workers than white-collar business managers.

Employers want cake, and to eat it, too

April 13, 2010
J.K. Wall
Employers are still trying to get their arms around what the new health insurance law will mean for them. But on the eve of the law's passage last month, a survey by Indianapolis-based United Benefit Advisors LLC showed employers as a group had no hope the law would reduce their costs but also no coherent plan for reforming the current system.

Some of city's most successful money managers are father-son teams

January 2, 2010
Peter Schnitzler
All parents hope to teach their kids the value of money. Few end up successfully investing hundreds of millions of dollars together. But for a handful of top local teams, wealth management is a family affair.

Legislators face unemployment insurance fund sinking into red

December 19, 2009
Peter Schnitzler
Indiana lawmakers are preparing to punt on 2009's must-solve business issue in the hope of a federal bailout. However, it's anybody's guess how Washington will respond.

Former Huntington National Bank exec alleges age discriminationRestricted Content

November 28, 2009
Peter Schnitzler
Michael Lewis, 53, filed a complaint with the Indianapolis office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Aug. 13 and sued Huntington Oct. 15 in Marion Superior Court.

LEADERSHIP: Use objective measures to evaluate employeesRestricted Content

October 24, 2009
CJ McClanahan
To improve the productivity of your management team, it’s critical to have an objective plan for measuring performance. That means clear job descriptions, goals, and key performance indicators to track progress.

HICKS: Card check folly and the demise of unionsRestricted Content

September 5, 2009
Mike Hicks
This Labor Day sees the American labor movement in serious decline. In fact, U.S. private-sector union membership has been in serious decline for three decades.

Firms hiring Twitter czars to push into social networksRestricted Content

August 29, 2009
Christina Galoozis
Companies are beginning to hire Twitter experts to stay in touch with customers. But the positions require a light touch, and their effectiveness is difficult to gauge.

Dodson Group CFO to plead guilty to wire fraud

August 18, 2009
Scott Olson
A former chief financial officer for The Dodson Group has agreed to plead guilty to wire fraud after admitting to stealing $422,539 from the Indianapolis-based firm.

Indianapolis benefits firms merge

July 8, 2009
J.K. Wall
Two Indianapolis benefits consulting firms have finalized their merger, the companies announced this morning. Terms of the deal between Benefit Associates Inc. and Benefit Consultants Inc., in the works since March, were not disclosed.

VIEWPOINT: CEOs, do you deserve your salaries?Restricted Content

June 22, 2009
John Guy
An exaggerated share of the nation's wealth is paid to CEOs of public companies, their minions and directors, through agreements made inside boardrooms, by highly compensated individuals who commit shareholders' money and are not subject to effective oversight.

Here's a must-do checklist for personnel managersRestricted Content

May 25, 2009
Tom Phillips
If you are a human resources professional, now is an excellent time for you to assess the human resource function in your company.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance offers flexible work schedule, lactation room for nursing mothersRestricted Content

April 13, 2009
About 70 percent of Farm Bureau's staff is female, and the company provides benefits and services designed...

For unemployed, searching for job is full-time endeavor

March 2, 2009
J.K. Wall
As job losses accelerate in the worst recession in a generation, it's becoming tougher and tougher for even well-educated, experienced professionals to find work �¢?? or at least to find a job in the area and at the pay they want.
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  1. I am so impressed that the smoking ban FAILED in Kokomo! I might just move to your Awesome city!

  2. way to much breweries being built in indianapolis. its going to be saturated market, if not already. when is enough, enough??

  3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

  4. To compare Connor Prairie or the Zoo to a random old house is a big ridiculous. If it were any where near the level of significance there wouldn't be a major funding gap. Put a big billboard on I-69 funded by the tourism board for people to come visit this old house, and I doubt there would be any takers, since other than age there is no significance whatsoever. Clearly the tax payers of Fishers don't have a significant interest in this project, so PLEASE DON'T USE OUR VALUABLE MONEY. Government money is finite and needs to be utilized for the most efficient and productive purposes. This is far from that.

  5. I only tried it 2x and didn't think much of it both times. With the new apts plus a couple other of new developments on Guilford, I am surprised it didn't get more business. Plus you have a couple of subdivisions across the street from it. I hope Upland can keep it going. Good beer and food plus a neat environment and outdoor seating.