Obama lauds former CEO as right choice to fix VA

June 30, 2014
Associated Press
A former Army captain, Robert McDonald would bring a blend of corporate and military experience to a bureaucracy reeling from revelations of chronic, system-wide failure and veterans dying while on long waiting lists for treatment.

UPDATE: State off to slow start boosting veteran businesses

June 2, 2014
Associated Press
State figures show that about 1 percent of contracts have gone to Veterans Business Enterprises, while Gov. Mike Pence set a 3-percent goal when the push started last summer.

Push grows for Shinseki to go as veteran care flaws found

May 29, 2014
Bloomberg News
A report found the VA's Eastern Area Fiduciary Hub in Indianapolis was "not timely processing allegations of misuse of beneficiary funds, conducting field examinations, and processing some incoming mail."

Veterans Affairs department rejects call for leader to quit

May 6, 2014
Associated Press
The Indianapolis-based American Legion, the nation's largest veterans service group, called Monday for the resignations of U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and two of his top aides amid an investigation into allegations of corruption and unnecessary deaths.

Romney pitches change for veterans in Indiana speech

August 29, 2012
Associated Press
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told veterans Wednesday in Indianapolis that he's already started planning how to change veterans' services to help them find jobs during a Romney administration.

Not-for-profit manufacturer partners with disabled MarineRestricted Content

November 19, 2011
 IBJ Staff
Crossroads Industrial Services will team up with a service-disabled veteran to win new business from defense contractors.

Study reveals military veterans' attitudes about community service

March 5, 2011
 IBJ Staff
There is a connection between military service and civic engagement for some groups of veterans, but the overall relationship is not that robust.

American Legion HQ changes membership tacticsRestricted Content

February 12, 2011
Kathleen McLaughlin
In a move to shore up American Legion’s bottom line, the organization is holding back thousands of new members—along with their dues—from state affiliates.

City program benefits veteran-owned businesses

November 11, 2009
Scott Olson
The city's Veteran Business Enterprise program aims to increase the representation of veteran-owned businesses on city projects—an effort that has generated $217,000 in contracts for such firms so far.
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  1. With Pence running the ship good luck with a new government building on the site. He does everything on the cheap except unnecessary roads line a new beltway( like we need that). Things like state of the art office buildings and light rail will never be seen as an asset to these types. They don't get that these are the things that help a city prosper.

  2. Does the $100,000,000,000 include salaries for members of Congress?

  3. "But that doesn't change how the piece plays to most of the people who will see it." If it stands out so little during the day as you seem to suggest maybe most of the people who actually see it will be those present when it is dark enough to experience its full effects.

  4. That's the mentality of most retail marketers. In this case Leo was asked to build the brand. HHG then had a bad sales quarter and rather than stay the course, now want to go back to the schlock that Zimmerman provides (at a considerable cut in price.) And while HHG salesmen are, by far, the pushiest salesmen I have ever experienced, I believe they are NOT paid on commission. But that doesn't mean they aren't trained to be aggressive.

  5. The reason HHG's sales team hits you from the moment you walk through the door is the same reason car salesmen do the same thing: Commission. HHG's folks are paid by commission they and need to hit sales targets or get cut, while BB does not. The sales figures are aggressive, so turnover rate is high. Electronics are the largest commission earners along with non-needed warranties, service plans etc, known in the industry as 'cheese'. The wholesale base price is listed on the cryptic price tag in the string of numbers near the bar code. Know how to decipher it and you get things at cost, with little to no commission to the sales persons. Whether or not this is fair, is more of a moral question than a financial one.