Kravitz eats words, treks to Kokomo

November 17, 2008
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kravitzIndianapolis Star sports columnist Bob Kravitz is making good on his promise to walk to Kokomo if Indiana Pacers guard Jamal Tinsley was still on the roster come the opening of the NBA season. Tinsley is, and Kravitz begins his trek today—sort of.

Kravitz made his pledge repeatedly this summer and fall on WFNI-AM 1070, where he hosts a drive-time show with Eddie White, who relentlessly badgered Kravitz about his vow. Kravitz said he was merely waiting for Emmis Communications—WFNI’s parent company—to arrange the logistics of the walk.

Due to safety concerns and highway traffic issues, Kravitz will walk the first 34 miles of the journey on a treadmill in the atrium of the Emmis building located on Monument Circle, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and then walk the remaining miles into Kokomo on U.S. 31 on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. He will end up at the Buffalo Wild Wings at 1803 East Markland Avenue at around 3 p.m., where he and Eddie White will do their regularly scheduled show.

Local celebrities have been invited to join Kravitz on an adjacent treadmill in the Emmis atrium to bring awareness and donations to the ALS Association, which is dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Starting Kravitz, 48, off on his walk will be Indiana First Lady Cheri Daniels. There has been no word yet on the odds makers’ line on Kravitz successfully completing the entire trek. Early word is that it will be considerably higher than the Pacers' odds of actually trading Tinsley any time soon.
  • Safety concerns and traffic issues!? Kudos to the work for ALS, but Bob's credibility and the level of awareness for the charity would undoubtedly increase if he truly made good on his word. Granted, Bob would have been forced to sacrifice some pride, comfort, and convenience - but I understand there are limits.
  • Kravitz is obviously showing, once again, that his mouth is bigger than his honor or his character.

    When he made the statement about Tinsley, his big ego led him to open his big mouth and make a promise that he knew would catch people's attention. No one asked him to do this; he did not have a pistol on his temple forcing him to say what he said.

    Now that payday has arrived he is finding ways to accomodate delivering on this promise.

    Shame on Kravitz and shame on Emmmis who continues to keep him on staff despite the fact that long ago he lost all credibility in Indiana.

    As far as I am concerned, he should be the 1st Emmis employee to be laid-off now that Emmis is cutting-off employees from it's workforce.
  • I agree that the Kravitz Walk to Kokomo ALS charity component is a great promotion for a worthy cause.

    What a weenie move it is having Kravitz walk on a cozy, indoor treadmill instead of fighting the weather and traffic on his way up US31.

    This takes away the guilty pleasure so many of Bob's critics looked forward to as they imagined Marvin Harrison driving by and splashing mud on him or even Tinsley himself siccing his posse on Kravitz as he toddled up the road to Kokomo.
  • And I'm wondering how they figure Kokomo is only 30 some miles from Indy? must be edge to edge. From Monument Circle to Kokomo is over 50.

    Anyway, he plans to do 34 miles in 6 hours (360 minutes) of walking? That's a pretty brisk walk - slightly over 10 minutes per mile. He doesnt seem that 'in shape' to me to do that. We'll see
  • The mileage question is a good one. I just wondered by the Emmis HQ about an hour ago. Kravitz was doing a slow amble. The woman next to him was going twice his pace. I wonder if they have a pedometer on him. No way he'll log 12 miles a day needed for true walk to Kokomo. It's time for Bob to step up to this challenge.
  • You go Bob! For the haters out there, big city sports columnists are paid to have a target on their backs -- by design. Kravitz is a good one.

    The Kravitz-White show on WFNI is a hoot. It's fun, informative, has big names, and is often irreverent. It may be a tad much for Hoosier tastes, but that show is a blast, a welcome relief to the red-state, old fart radio WIBC has evolved into.

    Bob, good luck on the walk...both for charity's sake, and yourself. So why undo it with a celebration at Kokomo no less?! Must be fine-dining up there. Actually, compared to most Kokomoans, Kravitz wil be the skinny one.
  • My name is Kent Sterling, and I'm the guy who worked out some of the logistics. Andy Dietrich at INDOT was the point person for us to try to arrange a walk. Andy said the state would not allow Bob to make the walk on US 31 because they were concerned for his safety and refused to intermittantly close a lane of the highway for Bob to do this eight or nine miles at a time.

    The 35 miles is from 96th and Meridian to the southernmost edge of Kokomo. In fact, we'll wind up walking farther. Fourteen miles was logged today, and with four hours left, we should get to 40 miles easily.

    The lady walking next to Bob that a person earlier in this chain cites was Cheri Daniels, the first lady of Indiana. Cheri walks 10 miles a day, and you are right that she was rocking right along. Mrs. Daniels was doing 4.2 mph. Bob stayed at a steady 3.5, which is not easy two hours at a time.

    You can mock Bob or The Fan, but make sure you are doing something good for people - like donating money to the ALS Association - as an admission charge for busting chops. Bob is a good sport who spent a lot of time over the weekend in a spinning class to benefit Autistic kids. I've worked with him for nearly a year, and I've never seen or heard Bob do anything worthy of the kind or ridicule thrown his way. He is genuinely a good guy who does nothing but tell the truth - as he sees it.
  • Can he walk that far with his FOOT IN HIS MOUTH???

    While this isn't something we should be cheering as it does mean Tinsley is still on the roster, it is nice to see Kravitz at least partially live up to his promise. Tinsley has actually been almost NULL AND VOID as a team distraction. His salary and cap hit are the only kickers, but we are shockingly deep and covered at the PG position it doesn't matter right now that Tinsley still remains on the roster... other than principle and the paycheck.

    On the flip-side Kravitz will set a Kokomo record for Most Exercise in a week, good for him.
  • I’ve worked with him for nearly a year, and I’ve never seen or heard Bob do anything worthy of the kind or ridicule thrown his way.--Kent Sterling.

    Just like those he crucifies in print and on radio don't do anything worthy of the kind of ridicule he throws their way, Tony Dungy being the most notable example.
  • I was not aware that there were any pedestrian restrictions on any Indiana roads aside from interstate highways. Nevertheless, I do admire the fundraiser for ALS. And it's kind of fun watching Cheri put the hurt to Bob on the treadmill. Not sure on Kent's math though. If Bob walked 3.5 miles an hour today for two hours (1 p.m. to 3 p.m.), isn't that 7 miles? Not 14? Which would put him at 21 miles after 3 days on the treadmill (if he can keep the same pace) ... meaning he would have to hoof it 14 miles on the road into Kokomo.
  • What a crock. I see people walking up and down 31 all the freakin time. No, I think the reason Bob won't do it is because he is fat and lazy. Bob wouldn't know a day of hard work, or exercise, if it hit him in the head.

    The fact that Andy D and Cheri D are in on this tells you all you need to know about it - mess with the numbers, cite some BS Safety Concerns and all of a sudden he is not dfoing what he said he would.

    Does this actually surprise anyone? :shakeshead:
  • Kent Sterling is right, Kravitz is a good dude and ALS is a good cause. As for Sterling, his station distorts the facts and are hacks. They lie on their station about being a Spectrum award winner for best sports talk radio station. It was for coverage of a Pacers/Bucks game on 4/4/08. He also has tried unsuccessfully to eliminate JMV on 1260 then make excuses when 1070 gets killed in the ratings.
    One thing they can not lie about is the price of EMMS stock, which is 39 cents per share.
  • Kudos to Bob for finding a way to make this a winner.

    And here goes Full of Hooey once again finding a way to run someone down. Perhaps you should focus on lifting someone up in praise and cease with the negatives. Might be a good idea for you to humble yourself.
  • I dunno about you, but last time I checked there were quite a few north-south roads heading in the general direction of Kokomo besides US 31. Maybe not the most direct route, but I'm sure Hamilton, Tipton, & Howard County roads could have been shut down for a mile or two at a time & would have been just fine to get from here to there.
  • Tinsley is not playing and won't play for the Pacers. I don't see why Bob has to eat his words, since Jamaal might as well have been traded. I can only assume Bob is doing this for the good of the charity. You go, Bob!
  • While Tinsley may not be playing and many feel it as if he had been traded he is still being paid a salary by the Pacers and that may be why Kravitz is eating his words so to speak and doing the walk.

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  2. has an article from 2010 where they talk about how Interactions moved to Massachusetts in the year prior. The article includes a link back to that Inside Indiana Business press release I linked to earlier, snarkily noting, "Guess this 2006 plan to create 200-plus new jobs in Indiana didn't exactly work out."

  3. I live on the east side and I have read all your comments. a local paper just did an article on Washington square mall with just as many comments and concerns. I am not sure if they are still around, but there was an east side coalition with good intentions to do good things on the east side. And there is a facebook post that called my eastside indy with many old members of the eastside who voice concerns about the east side of the city. We need to come together and not just complain and moan, but come up with actual concrete solutions, because what Dal said is very very true- the eastside could be a goldmine in the right hands. But if anyone is going damn, and change things, it is us eastside residents

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