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  1. Brandligh or whatever ur name is. It's not about competition. I've looked into moving and depending on how long u have ur Licenise determines what u will have to do to get licensing. In that state. Maybe ur technical skills and knowledge of what ur doing aren't And ALSO I DARE QNY ONE OF U PEOE THINKING COSMO SCHOOL ISNT IMPORTANT LET UR FRIENDLY WANNA BE A STYLIST NEIGHBOOR LIGHTENING UR HAIR ONLY TO TURN IT ORANGE THEN WOUT USING GOOGLE OR ASKING AT THE BEAUTY STORE FOR HELP FIGURE OUT WHICH TONER TO USE (if they even know what that is) TO CANCEL THAT HIDIOUS COLOR SO MANY "home jobs" WALK AROUND W. There is so much more to oh I'm just gna grab a pair of what they wld call sicsors. Um they r shears. And do u even know what degree or elevation these non educated people r cutting at?! Why pay some unlicensed person who doesn't know crap the same as some one who has went through chemicals, coloring, hair texture services, sanitation. And so on. I agree w the person who won't hire non licensed people.

  2. When Herr Governor Dence (Or ditch Mitch) says there WILL be a highway, then THERE WILL b a highway, and the people be dammed as they goose step toward completion. Give it a couple of hears and it will be as full of potholes as the rest of our roads

  3. President Obama has referred to the ACA as "Obamacare" any number of times; one thing it is not, if you don't qualify for a subsidy, is "affordable".

  4. One important correction, Indiana does not have an ag-gag law, it was soundly defeated, or at least changed. It was stripped of everything to do with undercover pictures and video on farms. There is NO WAY on earth that ag gag laws will survive a constitutional challenge. None. Period. Also, the reason they are trying to keep you out, isn't so we don't show the blatant abuse like slamming pigs heads into the ground, it's show we don't show you the legal stuf... the anal electroctions, the cutting off of genitals without anesthesia, the tail docking, the cutting off of beaks, the baby male chicks getting thrown alive into a grinder, the deplorable conditions, downed animals, animals sitting in their own excrement, the throat slitting, the bolt guns. It is all deplorable behavior that doesn't belong in a civilized society. The meat, dairy and egg industries are running scared right now, which is why they are trying to pass these ridiculous laws. What a losing battle.

  5. Eating there years ago the food was decent, nothing to write home about. Weird thing was Javier tried to pass off the story the way he ended up in Indy was he took a bus he thought was going to Minneapolis. This seems to be the same story from the founder of Acapulco Joe's. Stopped going as I never really did trust him after that or the quality of what being served.