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  1. It is not surprising that the state's largest welfare recipient (Keystone/Ersal) is asking for millions more. At least we can rest easy knowing that the profits he makes from our tax dollars will give Sophia and Olivia a good college education some day.

  2. What I don't understand is why these "underdemolished" facilities are staying open? If the patient population is spread so thin, why aren't they driven out of business? Even if you account for the market distortions of Medicare / Medicaid reimbursement, there are only so many patients to go around. Unless, of course, we are seeing more patients steered toward long-term care and away from home care by ordering physicians and hospitals...but why would that happen in Indiana more than elsewhere? Couldn't the hospitals make a few bucks by doing more home care under their umbrellas? Are they reluctant to send patients home because they are worried about lawsuits -- and, if so, why would they be more worried about that here in Indiana than in other states considering our malpractice caps? Something else is going on here to cause all of this. And simply capping the number of long-term care facilities seems to be attacking the symptom, not the underlying disease. Please continue to dig deeper into this, JK!

  3. I listened to the morning show for more than 25 years, but no more. I can't stand listening to the visceral hatred coming out of TK's screaming mouth, and I am a conservative! His comments on any topic are designed to do nothing more than create an argument over which he can then begin screaming his opinion. I do not want to listen to this junk first thing in the morning. Adios WIBC!

  4. Ask Duke what they spent on wind and solar, both in infrastructure and in triple rate, under Federal mandate, and what little they got for it. Perhaps if the EPA hadn't put a gun to their heads for that mess they'd have the money for their core improvements.

  5. Employment and less than half the average wage plus many working 2 to 3 jobs no insurance and those that have dropped out of looking for jobs. Consumer spending is a false economy.