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  1. The best part is the team work and integrated healthcare facilities in which there is a reasonable connectivity with all other health care services in the top private hospitals in Hyderabad. One can easily reward of cosmetic surgery as well as a dental procedure under one cover in one go.

  2. Please add a link about medical equipments' that aid in detection and prevention of lifestyle related diseases.

  3. I've dealt with HHG on both fronts - from a consumer walking in the door looking for something in particular and from a business customer arranging product supply/delivery. From the former perspective, I have consistently been put off by the hard selling; from the latter, I've seen great pricing and delivery options. I've even seen the great service to upgrade to a better model of product when another was promised and not available ($700 TV to $1500 TV at no additional cost, which still resides in my living room). I don't care about the marketing aspect - what it boils down to is as it relates to how the salesmaen suites my needs. I don't frequent HHG for anything, and likely never will, as pointed out by others - there are many options to search for product specs online and to know at what price they should be available at. What HHG should focus on is the perceived values of those who don't know that walk into their store and those who have done their research to evaluate where a reasonable profit can be obtained. If you know your margins and can convince someone to buy on the spot, you win. Commissions go to the person who can convince someone to walk out of the store with something they are convinced into buying that suits their needs. Outside of that, develop your relationships with frequently buyers to increase the overall margin with bulk sales and great service.

  4. Interesting. The "inevitable tax burden" on hoosiers was why republicans banned light rail in the mass transit bill. I guess the concept of a "tax burden" doesn't apply when discussing roads that are becoming more expensive to build. These officials are trying to save us from ourselves, but who's going to save us from them?

  5. I just read in the IndyStar article about this panel that the proposed outer loop would be almost $2 billion! Yet, these same Republicans throw a fit about Indianapolis asking for a chance to just even vote to have expanded bus transit and pay for it entirely by ourselves. Truly incredible.