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  1. Talking about congestion ANYWHERE in Indianapolis is absolutely laughable. Sure you may have to wait in 5 minutes of traffic to travel down BR avenue during *peak* times. But that is absolutely nothing compared to actual big cities. Indy is way too suburban to have actual congestion problems. So please, never bring up "congestion" as an excuse to avoid development in Indianapolis. If anything, we could use a little more.

  2. Oh wait. Never mind.

  3. The bottom line is that Ritz has failed every attempt to assume her role with professionalism and respect. From storming out of board meetings, to using taxpayer dollars to snoop through old emails, to suing the SBOE, she and her department have dropped the ball on implementing policies that help garner student growth and achievement, and now our children are suffering. Ritz has continually lacked transparency with the governor and the SBOE, yet paints herself as the victim. How does she expect to gain anyone's trust or respect when she's having meetings behind closed doors regarding the waiver and not bringing her board into the loop? If Indiana loses its federal waiver, I hope Ritz figures out a way to sleep at night because that's on her.

  4. Once the Indy Connect plan gets on the ballot, the proposed red line should solve the problem of congestion. It's going to take the route of College Ave from 96th to 38th street before jogging over to Meridian. Once the measure is approved they'll increase frequency along bus routes through BR. Also, let's not forget that Jarret Walker is working with Indy Go and the MPO right now to help them develop better frequency throughout the system. But please keep in mind, everyone's definition of congestion is relative. If anyone were to spend a couple of days driving through Lincoln Park in Chicago and then come back to BR, I doubt they'd have the same complaints about congestion. Regarding the article, I'm glad to see more developments like this coming to BR. There's no need to add another night club. Like above posters have mentioned, residential, retail, and offices is what the BRVA needs to focus on. References:

  5. This proposal does not address the issue. Until children stop having children, women are not raising children alone, nothing will help. This is The Problem. It's about morals, principals, values.