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  1. I think it is awful that the customers have to pay the price for DirecTV doing this. The local channels are suppose to be free and it isn't fair that we should have to have an increase to accommodate DirecTV. I watch WTHR every day and it is very upsetting that I can not watch it. I have called and complained to DireTV and the person I talked to said she didn't know what I was talking about. I hope they get this resolved and we get WTHR back without raising our rates

  2. Bruce - Yikes, you really took on the wrong topic here. I'm all for inspiring urban urban areas! With the proliferation of commercial centers around highway's mot clear that publicly funded rest areas are even necessary (expect for the remotest stretches of higway across the Plains and out West). Simple, functional, and low cost. That's what's needed. I grant you, some could be cleaner...but if we got rid of them that problem solves itself.

  3. Quite a change for the better from the 2000 and 2004 election cycles when the GOP was able to utilize this and other issues to motivate moral conservative turnout. You hear Democratic candidates and officials raising this issue all of the time because it's a fundraising and turnout winner for them, but you don't hear Republican candidates and officials doing the same because they know which way the voters fall on this issue. It's left to single issue group mouthpieces like Ms. Mackey to threaten some vague primary turnout risk that never seems to materialize. Fortunately, for society, but unfortunatley for Democratic turnout, the Supreme Court is going to take this issue off of the table for good next Summer.

  4. Seriously, like anyone cares about how fancy our rest stops are. Don't spend my tax dollars on expensive architects to build amazing parking lots for truckers to sleep in. I'm sure the truckers aren't as picky as Mr.Race.

  5. Fire at will is a benefit to both workers and employers. If an employer knows it can fire you without hassle it will be much more likely to hire you in the first place. Ask countries and states where its nearly impossible to fire workers how their employement rate is doing. And guess what! The other side of the coin is that a worker is free to leave his job for any reason he chooses. So both the employee and the employer are free to make the decisions they feel most benefits themselves. Also, why would an employer choose to fire a productive worker? What incentive is there to doing that?