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  1. I live downtown Indy and had to be in downtown Chicago for a meeting. In other words, I am the target demographic for this train. It leaves at 6:00-- early but doable. Then I saw it takes 5+ hours. No way. I drove. I'm sure I paid 3 to 5 times as much once you factor in gas, parking, and tolls, but it was reimbursed so not a factor for me. Any business traveler is going to take the option that gets there quickly and reliably... and leisure travelers are going to take the option that has a good schedule and promotional prices (i.e., Megabus). Indy to Chicago is the right distance (too short to fly but takes several hours to drive) that this train could be extremely successful even without subsidies, if they could figure out how to have several frequencies (at least 3x/day) and make the trip in a reasonable amount of time. For those who have never lived on the east coast-- Amtrak is the #1 choice for NY-DC and NY-Boston. They have the Acela service, it runs almost every hour, and it takes you from downtown to downtown. It beats driving and flying hands down. It is too bad that we cannot build something like this in the midwest, at least to connect the bigger cities.

  2. Your post was spot on. Not vicious, not racist, not hateful. Just accurate and unbiased. We need to hear more from you.

  3. Enough with the race card. Quite often the patrons at this establishment are un-ruly and dangerous. Go look for yourself - try walking down the sidewalk in front of Bleeker later in the evening. It brings an awful element to Broad Ripple. Coincidentally, that element is black. If it were white, the same things would be being said, just without the over played race card. Bleeker and NYX need to move to an area where they can serve their demographic withing miking them commute to an area that was once magical. They both profit from the rest of the communities discomfort. I applaud the efforts of Brothers.

  4. ...that the majority of his patrons are African-Americans? Could he possibly mean that the majority of his patrons are black? I haven't heard about the 'African-American Expo' being held in Indy each year but I could be wrong.

  5. Only half a million TV Viewers? And thats an increase? I knew Indycar was struggling but I didn't know it was that bad. Hell, if NASCAR hits 5 Million viewers everyone starts freaking out saying its going down hill. It has a long way to before Indycar even hits NASCAR's bad days.