Ticket Giveaway: Dig-In and 'Food for Thought'

August 8, 2012
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How about a pair of tickets to the Dig-In food festival at White River State Park Aug. 26, as well as a copy of the new book “Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest” by writer David Hoppe and photographer Kristin Hess? (More info on the fest here and the book here.)

All you have to do is enter below and share some thoughts about something you ate this week.

I’ll pick one winner at random.

  • DigIN
    Went to Pure Eatery in FS for the first time. Great local and fresh food. Apple and chicken quesadillas. Jalapeno and watermelon gazpacho. Recommend this place highly.
  • Sushi/Hibachi
    On the search for the best sushi/hibachi Japanese cuisine around... My wife and I tried the new Fuji place in Muncie. Food was so-so, service was pretty bad (waited an eternity for both the food, and then the check--the waiter never came by!). Currently my favorite is Izakaya on 96th. Gotta love the yum yum sauce.
  • tough week
    Have unfortunately had a bit of a stomach bug this week, so I can't speak to what I've eaten so far, but I'm definitely looking forward to lunch at Capital Grille on Friday for my last Devour Downtown opportunity!
  • Classic
    There are fewer simple joys than sharing a pail of steamed mussels and frites at Brugge.
  • CSA
    This probably wasn't the best year to join a CSA given the drought, but it still has brought a wealth of veggies into the house. I love coming up with new ways to use what surprises we get each week. Yesterday was a chicken pot pie with local produce, including kale.
  • Devour DT
    Had a great baked pretzel sticks appetizer from End Of The Line Pub House as part of Devour Downtown.
  • Eats
    Best food this week are the fresh, home grown tomatoes from the guy down the street.
  • Dig-In Festival
    On the suggestion of my wife, our "date night" last week took us to English Ivy. Without question, one of the most enjoyable eateries in the greater downtown Indy area!! The baked salmon with fettucinni alfredo hit the spot, and was only topped by the exceptional service from Nick - our server. A return visit is definitely in order!!
  • Best Food
    We had BLT's with local tomatoes that were fantastic!
  • Dig In Festival
    This was actually a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still thinking of the wonderful turkey that my husband cooked on the grill. It was absolutely the most moist, tender turkey I've ever had!
    The best thing I ate this week was chocolate chip cookie dough icecream...yum!
  • grillin'
    1.5-inch thick strip steak from my own grill, seasoned with rosemary and garlic, medium rare...mmmmmm
  • State Fair
    Went to the Carmel Farmer's Market and brought home salsa from the Salsa Queen, fresh corn, pork, onions - made for the best tacos!
  • Eats
    Best food this week are the fresh, home grown tomatoes from the guy down the street.
  • Peaches
    I ate peaches purchased from a grocery store this week...and immediately regretted it. Some were moldy, some mushy and some raw. I wished I had gone to a farmer's market and bought fresh, perfectly ripe peaches instead!
  • Crock Pot Dinner
    Nothing better than coming home from work and having dinner all made!
  • Yummy!
    Homemade Chicken Lettuce wraps! Sooo good! :)
  • food
    Anything chocolate is memorable!
  • Digesting...
    Have to say the first meal after my in-law left my house. Don't remember what it was but it was so nice to eat in peace!!!Yummmm
  • Surprise and delight
    I forgot to customize my Green Bean Delivery order. This means that the recipes I end up cooking are sure to surprise and delight!
  • DIG-IN
    The Indiana State Fair is filled with delicious Indiana "memorable" food!! On Tuesday I had a BBQ pork sandwich, corn on the cob, and in honor of the year of the dairy cow - a huge ice cream cone! That is a Hoosier dinner!
  • barbee hotel
    great food in North Webster. didn't see ghosts of Al Capone or Carol Lombard, however
  • Fogo de Chao
    Took advantage of Devour Downtown and went to Fogo. The absolute best things there for me are the lamb chops, hearts of palm, and turtle cheesecake!
  • pressure cooker
    Learned to cook with a pressure cooker this week. The potatoes in the pot roast had an incredible flavor and the chicken noodles were the best I ever cooked.
  • dig-in
    Grilled chicken ceasar from Loughmillers
  • Applebee's
    Best deal in town for a 7-oz sirloin that is perfect every time I've ordered it. Go with a friend, and it's $20 for both people, every evening of the week. I like mine medium rare, and that's exactly how it's served.
  • Food for Thought
    The shrimp salad my hubby made last night with cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden was AWESOME!
  • Ate this week...
    devoured the salmon at Champions Sports bar and had a marvelous club at Shallos (?) in Greenwood
  • Ticket Giveaway Answer
    A booth at the carmel farmer's market has awesome grape tomatoes in 4 colors. I have been eating them diced with avocado and vinaigrette as a salad all week. I love Indiana tomatoes!
  • Something I ate
    The Italian Sausage sandwich I had and the State Fair (that and the Deep Fired...).
  • Fair Food!
    A pork burger and a milkshake from the Dairy Barn. Doesn't get much better than that.
  • Something I Ate!
    This past weekend I had ice cream from Coldstone...."gotta have it"
  • Something I ate last week
    Buffalo Chicken Mac Cheddar Jack from the Mac Genie Truck--WOW!
  • Most FATTENING food!
  • Food for Thought
    55 cent coney dogs from Edwards! Yum
  • Something I ate
    The quintessential St Elmo's shrimp cocktail during Devour Downtown week
  • Curried Lentil Soup
    So I being on a random cooking binge and I decided to try my hand at curried lentil soup. Talk about flavor packed and yum to my tum!!! Overall this was a great dish for me to try lentils!
  • Devour
    Used Devour Downtown as a chance to check out Circle City Bar and Grille. I was suprised to find great portions at a fair price at a hotel. The homemade ice cream was the best.
  • food
    I just ate leftovers in my office cubicle, checiken , spinach, tomatoes, pasta with alfredo sauce I baked the other day and was still very delicious :)
  • Green Bean Heaven
    Aaaah, the simple pleasure of home grown green beans cooked slowly with chopped onion and sweet bacon bits. Pure delight!
  • Best
    Sweet corn from "My Dad's Sweet Corn" is amazing. I don't believe I even used butter.
  • Sinking Ship
    Went to the Sinking Ship this week and as always the food was delicous! I had the club (which is ginormous) and the star shaped tater tots. I mean really, can you go wrong with star shaped tater tots?
  • Dig In
    Had a great lunch with my mother at Smokehouse on Shelby. BBQ, cherry Cokes and roasted red pepper soup!
  • Fountain Square
    The oyster Po Boy at B's Po Boy ironically had top-notch ingredients
  • food
    Devour Indy at Ruths Chris and St. Elmos. good
  • Arby's
    Roast Beef sandwich with tomato.
  • Mug 'n bun
    This week I used the way back machine to get a foot long at Mug 'N Bun and some might fine root beer. Good place. Good food. Good times.
  • super yummy...
    was the shrimp Alfredo my sister fixed for dinner tonight. Candace, you rock!
  • Peppermint ice cream
    Where else could you get peppermint ice cream with candy cane bits in it in August but Holiday World?! One scoop peppermint, one scoop chocolate on a waffle cone. Perfect ending to a thrill-ride day.
  • Yum!
    Picked up a recipe while visiting Orange Beach, AL and had a most delicious salad for dinner this week that had Shrimp, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, and Feta Cheese in it....drizzled with a homemade Dijon mustard dressing. Bet you never heard that combo before! Delish!!!
  • Beef
    Home cooking with local beef from Royer Farms
  • Food
    I had an elephant ear at the Indiana State Fair!
  • Had some fab zima tomatoes
    I had some fab Indiana zima tomatoes last night.
  • Best thing I ate this week was...
    perfectly fried chicken breast and a salad. Taught my daugher how to prepare the perfect chicken breast with panko. It's all in the technique and knowing the secret to moist, yummy chicken.
  • Food
    I had a nathans hot dog with brown mustard... Reminded me of childhood at the beach..
  • Fair Food
    Last two days at the fair: pork bar-b-q sandwich, steakburger, ribeye sandwich, King's shaved potato, elephant ear, corn on the cob, lemon shake-ups, roasted almonds, grilled cheese sandwich, chocolate milk shake!
  • Food
    Cheeseburger at Rainforest Cafe
  • Best food...
    The cherry on top of the awesome mango daiquiris at Red Seven in Lafayette.
  • Food!
    My thoughts on food this week is unfortunately that I haven't had any good meals! So sad...
  • Five Guys Fries
    The fries from Five Guys last night were a big mistake.
  • Food
    Red Indiana tomatoes picked fresh from an Indiana garden!!
  • State Fair Food
    It was that week for us! It isn't summer in Indiana without a milkshake from the Dairy Barn and Deep Fried Cookie Dough balls in the heat of the day!
  • Food I ate
    This week was the first time I ate a whole-wheat bread PB&J sandwich, and I must say: it's not filling enough! But that's what I have to do for lunch I suppose!
  • food
    Ramen noodles.....again
  • Contest
    Had a great meatball sub at the fair this week. The Original Meatball Factory rocks!
  • Fried Cheese
    I had some Wisconsin fried cheese at the State Fair. Good as always ...
  • something I ate
    Cucumbers fresh from the garden - so delicious!
  • Food
    PB and J sandwich--twice!
  • New Recipes
    Skinny Guacamole - one of the best recipes I have found in a while.
  • Foodie, food!
    Barcelona Tapas, Devour Downtown. Love their food, especially the Goat Cheese and red sauce. Yum!
  • Indiana State Fair
    You can't beat the $2 food offerings at the Indiana State Fair...it wouldn't be summer in Indiana w/o a visit to the Fair.
  • Frosty Boy in New Pal
    My husband and I hit Frosty Boy in New Palestine, an institution for years. They have the best chocolate malts. Of course I had to have one while hubby devoured a hot fudge sundae. Not to be missed!
  • Yum yum!
    I had yellow squash from the downtown farmers market this week. Love fresh veggies!!
  • Food for Thought
    The best food I had this week came from the State Fair! Cracklins, corn on the cob, apple cider slushy, BBQ pork sandwich, Dr. Vegetable bucket, ya-ya tomato balls, fried cheese, pineapple whip! Yum!
  • Food for Thought
    Nothing like the first BLT of the year with Indiana garden-fresh tomatoes.
  • Good Eats
    Home grown tomatoes from my friends garden
  • Food for Thought
    Devour Downtown food...Salmon--yummy!
  • best sushi
    We finally tried the Sushi Club on west 10th Street- AMAZING!!! All you can eat sushi rolls for just $20 a person. Made fresh with great, quality ingredients and wonderful customer service. Give them a try- you and your belly will be happy you did!
  • Best Food
    For Devour Downtown, we had a great meat coma experience. That place is great for variety and service!
  • Food
    Salmon caviar. It's like eating little pearls of liquid salmon that burst in your mouth. Also ate at a new bistro in Marion IN (not know n for their cuisine) but 'K Bistro' is something that was needed. Good food, chef prepared.
  • DigIN
    Memorable food this week is the panzenalla we made with tomatoes from our back yard. Memorable food of the month, definitely the amazing meal at Bluebeard.
  • Dig IN
    State fair food...corn on the cob, yum...ribeye sandwich...lemon shakeup...doesn't get any better than this.
  • Garden Delight
    Nothing better than picking something fresh from my garden, taking it into the kitchen and having it for dinner. Summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes. Yum!
  • Colts camp in Anderson
    Took in a Colts practice...then had 3 Spanish Hot Dogs (with onions) and a Root Beer at Gene's Hot Dogs and Root Beer...simple, but very tasty. Also hit La Margarita in FS recently...the Burrito Azteca and Machaca were wonderful as always. Gotta get to the State Fair next...all the fair food posts are making me hungry.
  • Stayed Local
    As in...home food. My wife made a chocolate cake that is swear is top-shelf restaurant quality... That, and Kelloggs Corn Pops! Havent had that cereal in loooong time!
  • Home Food
    Bought a giant box of Kellogg's Corn Pops for the first time in like 20 years. Been eating that every day - sometimes 2-3 times/day.
  • Food!
    Last night, I had tomatoes and zuchinni from my garden. It was great!
  • Yummy Hummus
    I had freshly made hummus at Detour in Carmel. It was delish!
  • Food
    Had a piece of Black Forest Cake from Cafe Heidlberg on the east side of Indy. MMMMM!
  • Lone tomato
    Our garden suffered greatly this year, but the lone tomato that survived was delicious.
  • food
    Last night I feasted on fresh tomatoes from my garden. Nothing better!
  • yummy!
    Picked up some watermelon this week and it was just so sweet! Nothing better on a hot day then cold, sweet, watermelon!
  • Pasta!!!!
    For the finest in pasta, go no further than Chef John's own kitchen. It starts with my own home made sauce that will melt in your mouth and flavor the pasta perfecto. Italian John has many years of experience and loving each year of preparing and eating pasta.
  • Something I Ate This Week
    July and August provide a delicacy which I find truly amazing....Rainier Cherries. Produced in Northern California they are considered "the sweetest, prettiest and most pampered of cherries". My favorite summer fruit! Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/lifestyle/food/article/Rainier-cherries-are-the-peak-of-the-crop-1057980.php#ixzz2348ka0S3
  • Different Dessert
    Went to Rock Bottom for a Caesar Salad and cup of chili for dinner. On the menu insert was a banana cream pie! We had a slice and it was great! Do not often see that - especially at Rock Bottom. Try it.
    We've been eating leftovers ALL WEEK! We need something new! My husband will thank you! :0)
  • best food
    It was a few weeks ago, but lunch at Mama Irma's was wonderful!
  • Food
    Endless tomatoes and basil from the garden = nightly (delicious) caprese salads!
  • Food
    I ate INDIANA STATE FAIR corn on the cob w/butter x2 :) !!!!!
  • FGT
    My wife made some delicious Fried Green Tomatoes this week!
  • Food
    Cheddars -- Yum!!
  • Great summer app!
    I went to my friend Mary's for dinner and she made an excellent summer appetizer: cookie-cuttered "rings" of fresh watermelon with a scoop of goat cheese in the middle--all topped with fresh shredded basil and cracked black pepper. GREAT flavor combo, and a refreshingly cool way to start a meal!
  • dig in & food for thought
    my doctor wants me to limit my caffeine. I have been trying to stop eating so much chocolate due to it having caffeine in it. so, instead of any kind of chocolate ice cream, I got a container of Orange Scream at Kroger. It is vanilla ice cream with orange sherbet and it is so light and makes me think of eating dreamsicles in the summer!!
  • Food
    Dinner at St. Elmo's this week
  • Best thing I ate this week...
    St. Elmo's shrimp cocktail!!
  • FOOD!!! Yum!
    The best thing I ate this week was White Chocolate Bread Pudding and from the L.A. Cafe in Whitestown! Great Menu too!
  • La Parada
    I don't care if it is a dive, I had a wonderful (and cheap!) Mexican meal at La Parada. Don't miss the spicy pork tacos.
  • Jalapenos & banana peppers
    We visited Madison, IN, to attend their arts fest, a few years ago, where we bought locally grown, banana peppers... Saved the seeds from them to plant in my garden & we've been enjoying them ever since in omelets & in other dishes. Also, we've had a crop of jalapenos grown in pots on our deck that are tasty in homemade burritos or chili. Made a mistake & touched my face after dicing them, though, & my lips & nose burned... (using a fork & knife to cut them up, now). Has anyone ever put milk up their nose to get rid of jalapeno pain?
  • Great paella
    I had great paella at the Jazz Kitchen on College. As a bonus, there was live music outside.
  • Thai Papaya
    great Thai food - the peppers were quite hot this week
  • Fresh and Local
    Picked up some fresh produce from Garden on the Go at one of their many locations at Haughville library.
  • Foodiot Jill
    I never go wrong with a Chicken Po Boy from Papa Roux. Fresh local bakery bread stuffed with chicken and sloppy slaw. And now the Eastside location is open for dinner all week, which serves all you can eat sides (including the BEST mushroom étouffée) when you dine in. And the servers are AWESOME!
  • ice cream
    I had delicious ice cream from BRICS!
  • test
  • FOOD!
  • What a crepe!
    Who knew I could find a bit of Paris in the Indianapolis City Market? I now know and believe I'll travel to Paris regularly. Yesterday I tried out Three Days in Paris and it was amazing. I had a simple crepe -ripened-red, sun -sweetened strawberries, engorged , juicy, fresh blueberries, with lemon cream wrapped in a saucer like crepe bigger than my head. Simple pleasures are often the best. This was truly orgasmic.

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