Ticket giveaway: Conner Prairie's Headless Horseman

September 26, 2012
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October is just around the weekend bend and that means it’s time for the Headless Horseman to haunt Conner Prairie.

The winner of this week’s contest will gallop away with a quartet of tickets along with four new-this-year express passes that allow you to pick your time instead of standing in line.

 To win, all you need to do is enter below and name the first movie, book or TV show that you remember scaring you.

I’ll pick one winner at random. 

  • A Ghost in the Mirror
    I read this in 1st grade. Essentially a "bloody Mary" knock off.. I wouldn't look in the mirror for weeks.
    • McGuyver
      Oh yeah, pathetic. I used to have to watch the TV show McGuyver standing up when I was little--so I could leave the room if it got too intense, or if his trusty roll of duct tape didn't look like it was going to get him out of whatever calamity he was in that week. :)
    • The Exorcist
      And it still does!
    • Gremlins
      I had a book and vinyl record companion and I had bad dreams for a week with those things coming after me.
    • Stay out of the lake!
      Friday the 13th
    • Children of the Corn
      I would not play at my cousin's house (surrounded by cornfields!) for months.
    • Tales from the Darkside ..
      The opening intro with the creapy music and wooded area used to scare me before the epidode even came on.
    • Kolshak
      The television show "Night Stalker". Kolshak always seemed to be running from mummies, zombies or caught in a scary sewer or rainy alley. The cool thing was I always wanted to watch it, scared or not to see the convertible mustang he drove!
    • Scooby-Doo
      I was a sensitive kid.
    • Salems Lot
      My babysitter let us watch it and was promptly fired. I discovered years later that, as is usually the case, the book was much better than the movie.
    • Tales from the Crypt
      Oh my god, I remember seeing the Cryptkeeper and balling my eyes out from fear. I HATED that thing!
    • Headless Horsseman Tickets
    • Flowers in the Attic
      By VC Andrews....very creepy when I was 12!
    • scared
    • First Scariest Movie
      The Day of the Triffids when I was about 14. (Many moons ago!)
    • Contest Entry
      THe first thing to scare me was the goosebump books.
    • The Amityville Horror
      The movie was a lot different than the book, which was shocking to an 11 year old!
    • Sammy Terry
      He was sooooo scary!!!
    • Scary!
      the movie, "Wait Until Dark", was my first spine-chiller
    • ET
      I remember being really scared by ET when it first came out. I'm pretty sure it was the scene of him lying in the bathroom close to death that did it for me.
    • Scary Movie
      Believe it or not - The Wizard of OZ! And it wasn't the Wicked Witch or the Flying Monkeys. It was the Munchkins!! They really creeped me out:)!
    • The Exorcist
      The book of The Exorcist, that is. Mama wouldn't let me see the movie. But the bookstore lady let me buy it in my very young teens. Right after that I took up reading Stephen King. I wonder... The power of Mice compels you!
    • Scary First
      I saw The Shining for the first time when I was about 10. Crazy parents...Back then we also rode bikes without helmets and drank real coca-cola...
    • Children of the Corn
      Need I say more?
    • Scared?!
      Wait Until Dark - scared the bee-geegees out of me!
    • Scary
      The Thriller video
    • First Book to Scare Me
      Three Little Pigs (I was terrified of the Big Bad Wolf)
    • Scary Stuff
      The movie Halloween scared the daylights out of me.
    • The Shining
      The Shing for sure.
    • The Shining
      The Shining for sure.
    • Alien
      I had nightmares for months.
    • Carrie
      Carrie (the orginal) - Still scares me to this day!
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show
      Never saw a man in drag until then
    • Freddy
      Nightmare on Elmstreet - never be the same after that.
    • Scary Movie
      the original "King Kong". Now that's a great late night movie!
    • Scary Movie
      The Town That Dreaded Sundown...1970's. Couldn't sleep for weeks!
    • The Thing, scared me silly
      The remake of The Thing scared me to death, but I loved it. I tried to get my kids to watch it with me once they were older and it scared them to the point, they couldn't watch.
    • Scary
      The Wizard of Oz was very scary to me when I was six or seven years old. Still kinda scary today.
    • Scary Stuff!!!!
      This isn't a movie, book, or TV show....but the first memory I have of being scared was watching Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Till this day, i have a phobia of that song, and have to change the station or leave the restauarant/bar if it comes on. CAN'T DO IT!
    • Scary Movie
      The original movie "The Thing"
    • Scary Movie
      E.T. was first movie that really scared me.
    • Scary
    • Scary
      The Day the Earth Stood Still
    • The Wizard of Oz
      That witch is terrifying!
    • Poltergeist
      "they're here.." still gets me.
    • Dark Shadows TV Show
      Barnabas Collins was a very scary vampire, yet all of us girls also thought he was kind of cute!
    • Scary Movie
      The Exorcist. I had nightmares and was really afraid to go to sleep.
    • The Thing
      The Thing From Another World-the original 1951 movie with James Arness.
    • The Mummenschanz (on Sesame Street)
      Creepy, creepy, creepy no matter what they're doing. But their slinky dryer-duct gigs are the worst. **shudder**
    • A Christmas Carol
      For me, the earliest memory would be the ghosts that haunted Scrooge.....
    • Bad Ronald
      I just knew someone was living in a secret room in our house. I would go around looking at the walls wondering were that secret room was.
    • the exorcist
      the exorcist
    • Scary Movie
      Wizard of Oz....flying monkeys, wicked witches...
    • Monkeys...
      The Wizard of Oz, and yes it was the flying monkeys.
      Old movie about a bad person who had the power to make other people's hearts beat so fast and so hard that it killed. The hero didn't realize he too had the power until the final dramatic scene.
    • scary movie
      Child's Play - Chucky is scary!
    • Movie
      Nightmare on Elm street
    • Child's Play
      Unbeknownst to my parents, I watched it when I was in 5th grade and was terrified of dolls for the next 4+ years.
    • Scary Movie
      Hands down, The Shinning
    • Scary Movie
      " The Blob" I was very young at the time but still remember.
    • Scary Movie
      Definitely "It," I still don't like clowns!
    • Trick or Treat
      Picture of Dorian Gray
    • The Excorcist
      I remember being scared to death of this movie just based on the stories other kids told about it on the school bus...
    • Scary
      Nightmare on Elm Street...saw it when I was in the 2nd grade and for about 3 months, I ended up having to share a room with my brother b/c I could not sleep alone.Every shadow, noise, etc. made me think Freddie was coming to get me! I made my parents take his bunk beds apart and shared rooms only to sleep at night! Freddie scared the crap out of me! To this day I HATE those movies!
    • The Shining
      Both the book and the movie...
    • Godzilla!
      I insisted on watching Godzilla movies, would wake up my parents with a nightmare, and have no recollection of it in the morning. My parents, on the other hand, had no problem recalling the event!
    • scared my pants off
      helter skelter, found it in my moms books and liking the beatles I thought it was about them... wow was I scared after reading it. And the fact it happened exactly 1 year before my birthday ( aug 9th ) it really shocked me. Been a true crime horror reader since.
    • Ticket giveaway: Conner Prairie's Headless Horseman
      The Excorcist....movies don't usually scare me but this one was a bit too real. Like it could happen in real life and that scared the crap out of me. LOL
    • The Poseidon Adventure
      Ironically, I would grow up to work for a Cruise Line!
    • The Shining
      the tv commercial for The Shining when it came out in the 70's... have never even seen the movie because i was so scared of the commercial when i was little
    • children of the corn
      Corn fields freak me out...still do!!
    • Halloween
      Sitting watching one of the Halloween sequels and at the same time as the phone rings our phone rang as well. We all jumped and screamed...
    • The Shining
      When I was in grade school I went over to a sleepover with a group of friends. It was a double feature Purple Rain and The Shining. They were both kind of scary but I would have to say The Shining was a little more scary. The twins in the hallway gave me the creeps. I am still afraid of hotel hallways.
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
      The first one. I still remember watching it at my cousin's house. I don't know how we got away with it, but I had nightmares for weeks! Now, I love them!
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
      I still remember watching the first one at my cousin's house. Not sure how we got away with watching it, but I had nightmares for weeks! Now, I love the series!
    • Poltergeist!
      That darn clown! My parents let me watch this when I was most certainly to young. I had a stuffed clown in my room that I was sure was looking at me. I ended up throwing it down the stairs (to get it away from me) and scaring the heck out of my parents!
    • movie
      Children of the Corn...still freaks me out everytime I see it!!!
    • 1st Scary Movie
      Children of the Corn!
    • Coma
      YIKES - I STILL dont watch scary movies because of Coma. Even Flatliners scares me.:)
    • The Shining
      Watched the movie and was scared to death, so I read the book.
    • Children of the Corn
      It still freaks me out everytime that I see it!!!
    • SCARY!!!
      The first movie that I remember scaring me was Nightmare on Elm St., the original one. Freddy Krueger was so scary!!!
    • Sammy Terry
      I still remember my parents watching re-runs of Sammy Terry with me. What a great show to have around growing up!
    • Spooky!!
    • Sammy Terry
      I still remember my parents watching reruns of Sammy Terry with me. What a great show to have around while growing up! :)
    • SCARY!!!
      NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. - Freddy Krueger scared me to death!!!!
    • SCARY!!!
      NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST - the original
    • Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
      Somehow I watched the old Bette Davis movie " Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" as a kid. Maybe on channel 4 before cable. It's a psychological horror movie that got into my head for years. A severed finger in a box is an image not easily forgotten. My brother and I would torture each other by humming the creepy harpsichord theme.
    • Friend of George the spider
      Sammy Terry and his Nightmare Theater! HmmmmHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    • When a Stranger Calls
      The calls are coming from INSIDE the HOUSE! Creepy.
    • Scary Movie
      ET...gave me nightmares when I was four!
    • Scary
      ET...gave me nightmares for weeks.
    • Wicked Witch
      The Wizard of Oz
    • Scary
      Halloween, first run in the theater, so scary. still my favorite
    • Scary
      I can't remember, but i believe it was "Dark Shadows" reruns or the midnight chime of the clock that started off the Sammy Terry show....that scared me even before the movie started as a kid! HA!
    • Friend of George the spider
      Sammy Terry! HmmmmmHmmmmmmmmmm
    • Scary!
      Stand By Me. The train scene and the leeches both freaked me out.
    • Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!
      As a small child watching the Wizard of Oz scared me to death for several years. It's now one of my absolute favorites!!
    • Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!
      As a small child, watching the Wizard of Oz scared me to death. Now it's one of my absolutely favorite shows!
    • House on Haunted Hill
      I was 9 years old way back in 1959. Dad took us to the drive-in in Corning, NY. The House on Haunted Hill was playing and really scared me. I was born on Halloween, imagine!
    • The Shining
      Book and movie still freak me out.
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
      Nightmare on Elm Street My bedroom was in the attic and it was a long way from the stairs to my bed. I would stand on my bed and run and jump as far as I could to get to the stairs without Freddy getting me. I still can't watch that movie.
    • Nightmare Theater
      Any of the old black and white movies that were shown on Nightmare theater with Sammy Terry, especially "The Blob" or "The Thing"
    • Friday the 13th
      Had mightmares for days!
    • Scary
      Sammy Terry movie intros. Yikes!
    • The X-Files!!
      I watched the X-Files when I was little and it freaked me out!!! :)
    • Sammy Terry
      We had a local channel out of Indianapolis that would show scary movies on the weekend. The guy who introduced the movies was a man named Sammy Terry. He lived in a casket, and had a spider drop down. He was more scary to me, than the actual horror movie.
    • Lost Boys
      The first movie I remember seeing that scared me was the Lost Boys.
    • scary
      Salem's lot was my first scary movie. I also remember being afraid of Sammy Terry.
    • Scary movie
      Jaws!!!! I wouldn't stick my arms nor legs off bed at night thinking of sharks getting them.
    • scary movie
      The first scary movie I can remember is The Lost Boys. It was also the first "R" movie I saw.
    • Frightening!
      Watching "Wait Until Dark" with my Mom and older sisters is an early memory. I recently watched the Audrey Hepburn movie again, and it was still scary!
    • Scary movie
      I remember watching Children of the Corn, probably when I was too young to be watching it. I was scared of corn fields for a while after.
    • Scary Movie
      The Shining - I remember watching by myself with the lights off and was scared out of my wits!!!
    • Sammy Terry
      Still don't like the sound of his laugh:)
    • Sammy Terry
      I was in elementary school and we stopped at this creepy motel on a road trip. There was a Sammy Terry marathon on and one movie was about a hand that was crawling around all on it's own. Needless to say I never wanted to get off the bed!
    • Sammy Terry
      I still don't like the sound of his laugh:)
    • Scary
      Poltergeist scared me in 3rd grade, and I had nightmares forever!
    • Scary movie
      The Valley of the Gwangi (B-flick Dinosaur movie)
    • Scary Movie
    • Scary Movie
    • tickets
    • Book
      The book In Cold Blood ...
    • Scary Movie
      "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock...still remember grabbing my girlfriend and screaming throughout!
    • First Scare
      My first scary movie was Freddy! Ewww! That movie still sends chills down my spine and I still can't watch it as an adult!
      Always creeped me out when I was younger.
    • the excocist
      scared me to death!
    • Scared
      The first Hellraiser film was quite scary.
    • Poltergeist
    • Psycho
      Hitchcock is the most bone chilling.
    • Poltergeist
    • Scared
    • Scary....
      First movie that scared me....Frankenstein!!
    • Pet Sematary
      It was the first horror movie I saw in a theater!
    • Sammy Terry
      That show always scared me as a kid. I could never make it past the start of the show.
    • Scared
      Godzilla - I was about 10 and the scarry films were just beginning to be the big deal. We couldn't tell the difference in what looked real or not. Hid in my seat and covered my eyes!
    • Conner Prairie Tickets
    • Scary
      JAWS The music still gets me....
    • Movie
      Amityville Horror
    • The Changeling (1980)
      The ghost movie starring George C. Scott. There are scenes in there that still scare me at 39 years old! I used to run up our stairs with my head down because this movie scared me so bad. A close second would be Ghost Story with Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and John Houseman.
    • Scary
      The Shining
    • scary
      The Shining
    • scary
      The Shining
    • Sammy Terry
      The scariest thing I remember as a child is Sammy Terr on channel 4. I look at it now and see nothing but a corny low budget studio; but at 5 years old...blanket over my face and trembling.
    • Amityville Horror
      Saw this when I was 12. Covered my eyes through most of the movie, and STILL had to sleep with my mother for a month! More than once I mistook my digital clock for the red eyes from hell.
    • Alfred Hitchcock
      "The Birds" I was about seven and my Dad told me it would give me nightmares. Dad was right!
    • The Birds & Pyscho
      hese two Alfred Hitchcock movies from the early 60's were very scary !!!!
    • Its not a typical Horror movie...
      Not what you might think, but Arachnophobia still haunts me! Damn spiders.
    • Scary Movie.....
      Carrie was scary for sure ...long time ago.
    • Sammy Terry Show
      My girlfriends and I used to stay up way late on sleepovers to catch the Sammy Terry Show, and then we couldn't sleep all night b/c it scared us so!
    • Headless Horseman
      Wizard of Oz
    • Sammy Terry
      When I was little Sammy Terry would scare me, but loved to watch him. I would have the blanket in my hands ready to hide my face when it was scary.
    • Scary Movie
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
      Couldn't Sleep for months.
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
      Couldn't sleep for months
    • Exorcist
      My girlfriend and I were on our way to see The Great Gatsby but decided to go see The Exorcist instead. Mistake.
    • The Return of the Living Dead
      5th grade sleep over...I didn't sleep for weeks in fear someone would eat my brains. My parents banned horror movies for sometime to come.
    • Scary Movie
      I remember watching Something Wicked This Way Comes when I was a kid and it scared me something fierce.
      • Headless
        The Exorcist. I begged to see it and then slept in my parents' bed for 2 weeks!
      • Night of the Hunter
        Robert Mitchum movie that really scared me as a teen. Watched it with my daughter when she was a college student at Ball State and couldn't understand what scared me so much.
      • Still freaks me out
        Sammy Terry used to scare the crap out of me when I was a little kid. He's still a little creepy!
      • New Nightmare
        Wes Craven's New Nightmare
      • Scream
        Watching the movie now is quite different then when you were in middle school.
      • Scared Me
        The first movie that scared me was Wizard of Oz. I hated the witch, flying mokeees and the munchkins. Still don't like the movie.
      • Carrie
        Terribly disturbing movie for a young lad
      • The Day the Earth Stood Still
        Every time my big brother made me watch this, I would hide behind a chair when the robot came out of the space ship.
      • 6 million dollar man - guest-staring BIGFOOT
        It was just a normal night of Lee and all of a sudden I was like, "What is happening?". It warped my little brain...
      • 6 Million Dollar Man - Guest-starring BIGFOOT
        At first is was just another normal night of Lee and then I was like "What is happening?". It warped my little brain..
      • Ticket giveaway
        The scariest movie I watched was the original last house on the left. I was soooo scared I left before the movie was over
      • Ticket giveaway
        The scariest movie I saw was the original Last House on the Left....I was sooo scared I left before the movie was over
      • Ticket giveaway
        The scariest movie I ever saw was the original Last House on the Left....I was sooo scared I left before the movie was over
      • Heeebie Jeeebies
      • Heebie Jeebies
      • Scary Music Video
        I remember hiding behind the couch when my brothers and paretns would watch Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Freaked me out!
      • Haunting
        Count Dracula - BBC version with Louis Jourdain. Scene of Dracula crawling up castle wall was (and still is ) rather chilling.
      • Tourist Trap
        In the early days of cable this one stuck with me. Mannequins gone rogue. Had to Google the name, but the images never go away!
      • The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
        I had recurring nightmares about that thing crashing down our neighborhood for what seemed like years, but at least one time he ate the Bully down the street. Speilberg paid homage to this film in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex ate the lawyer.
      • scary
      • Carrie
      • Flying Monkeys
        The Wizard of Oz
      • Twilight Zone Airplane Episode
        It was "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" w/ William Shatner. Whenever he looked out the window on the night flight, he saw an alien tearing apart the wing; however, the thing disappeared when anyone else looked. I still think about it everytime I fly at night and I'm in a window seat.
      • Scariest movie
        My scariest movie was Peter Pan. I had nightmares for years that Captain Hook was in my closet waiting for my parents to leave. Now we have a condo in Florida and I'm afraid of the alligators due to the same movie!
      • Anything on Sammy Terry when I was 8 years old
        …yeah, I don’t know why our parents let us watch this either, but we still turned out okay. The best memories I have of this time were sibling squabbles all day long, but at night when Sammy was on, we’d want the other as close to us as possible. The evening would start with my brother (1 year younger) on the opposite end of the couch. As the movie progressed, the space between us would get smaller and smaller. Good times!
      • Wizard of Oz
        I was too scared to watch the second half for a long time after the first viewing.
      • scary movie
        The Fog
      • scary movie / headless horseman
        Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (when the young man gets sucked up in the chocolate river tub)
      • scary movie
        Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (when the young man gets sucked up in the chocolate river tube)
        For some reason my parents thought it a good idea to sit my brother and I down one Saturday afternoon to watch Poltergeist. It was broad daylight, but I was only about 8, and I've hated scary movies ever since. And I've never known them to be horror fans either- I really have no idea what prompted it. I consider that to be only one of the two times my parents really messed up and had a lapse in judgment. I had nightmares for months!
      • Godzilla
        My cousins lived downstairs from me and we used to watch Godzilla and could not go to sleep.
      • Scary movie
        The Exorsist
      • Scary movie
        The first scary movie I watched and still is the scariest movie up to date, The Shining. That part where it shows twin girls in the hallway and the blood wave. Scary!!
      • Nightmare on Elm Street
        But what was equally as scary was Vincent Price's laugh at the end of MJ's "Thriller" album. That's what all the girls were watching/listening to in the 80's!
      • Scary movie
        I know it's too late to enter but the one that got me was Creature From The Black Lagoon. Saw this when I was 7 or 8 and I shouldn't have!
      • Scary Movie
        Rosemary's Baby

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