Ticket giveaway: Cake Boss Live

November 6, 2012
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Stories, cooking demos, and some audience-participation cupcake decorating are all part of the program when Buddy Valastro, TV's "Cake Boss" brings his live show to the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre Dec. 5 (details here).

All you have to do to have a shot at winning a pair of tickets is to enter below with the best cake you ever ate (whether for taste or sentimental reasons). I'll pick one winner at random.


  • Best Cake
    The best cake I've ever eaten - White Chocolate Raspberry. My sister originally made it several years back, since then its been a family favorite, and used to celebrate Mothers Day, birthday's and even a wedding.
  • Best Cake I Ever Ate
    Hands down, tried & true, the best cake I ever ate was my mom's carrot cake. She baked every Sunday night and Monday's we had a choice of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate cake and her fabulous carrot cake. Heaven in every bite!
  • Best Cake I ever Ate
    The bast cake I have ever eaten was my grandmother's Red Velvet cake. She made it from scratch and for all of her grandchildren she would make them the cake of their choice for their birthdays. Overwhelmingly, Red velvet was most kids choice. The frosting was thick and rich..but not the usual cream cheese icing you see on everything that is Red Velvet today. It reminded me of something you would eat at a French pastry shop. Unfortunately my Nana passed away a few years ago and did not pass the recipe on to my mom or any othet family member and so all of the grandchildren have to remember that taste and we all keep trying Red Velvet cake everywhere we go to see if we can find one like the one she made...
  • Cake
    For sure, the pineapple-flavored cake at my wedding. I didn't even want to try it at the tasting months prior... but then I did, and it was great!
  • Chocolate Mayonnaise cake
    Occasionally when I was young my mom would run low on eggs and substitute a quater cup of mayonnaise in her batter. The cake rose beautifully and added a nice zing to the palate. Very yummy!
    • Birthday
      The best cake I ever ate was the cake my little sister made me for my birthday.
    • Matcha Mousse Cake
      We used to get a matcha mousse cake for the birthdays in the fam from the bakery from this japanese bakery by my parents' place. The cake was light, not too sweet and came with a surprise ingredient in the frosting!
    • My Neice's Wedding Cake
      The best "cake" I ever ate wasn't even a cake. My niece and her husband aren't big cake eaters, so the family bakers pitched in and make all kinds of cheesecakes, pies and cookies. We did buy a small cake for the pictures, but everyone devoured the other desserts faster.
    • Orange Crescent Cake
      Little crescent shaped yellow cakes with bits of real orange in the batter and icing. Mom bought them at the neighborhood bakery when we were kids. They were melt in your mouth good and never lasted more than a day!
    • Wedding
      My Wedding cake for many reasons.
    • best cake
      was my mom's homemade mayonnaise cake - I remember as a young child and not having very many sweets that occasionally my mom would make a mayonnaise cake -- it was always so moist and such a treat. Bring back great memories.
    • Mom's
      Pre gluten-allergy: Best cake I ever had has to be my mom's pineapple upsidedown cake. Post gluten-allergy: my daughters 100% gluten free surprise birthday party cake that she made everyone else eat too :)
    • Best Cake
      The best cake I ever ate was the last yule log I made for my husband - he loved that rolled up light chocolate with whipped cream filling and lots of creamy, chocolate butter cream frosting. He is gone now, so I cherish the memory.
    • best cake I ever ate
      my grandfather (my Mom's dad) used to make a cake called Probably cake
    • Cake
      My wife and another couple purchased 6 slices of differnt types of cake from a local backery, got the sweetest wine we could find (Oliver Blackrasberry - you could almost pour it over ice cream it is so sweet). After dinner we couldn't decide who wanted what piece and so we all took a bite of the one we had and passed it to our left until all five pieces were gone. It was a great dinner with some great friends!
    • Wedding Cake
      Top tier of our wedding cake that we ate on our one year anniversary. I was amazed at how well the cake tasted given that it had been frozen for a year.
    • Best Cake EVER
      Although the sugar crash afterwards was really bad, the best cake I've had was a triple-layer homemade chocolate cake with homemade icing and homemade ganche that was made for me for my birthday several years ago.
      The best cake ever is the Tres Leches from Barcelona! If heaven has a flavor I'm sure it tastes like this cake!!
    • Best cake ever
      I love wedding cake of any kind but the best ever was my daughter's wedding cake. Amaretto and oh was it delicious!!
    • Winnie's cake
      Winnie's cake IS the best cake ever. 4 layers of yellow cake with a gooey, butter, laden icing that has pecans sprinkled with it. When you use a stick of butter, it's gotta be good. Winnie was a 'southern' mother of a friend.
    • I love cake....
      A coconut cake recipe that I tried several years ago. Lots of work but totally worth it.
    • Bananas
      Banana cake my grandma makes for my birthday.
    • Best Cake
      My sister's Celebration Cake! She has made it for family birthdays, graduations and has provided the recipe to the bakery for both of her daughter's weddings. It is delicious.
    • Suzi Q's!
      Hostess Suzi Q's and RC Cola at the Country Store! That combo started my afternoon Post Tribune paper route and is a fondly remembered treat!
    • Best Cake
      My Mother always made a banana cake when I was growing up and always told stories of my Grandmother (who had passed before my birth) making it. As an adult, I finally asked for the recipe; I couldn't believe it when she said that it started with a boxed mix! Disillusioned, but still the best cake ever.
    • cake
      Italian Wedding Cake
    • Best Cake
      By far the best cake I've ever eaten is my mom's angel food cake. She carves out the middle and adds in chocolate mousse and then drizzles chocolate sauce over the top. It's divine!!!
    • Wedding Cake
      We had our wedding in Bloomington on 8/10/12. We had an IU theme with red velvet cake. Amazzzing
    • preggo cravings
      Best cake I ever ate: the top tier of my wedding cake, which is traditionally shared by the couple at their one-year anniversary mark. Mine did not make it that far, however: at nine months' pregnant and on bedrest, I had an immense craving for someting sweet when I remembered the white chocolate raspberry layer of goodness nestled in my freezer. If you can imagine a hugely pregnant woman kneeled on a kitchen floor chipping away at a frozen-solid cake for a half hour, you have now pictured me in one of my more embarassing moments. I will say that it was quite tasty frozen!
    • Best Cake
      Dobosh - a Hungarian cake with several layers filled with chocolate buttercream and a hard caramel top layer. Hard to find, but so worth the wait when you finally find one.
    • Best Cake
      Baked Alaskan at the Executive Inn in Owensboro ages ago . . . cake and ice cream!
    • Yummy
      Lemon Cake and Carrot Cake, not at the same time. But both of them are my favorite.
    • Cherry chocolate
      The best cake I ever ate was a cherry chocolate cake. It was delicious. I'd love to see Buddy do his thing in person!
    • Best Cake
      German chocolate cake that I made from scratch.
    • mayonaise cake
      We would have homemade mayonaise cake a simple cake at least once a week while I was growing up. I would take a piece to school in my lunch. It would taste so good at lunchtime and give me a good feeling of home. I am 70 years old and still have a warm feeling when I think about this cake.
    • Best Cake
      Our wedding cake!
    • Wedding Cake
      The best cake I ever ate was my wedding cake from Taylor's - both for taste and sentiment. It even tasted somewhat decent a year later on our first anniversary.
    • Mom's
      Mom's chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! A favorite for my nieces and myself!
    • Best cake
      My sister, Linda, makes the best cheesecake I've ever had. I have the recipe, and it's good when I make it...but hers is always better! I love her - and her cheesecake!
    • Cake
      My Aunt's angel Food Cake
    • White cake with sprinkles
      West end bakery in Mishawaka!
    • Cake
      My wedding cake...but not the one that we saved and ate a year later.
    • Best cake ...
      ... White Chocolate Caramel Macademia Nut cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.
    • Oprah!
      The best cake I've ever had is called Hummingbird cake and was made famous when Oprah shared the recipe on her show several years ago. I still make/enjoy it to this day!
    • Cake Boss
      Lemon cheesecake my friend make's me for my birthday.
    • orange kissme cake
      I started making this cake when I was 10 years old. really made a mess but was very good.
    • Taylors white cake
      The best cake ever was a white cake with white icing from Taylor's Bakery. They make the best cakes in town! Plus, it was my wedding cake from 26 years ago.
    • Mom's Fruit Cocktail Cake
      Mom would always make a fruit cocktail cake for our birthday. She passed away in 2006 - what I wouldn't do for one of her fruit cocktail cakes now. :)
    • Best Cake
      Birthday Cake, perfect surprise for my friends 67th birthday which just happens to be on this date..she loves this show what a great surprise it would be..
    • Red Velvet Cake
      The best cake I've ever eaten was also the white cake from Taylor's! Really miss working downtown....
    • Mom's German Chocolate Cake
      The best cake I've ever tasted was my mom's German chocolate cake. She made it from scratch and said it took one dozen eggs and one pound of butter ... ahhh, the good old days.
    • Sappy, but oh so true!
      We hired a independent cupcake genius (Smashing Cupcakes) for our wedding. When we asked if she could also handle a sweetheart cake for my husband and I to enjoy (for tradition), she hesitated. We kept expectations low because she'd never done a cake before (or so she said). Lori blew us out of the water. It was a perfectly moist vanilla cake with the most lucious cream cheese frosting I've ever tasted. In all honesty, we don't remember much after the cake - AND it was all we talked about until our one year anniversary! There is just something about cake :)
    • Cake
      My mom's sour cream coffee cake!!!
    • Best Cake
      The best cake I've ever had was my mom's black walnut cake with carmel icing. My mom passed away several years ago and I've tried to make it myself using her handwritten recipe, but it never tastes quite as good.
    • devils food
      devils food
    • Wedding cake
      The best cake I've ever had was my own wedding cake, made by a woman named Bunny. Very simple...just vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting, but my oh my, so good.
    • Best Cake Ever
      One of the best cakes I have ever eaten was made by my Husband's cousin, who made our wedding cake. It was an orange chocolate cake with marmalade filling. It was amazing!
    • Best Cake Ever
      It would have to be the wedding cake from our wedding.
    • Box cake for 4
      They used to sell a cake mix that came with a rectangular box to bake the cake in. It was quick and delicious and gone in one meal! Just add hungry kids and water! Delicious& happy outcome.
    • Best cake ever
      The best cake I have ever eaten was the carrot cake that we had as part of our wedding cake from Crawford's Bakery. Absolutely delicious!
    • Best Cake
      My wedding cake!
    • yummy
      You can't go wrong with Spice Cake and Cream Cheese Icing. Never tasted better than as a slice of my wedding cake.
    • Best Cake
      I have had many great cakes during my lifetime, but I still miss Roselyn's cakes...the orange coconut and the caramel fudge. My grandma would go to church with us on Sunday and buy one after church for dinner.
    • Best Cake I Ever Had
      I believe the best cake I have ever had was the cake my husband and I made together for our wedding. It was a simple carrot cake with cream cheese icing but it was amazing because it was made with love.
    • Best Cake
      I have two favorites, chocolate pound cake with Italian buttercream icing and a lemon strawberry roll (its a flat cake with a very light filling w/fresh straberries rolled up).
    • Best Cake
      My wedding cake! I asked my fiance to select the cake and suprise me.
    • Roselyn
      Their layered whip cream cake was the best. Chocolate cake with layers of a whip cream frosting, chocolate crumbles on the outside with a cherry on top. I do miss them.
    • Best Cake
      The best cake I had was the one my six year old daughter bakded for me as a surprise with my mom. It was a white cake with white icing and sprinkles. Priceless!!
    • Favorite Cake
      My wedding cake!
    • best cake EVER
      The Princess Cake at Victoria's bakery in San Francisco -- marzipan, custard, genoise, raspberry jam -- in beautiful layers & so light!
    • best cake
      As a child my mother would make a "mayonnaise" cake. She didn't bake very often and when she did it was always such a treat! Definitely brings back great memories.
    • best cake
      mayonnaise cake my mother made when I was young
    • Best Cake
      Coconut Cake (and in a close second, double chocolate cake)both from my Barefoot Contessa book
    • Warm Pineapple Upside Down Cake
      Walking into my childhood home was the best when I caught a whiff of the aroma coming from my mothers oven! Made from scratch, with fresh cut pineapple, smothered with buttery brown sugar sauce dropping down the sides left me drooling for more!
    • Best Cake
      So many to choose from.....probably the best was my Mom's pineapple upside down cake. Also German Chocolate cake made by my wife. Ok- after reading many of the posts - it is time for a piece of cake!!!
    • Cake
      My wedding cake is the best cake I've had. For sentimental reasons and for taste!
    • Best Cake Ever
      My mom's home made Chocolate Devel's Food Cake with Carmel Icing. It's a family favorite that's at every one of our holiday dinner tables. So Yummy.
      Roslyn Bakery's Blackout Cake - YUM! Dad brought one home once and I'll never forget the absolutely best chocolate flavor ever. No special occasion, just a wonderful present from Dad!
    • Best Cake
      Mocha Cake from the BonHauf Deli in Syosset, NY. One of a kind...
    • Yummmmm
      Best cake in the history of mankind...the banana cream tort at the old Embers restaurant in Miami Beach, FL. Any other cake would bow down to this.
    • Best Cake
      Hard to pick the best - after all is there such a thing as bad cake? It may not be extravagant, but who doesn't love Dairy Queen ice cream cake!
    • Best Cake
      The best cake you can buy locally is the Raspberry Sour Cream cake at Creative Cakes of carmel. I'm also a sucker for old fashioned Coca Cola cake.
    • 4th Birthday
      The best cake I ever ate was at mt fourth birthday party, it was the biggest party my family ever had and was our last party before we left our hometown
      The best cake I ever ate was a Boston Cream Pie cake that my boyfriends mom makes. Everyone in the family requests her to make it for their birthday. It is so yummy, especially the homeade chocolate icing she makes to go on top!! :)
    • Cake
      Absolutely was my wedding cake. It was delicious, but so amazing because it was white with a black design (the colors of our wedding) and the baker decorated the cake with a design my artist husband created.
    • Best Cake
      The red velvet cupcake from The Flying Cupcake.
    • best cake
      My wife's 4th of July cake that her grandmother taught her to make... decorated with fruit on top of the icing to replicate Old Glory... strawberries for the red, bananas for the white, and blueberries for the blue
    • Best Cake
      The best cake I've had is my wife's baked Alaska. She always asks me what kind of cake to make for my birthday. I figured I go for something tough - she came through and even used a blow torch for a flaming presentation!
    • Mmmm...cake!
      Best cake is red velvet cake from the Bubble Room in Captiva, FL. So yummy!
    • Best Cake
      My birthday Baked Alaska by my wife. She went all out and including using a blow torch for a flaming presentation!
    • Mrs. Bass
      Any cake made by our neighbor Mrs. Bass who made wedding and birthday cakes in her basement kitchen. Yum.
    • Mrs B
      Any cake made by our neighbor Mrs. Bass who baked in her basement kitchen. She made wedding cakes and birhday cakes for everyone in the neighborhood.
    • Best Cake
      Red Velvet-best cake ever!
    • Yummy
      The cake specially made for our 50th wedding anniversary. Moist and light and of course, delicious. Buttercream frosting with vanilla cake.
    • Daugher-in-law's 1st attempt
      My favorite cake is a red velvet cake. Growing up it was always my "Birthday Cake" of choice. In 1979, my new (and current) wife baked me a red velvet cake using my mother's recipe. We sat down and ate pieces of it on my birthday in our small second story apartment. It was the first cake she had ever baked for me and it was the best tasting cake I had ever enjoyed. Problem...several hours later we were fighting for access to the only restroom in the apartment. She followed the recipie to the "T" but some thing was not right and we both became ill. I say this was the best tasting cake I have ever had to this day not because of the ramifications of the cake but because it was my new bride's first attempt at making me a cake and not just any cake but the cake that my mom made for me for years. She was so proud of herself and it did taste great. 33 years later she has mastered baking and cooking but the effort and look in her eye with the first cake makes it the best cake I have ever tasted.
    • Growing Up
      Nothing fancy but for every pitch-in my mom would always make a Texas sheet cake. We never came home with anything left in the pan.
    • Wishing
      I've never had his cake. I bet it is really awesome. I'm wishing for tickets for my friend who loves to watch Buddy.
    • Cake
      Goopy cake, its a yellow cake with pineapple and mandarin oranges, it is so light, great in the summer.
    • Heavenly Sweets
      My daughter's wedding cake from Heavenly Sweets in Noblesville - two layers of yellow cake with carmel and white chocolate and 2 layers of chocolate cake with raspberry and white chocolate.
    • Short vacation in a cake
      I ordered several flavors of rum cake after tasting some on a vacation. Nothing can take me back to vacation (or wanting to go on vacation) than a Pina Colada Rum Cake :)
    • Best cake
      The bes cake I ever had was my Aunt Belva's carrot cake. Being a kid I did not like carrots so I could not understand why you would make a cake out of it. It was her that made me try this wonderful cake and it has been my favorite ever since.
    • Cake
      Italian Cream Cake, guite an elaborate recipe truly worth the effort
    • Best Cake Ever
      The best cake I ever tasted was my mom's four-layer chocolate mayonnaise cake. Add her chocolate buttercream frosting, and you had nothing short of melt-in-your mouth deliciousness!
    • Fingerhut Bakery Chocolate Delight!
      The best cake I have ever had is from my hometown bakery, the Fingerhut Bakery Chocolate Delight cake (I'm originally from North Judson in Northwest Indiana)! This layered slice of heaven has everything you could ever ask for - chocolate and vanilla cake along with layers of different frostings. I love my hometown bakery (and you can order things online and they'll ship directly to you - they have some of the best butter cookies and Kalackies). Now I feel like I must provide a link (I swear I'm not a Fingerhut) http://www.bakerygifts.com/gift_packages.html.
    • Cake
      Italian Cream Cake. Truly worth the effort.
    • Pun Cake
      Mary Antoinette makes a mean pound cake.
    • Cake
      Best cake was by far the first time I ever tried Tres Leches cake... hooked ever since!
    • Let them eat cake
      My best was a yellow cake with penuche frosting my wife made for my birthday!
    • Cake
      White Wedding Cake!
    • The Best Cake I ever tasted
      The best cake I ever tasted was a Coconut cake my wife made a few weeks back, I am not a big cake eater but it was the moistest cake I have ever had, when I tasted the coconut in the cake and also on the glaze I knew it was a winner!
    • Maraschino Cherry Cake
      The best cake was the Maraschino Cherry Cake that my mother made for my birthday. I found a similar recipe on the internet, so I still can enjoy the memories, even though she has passed away.
    • Favorite Cake
      My favorite Cake is a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake that I have made for years every fall.
    • Aunt Jan's cake
      My wedding cake, lovingly made and transported from Grand Rapids Michigan to Paxton Illinois by my Aunt Jan. She made cakes for all of my siblings, four of us in all, as wedding gifts that were the highlights of our special days. We lost Jan this year to ALS, but we will always remember her love and warmth. (Not to mention her Herculean job of fixing broken cakes after transport!!)
    • Cake
      My favorite is my mom's Mayonaise cake. It is the most moist cake I have ever had in my life.
    • Dad's cake
      "Sock It To Me" cake is what my dad called it. White cake with cocnut in the cake and the icing. It is also my mom's favorite.
    • Best Cake I Ever Ate
      Carrot Cake at my wedding
    • Best Cake I Ever Ate
      Carrot Cake at my wedding
    • Best Cake
      My birthday is next week and my awesome wife is making a Cake Boss recipe red velvet cake. Haven't had it yet, but I'm sure it'll be the best ever.
    • Roselyn's Was the BEST!
      Does anyone remember the chocolate tiered cade from Roselyn's? It was 2 layers of rich chocolate cake with heavenly melt-in-your-mouth whipped cream with a light tan colored crumb sprinkled all over the sides. Deee-lish!
    • 21 Year Old Cake
      It'll be the top of our wedding Cake that we saved to eat this year on our 21st Anv--end of the world anyway.
    • Best Cake
      Best cake was the wedding cake for my son and his wonderful bride. It was white with some flavor that I don't even remember, but it was the best because I love these two so much, they are perfect for each other, and I am thrilled they found each other.
    • Simple White but Delicious
      Best cake we have had as a family is one my wife makes for birthdays. She found the recipie in a Betty Crocker cook book along time ago. Since we first had it 20 plus years ago everybody request it for their birthday. Its become a tradition! Simple to make, great taste, moist, even taste good after 3-4 days. She ices it with home made butter cream icing. Even our Australian Shepherd "Wild Willie" gave it high marks on taste. On more than one occasion when cooling he helped himself to a taste! Writing about makes me want a piece know. Won't be long with two birthdays coming up in December.
    • Good Times
      The full size cake I won in second grade in a cake walk!
    • Best Cake Ever!
      My wife stayed up all night to make a wedding cake for a relative and it was so delicious that people were getting seconds at the wedding reception.
    • best cake
      A lemon cake.
    • Angel Food
      Best cake I have ever had was the cake my mother bakes every year for both mine and my dad's birthday - angel food cake with peanut butter icing!
    • Let them eat cake
      My Granny's stack cake (gingerbread & apple butter). When ever I visited there was one in the freezer for me to take home. Even on my last visit when she took sick suddenly and died, she had baked me one and put it in the freezer.
    • Cake
      Canasta/ice box cake from Roselyn bakers. White cake with chocolate and white icing with black sprinkles. Yum!
    • Best cake: DIvorce Party Italian Creme
      Best cake I've ever tasted? The Italian Creme Cake served at my Divorce Party. Delish!!
    • Best cake
      It was my wedding cake. A tower of carmelized pistachio truffle and chocolate truffle mini-cupcakes. Even though we're now divorced, my ex and I still agree that that was the best cake ever! Guests were even plating it up and trying to take some home.
    • Best Cake
      The best cake I've every had was a harvest apple cake - full of apples, raisens and sweet goodness. Best with a cup of mulled cider on a cold evening in front of a fire.
    • Yummy
      Molten lava cake at Shulas's
    • Home Made
      Triple Chocolate Cake my wife made for my Birthday...
    • Favorite Cake
      Carrot cake has its benefits: - serving of vegetables - improves vision I'll take it!
    • Chocolate Mint Truffle Cake
      I found this recipe this summer in order to use my Chocolate Mint Herbs. It is hands down the best cake I have ever had. My family & friends all agree!
    • Best cake
      Christmas cake on my birthday December 23rd!
    • wife's cake
      My wife makes a great chocolate cake with cream filling....mmmmmmm....
    • cake
      The best cake I have ever had was an ice cream cake from DQ. The chocolate/vanilla ice cream with the fudge and crispy pieces in the middle-Yummy!!
    • Best Cake
      Mom's carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
    • Best Cake Ever
      Best cake ever was my Grandma's German Chocolate cake she baked for our birthdays. She would broil the icing after frosting so it was amazing!
    • Best cake ever
      The best cake I have ever eaten is my moms chocolate chip bunt cake!
    • Best cake ever
      The best cake ever was my mom's Chocolate Prize Cake. Had it every year on my birthday growing up. It had no peer.
    • Best Cake
      Best cake ever was my mom's chocolate prize cake. I had it every year on my birthday. There was no peer.
    • Cake
      My favorite cake is my grandma's chocolate caramel pecan cake! It is so yummy and I have fond memories of sitting at her kitchen table talking and laughing and telling stories while she baked the cake and then we would eat it together! Love you grammy! :)
    • Best Cake
      wedding cake on 1 year anniversary
    • Best Cake
      The best cakes in this town come from Taylor's bakery! We have one for every birthday in our family.
    • daughters 12th birthday
      My daughter love his show and once to become a chef/baker one day it would make her year to be able to see him live

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