In lieu of You-review-it Monday: Your favorite cold movies

January 5, 2014
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Of course, the ideal movie for these weather conditions is Disney's "Frozen."

But since you probably aren't going to make it to the multiplex, here are ten to consider watching at home. (To make this more interesting, I'm deliberately avoiding overt holiday movies a la "Elf" and "White Christmas.") Feel free to add additional suggestions.

"A Simple Plan" -- A terrific plot-gone-wrong story. Perfect if you've seen "Fargo" one too many times. Speaking of which...

"Fargo" -- In which the chipper/shredder does double duty.

"The Empire Strikes Back" -- Sure, it warms up later, but those early scenes are cold, cold, cold.

"The Invisible Man" -- The original Claude Rains version, where the weather helps in unexpected ways.

"The Shining" -- Love it or be baffled by it, you don't soon forget the Nicholson popsicle.

"Happy Feat" -- If you can dismiss the dud of an ending, this penguin parade is a smile-maker.

"Dr. Zhavago" -- A film that I don't believe has ever been on the same list as "Happy Feat" or "Fargo."

"McCabe and Mrs. Miller" -- Classic Robert Altman anti-western with Warren Beattie and Julie Christie. Plus Leonard Cohen on the soundtrack. (Just don't mix it u with Altman's even colder, but nearly unwatchable, "Quintet."

"Heartland" -- Rip Torn and Conchata Ferrell that gave a rare (for the time--1979) realistic look at pioneer life.

"Chilly Scenes of Winter" (aka "Head Over Heels") -- John Heard and Mary Beth Hurt star in chilly romance based on the novel by Ann Beattie.

Other cold weather flicks you'd add to this list?

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