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  1. Looks like the archery facility opened in early September. Here's a link for more info: Thanks for reading!

  2. Whatever the merits of its business model might or might not be... I've used AL a ton and have been very satisfied with it. It's a bargain at $10 a year. So far as I can see, Yelp and other free sources aren't nearly as helpful when it comes to choosing good local contractors. (My gosh... this comment board is a vulture magnet)

  3. Can someone update us on this project?

  4. I'm not sure what you're talking about vs. buses. You can book online. The WiFi is a sticker (obviously not now), and I liked that there were plugs at each seating row so that I could watch movies I pre-loaded on my iPad. The seats were a dream, too! There was lots of leg room and they reclined a bit. While MegaBus is more convenient, I've heard some pretty big nightmares of buses not showing up, being excessively late, etc., and plus, you have to just wait on the street for it, which will obviously be alleviated by the new transit hub. However, for the time being, I really enjoyed the Amtrak experience. From my standpoint, the only issue was leaving lack of choice in departures and lack of long term parking.

  5. The GOP has ran amok in Oklahoma for years, and now that state is almost bankrupt. Indiana is about to follow course in the next legislative session, as they kill even more in state tax revenue, which will just result in more cuts to government offices and their employee wages (including benefits). You really don't need any more examples to show that GOP is anti-worker.