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  1. Broad Ripple is done! Look at the abandoned store fronts and empty spaces. I was there on a Sunday night when a concert got out at the vogue. Broad Ripple was packed and apparently not one bar was staffed properly and no police presence was felt. I saw many suspect people (dreads, angry faces, attitudes, neck tattoo's) strolling around with no real destination in mind and just waiting for someone to "bump" into them. On top of that, there were a few strung out homeless folks (trust me, their substance of choice looked more like hardcore stuff vs. weed). This is not the same Broad Ripple of past. Until the police start profiling and beginning a strict stop and frisk policy like NYC for that element, BR and the rest of Indianapolis will go to hell. It's sad what Indy has become. Ballard should not be given any more time in office!!!

  2. We were just talking about this :)

  3. It's refreshing to see an individual stand up for their rights, especially when it so wrongfully effects their business. It's time city officials wake up and realize they have to play by the rules as well.

  4. Well living in BR and seeing this happen time and again either in BR or on Monon We will see the police now all over the place I saw 2 pair riding their bikes at the high crime time of 1PM when we all know things are at a tempest there. Anyway we will see them in mass for a few weeks then it will trickle make to the same ole same ole until yet something else happened then press repeat What about a Plan that they can replicate I like closing BR Ave PERMANATLY !

  5. He had Native American human remains, which need to be repatriated to their tribes for both legal and moral reasons, which he willingly volunteered to do. The reason the FBI and academics went through the collection, is to ID what needed to be repatriated, and to ID where they needed to go. He is fine, the rest of his collection is fine, show is over, folks. :)