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  1. Shouldn't the police officers have the option to live elsewhere so they don't have to live or think about crime 24x7?

  2. The truth is commuters, those living elsewhere and working in Indy, already pay a commuterbtax. It is called local income tax and it goes to the city where one works, not lives. Many people pay more in this income tad tax than property tax. Plus, commuters pay sales and food and beverage taxes when they buy anything in the city they work in. Nthe problem is that Indy has mismanaged terribly. Look at Carmel..safest suburb in the US and Indy one of the most dangerous...and Ethel share a street. It is management, not money.

  3. Why is it that Indianapolis Police Officers have the right to live outside Marion County when pretty much every other City/County employee has to live in the county or get fired?

  4. Since the liberals are big on 'requiring' those things not allowed to be mandated by that raggedy piece of paper called the Bill of Rights, how about they 'require' parents to make their kids attend school and graduate? Not stay our all night, unsupervised doing drugs? Not joining gangs? Not wearing 'thug uniforms'? I grew up in NYC in a poor but low crime neighborhood. How did it stay low crime? Parents parenting! Not dictating where cops lived.

  5. Another brilliant "shoot, ready, aim" solution by the mental giants running things. Shooting in Broad Ripple, let's block traffic. Makes a lot of sense. Though, I don't know, some reasonable, responsible gun control might help a little bit too. I'm just saying. Let's give it a try shall we? I mean, it's something that pretty much any American with an IQ above 50 is clamoring for. Maybe those in govt who work for us might just...oh I don't know...listen instead of caving to the mouth breathing gun-nut minority? Just a thought.