Ticket giveaway: Broad Ripple Art Fair

April 21, 2010
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This week, three readers can each win a pair of tickets to the Broad Ripple Art Fair.

All you have to do is post here.

While you are at it, name your favorite thing about Broad Ripple. Your answer won’t help you win, but the collective response should be interesting.

For details on this year’s BRAF, click here.

Good luck...and see you at the Fair.

  • we love the art center
    Our family loves the Indianapolis Art Center. My wife has taken a photography class and our kids enjoy the gardens and throwing rocks in the river.
  • Broadripple
    I love the fact that broadripple is a walkable shopping district near home.
  • Broad Ripple Knits
    Broad Ripple Knits -- Karin is always ready to help!
  • BR
    love the monon trail, and that's its an artery to heart of broad ripple!
  • BRB
    Broad Ripple Bagel yum yum yum.
  • Other than food?
    In no particular order, and because I missed breakfast and am starving, I would say... everything Ambrosia serves, Tripel de Rupple at Brugge, birthday cake ice cream at Boogie Burger, classes at the Indianapolis Art Center and Kimmel's Shoe Repair.
  • Walkable
    I also love the fact that Broad Ripple is a walkable residential/shopping district in Indianapolis, outside of downtown.
  • All the action
    So much to do....shopping, culture, walking the monon, good food & drink and people watching.
    • I have not been in so long.
      I have not been in years. was always fun.
    • Dog-friendly
      I love the Broad Ripple is so dog-friendly, from the park to 3 Dog Bakery, and everywhere in between.
    • Boogie Burger
      I love Boogie Burger!
    • BRAF
      Ducks. I love the ducks.
    • Broad Ripple
      I love the independent restaurants in Broad Ripple. It's one of the few places in Indy that has a good track record with local food entreprenuers.
    • BRIP
      the eclecticness, theres not too many places in indy that you can find that.
    • Three Sisters is the Bomb
      Brunch on the porch on a warm spring day is a great way to enjoy the weekend.
    • Broad Ripple
      The ambiance.
    • B-Rip
      I love the local stores and restaurants that make Broad Ripple unique.
    • my first time
      i plan on going to the BRAF for the first time this year. I have lived in Indianapolis for 15 years and have never been able to attend. I have had it on my calendar for months. I am so excited.
    • BRAF
      The BRAF is always exciting and new and a wonderful place to spend the day...
    • Broad Ripple
      I believe in shopping local first and as such visit broad ripple all the time. I just love the small stores and what they have to offer. I love the art fair even more - it signals the start of summer for me.
    • Broad Ripple
      I like the village feel of Broad Ripple Village
    • Broad Ripple
      Broad Ripple just has an energy to it that other areas lack.
    • BRAF
      Never bee, but would love to check it out.
    • Broad Ripple
      Cozy, comfortable community with unique shopping. And my friend Vinnie lives there.
    • Broad Ripple
      Everything about it! O.......Bazbos
    • Time Machine
      Admittedly I need to get out more, but I love a quick dinner and margarita at El Matador followed by a visit to my favorite record store, Second Time Around, and then if I am feeling crazy maybe an ice cream cone at Nickâ??s Sweet Retreatâ?¦
    • Broad Ripple
      Bead Angels...Connie's the best!
    • Broad Riple
      My favorite thing to do is go to Chelsea's and browse, they have the best selection of cards and great gifts too!
    • Broad Ripple Fav
      Johnny's Market.
    • Broad Ripple
      Broad Ripple offers something for everyone - ducks to feed on the canal, snacks, dinner or lunch, drinks, interesting shops, art, pottery, music. Always a destination!
    • Fav Thing in Broad Ripple
      No question: It's the JAZZ KITCHEN!
    • Best Things About BR
      Monon Rail~Trail, IWC Canal, Indianapolis Art Center, Artspark, Brewpub, Connor's
    • Katie
      Walking around Broad Ripple on a beautiful spring/fall day - stopping for shopping, grabbing a bit for lunch, and making a stop at the beautiful Indianapolis Arts Center.
    • BRAF
      I love the Vogue! A great place to see good live music.
    • BRAF
      Monon and the many options for outdoor dining.
    • Blackhawk's Legend, video game icon
      The Bob Probert jersey hanging up in Connor's.
    • Broad Ripple
      Love shopping all the locally owned shops. Wonderful alternative to all the "chain" stores.
    • atmosphere
      I love pretty much everything--the unique shops, the great little cafe's and restaurants, the art studios, not to mention great people-watching!
    • Broad Ripple
      The best thing about Broad Ripple is the Art Fair!
    • BR's Best
      Artifacts and Marigolds-two great places to shop.
    • Zest
      Love the food at Zest. Great place.
    • almost forgot
      And, of course, Indy Vinyl
    • Broad Ripple
      I love the all the places to get local beer!
    • People
      The people of Broad Ripple make it what it is today!
    • Petit Chou
      On a Sunday Morning...Petit Chou. See you there!
    • Broad Ripple
      We love the restaurants by the canal.
    • Broad Ripple
      My wife and I love the restaurants in Broad Ripple.
    • Broad Ripple
      The Writer's Center helped wannabe writers move a step closer to their dreams. Also, the IAC offered acting classes for years that produced several superb actors.
    • What's not to love?
      Where do I start? Chelsea's. Broad Ripple Brewpub. The Monon. The hole in the wall Gyro stop. Union Jack's. Big Hat Books. The Brugge...and of course the Indianapolis Art Center.
    • Shalimar
      the ART FAIR of course!!
      but also, Shalimar especially during buffet hours
    • What's not to love...
      I love the energy of the place.
    • Broad Ripple Tavern
      Black N Blue Burger
    • BR
      biking around the monon; picnics in the park & site-seeing the antique homes
    • Living there
      The first house I bought, many years ago, is in Broad Ripple...
    • Dog Friendly!!
      I love taking my dog and walking the monon or just around the village. He loves it too!
    • Broad Ripple
      I love the Red Key and Broad Ripple Brew Pub!
    • BR
      Two words... Boogie Burger!
    • BRAF
      I love the atmosphere in Broad Ripple. It's very urban, but also personally unique at the same time.
    • Broad Ripple
      I love the new restaurant - FlatWater...great food and a great patio on the canal....
    • Walking
      My favorite thing to do is walk to Locally Grown Gardens and pick up some veggies to go with dinner. My husband likes to get their old fashioned soda.
    • BR Memories
      My favorite thing about Broad Ripple is the memories of living there as a young married over 50 years ago. We had a ball!
    • Brothers!
      Was thrilled when I heard that a smoke-free sports bar was coming to BR. Great place and I hope there are more to come.
    • I'd like to go
      With the fam, perhaps.
    • Broad Ripple
      Favorite thing-Pizza at Union Jack Pub.
    • Remember?
      I love that I never got arrested in the late 70s! Oh, the Patio . . . .
    • Broad Ripple
      The eclectic variety....shopping,dining and people
    • Everything, almost
      In the early 70's it was the Karma record store. Now it's the Monon coffee shop. They both feel (felt) inviting, comfortable, with a great staff.
    • Broad Ripple
      I love the energy that seems to be there especially in the evenings of summer.
    • Monon
      Bicycling the Monon Trail followed by a cold beer
    • The Village
      Love, love, love seeing (and being) the multitudes dining al fresco at the myriad restaurants. It's always the sure sign spring has arrived!
    • BR
      I love the vibe of the whole area and how walkable everything in the area is.
    • Village Art Fair
      I have take the family each of the past three years, and had a great time.
    • BR
      My family loves walking and biking on the Monon Trail. We take it to all of the wonderful restaurants like La Jolla and Petite Chou! I am craving a huge snow cone right now.
    • Heart the Riipple!
      I love the dog-friendliness of the Rip. Oh, and don't forget the Monon, Tow Path and Canal Path parts of Br Rip.
    • Easier to say what I don't like
      It's easier to name what I don't like about Broad Ripple....traffic and no parking.
    • currying favor
      Not one, but TWO Indian buffets for lunch in BR, and biking distance from my home. Bliss!
      • Food and atmosphere
        Food, the walks and the atmosphere
      • The Monon
        & the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving Day!
      • Broad Ripple
        My favorite thing about Broad Ripple? The Indianapolis Art Center is possibly THE coolest place in all of Indy, not to mention just Broad Ripple...
      • Unique shopping
        Love all the specialty shops!
      • Always something to do...
        No matter how often I go to Broad Ripple, I always find something new!
      • Broad Ripple
        One of my favorite things is all of the different restaurants in BR. You can go to the Ice Shack or you can to Brugge. It is a wonderful place to walk around
      • BRAF
        My favorite thing about Broad Ripple is that it's a completely different place depending on what time of day (or night) you're there.
      • Broad Ripple
        I like the good food, the quirky shops, the nightlife and the Monon.
      • Broad Ripple
        Bazbeaux is my favorite Broad Ripple attraction
      • Broad Ripple
        Indy CD & Vinyl and Monon Coffee.
      • Shaved Ice
        Love to ride the Monon through Broad Ripple and stop for a Shaved Ice treat.
      • Broad Ripple
        Love having lots of things within walking distance. The Monon, Art, Shops, great places to eat & places to stop & have a drink.
      • One of a kind
        How many Barber Shops offer you a beer when you sit down for a haircut???
      • Broad Ripple
        Love the parking....
      • The Trails Connect
        I like how the major trails connect here, so there is some choice in loops. The food is nice too.
      • Wine
        Any restaurant that serves wine in Broad Ripple is good with me.
      • I simply remember my favorite things....
        I'm dating myself but my perfect evening in Broad Ripple started with a center, front row table to see Dr. Bop and Headliners (loved human surf board surfing!) and then finish off the evening at that little bar (with the Irish name???) north of the canal that stayed open until about 3am...I can't remember it's name but it was rocking in the wee hours.
      • Favorite thing about Broad Ripple
        Angela Buchman's weather forecasts for Broad Ripple.
      • Broad Ripple
        Walking the Moron
      • Broad Ripple
        Great place to shop,eat and people watch.
      • Broad Ripple
        Love the atmosphere.
      • Broad Ripple
        I love that absolutely everything you need -- and more -- can be found in Broad Ripple.
      • Broad Ripple
        Love the access to Broad Ripple via the Monon Trail from my back yard!
      • Love Broad Ripple
        My kids take me to the Broad Ripple Art Fair for my Mother's Day present! It is the best!
      • The Ripple
        The fact that it is a close knit group of fun loving individuals always working to beautify the area.
      • Love Ripple, Will Travel

        I live in Indy and brought my Mom, who lives in West Michigan, to the Broad Ripple Art Fair last year. She fell in love and is driving back just to go again this year...oh, and to see me too!!
        We are both so excited to see all the WONDERFUL artists and their beautiful work again this year.
      • Broad Ripple
        My favorite thing about Broad Ripple is the village atmosphere. The old fire station and canal really pull it all together.
      • Broad Ripple
        BR is such a unique area: all kinds of people enjoying the shops, the restaurants & the people-watching! Reminds me of my college days in the 70s in Iowa City!
      • The Food
        The best thing about Broad Ripple besides the art is definitely the food! There are soo many different restaurants serving up different kinds of food. There's no food you can't find in Broad Ripple!
      • 3 in Broad Ripple
        The three main reasons I frequent Broad Ripple are the Writers' Center of Indiana, the Indianapolis Art Center and the Broad Ripple Brew Pub.
      • BRAF
        I love the village feel...everything is close and the uniquness of the shops and restaurants.
      • Time with my daughter
        I love attending the BRAF with my daughter who is an art major at BSU. It gives us time to connect, with art as the focus. What could be better than that?!
      • Broad Ripple
        My favorite thing about Broad Ripple is the distinct feeling that you're somewhere else entirely. It's a unique escape in the middle of a the city that feels instantly at home with its laid-back attitude.
      • BRAF is the Best...
        Of the three major Indy area art fairs (Penrod, Talbot Street, & Broad Ripple), I think BRAF is definitely the most entertaining, affordable, and fun!
      • visiting
        I love the feeling of being in a small town in a big city. It is one of my favorite places to visit when I come to Indy.
      • Love BR
        There are many things to love about Broad Ripple. The artsy feeling alone is worth spending time there, the quaint little shops and small town atmosphere, the food too is some of the best and most diverse in Indy. It's just a great place to be and the art fairs make it all the better!
      • Broad Ripple Art Fair
        We love Broad Ripple for the Monon, Art Center, Beautiful scenery, Great shops, & The Broad Ripple Art Fair =)
      • I agree!
        I love the whole walkable little shopping area plus the arts, entertainment....you can't beat it!
        Winners have been picked. Thanks for playing.
        Remember: You can sign up for the weekly IBJ A&E e-mail and make sure to hear about all of our contests.
      • Broad Ripple
        If you like buffets, try Jimmy Buffets.
      • Broad Ripple
        The eclectic people!
      • Yart
        Tasteful and interesting yard art is something I always find at the Broad Ripple Art Fair. I hope this year to continue my collection, neighbors are always asking where I find such great pieces

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      1. I am so impressed that the smoking ban FAILED in Kokomo! I might just move to your Awesome city!

      2. way to much breweries being built in indianapolis. its going to be saturated market, if not already. when is enough, enough??

      3. This house is a reminder of Hamilton County history. Its position near the interstate is significant to remember what Hamilton County was before the SUPERBROKERs, Navients, commercial parks, sprawling vinyl villages, and acres of concrete retail showed up. What's truly Wasteful is not reusing a structure that could still be useful. History isn't confined to parks and books.

      4. To compare Connor Prairie or the Zoo to a random old house is a big ridiculous. If it were any where near the level of significance there wouldn't be a major funding gap. Put a big billboard on I-69 funded by the tourism board for people to come visit this old house, and I doubt there would be any takers, since other than age there is no significance whatsoever. Clearly the tax payers of Fishers don't have a significant interest in this project, so PLEASE DON'T USE OUR VALUABLE MONEY. Government money is finite and needs to be utilized for the most efficient and productive purposes. This is far from that.

      5. I only tried it 2x and didn't think much of it both times. With the new apts plus a couple other of new developments on Guilford, I am surprised it didn't get more business. Plus you have a couple of subdivisions across the street from it. I hope Upland can keep it going. Good beer and food plus a neat environment and outdoor seating.