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  1. I can't image EB would want to be governor again. It's already on his resume, and by political standards, his 2 terms as gov where relatively "successful" no major blunders. Being governor is HARD WORK and and lost of political RISK he knows it. Running a state is no picnic. Being a Senator has more prestige, more pay, small staff, live in DC and play in the "big leagues" with no REAL responsibility other than being a pundit on issues and jack w/ the president. The only reason to be a governor is to claim executive governing experience in preparation to run for President. He's already got those credentials. Only thing left politically is Presidency ... or go for the Senate again, which is more likely for him. Ask Coats. EB is a multi-mill guy... easier and better to be a TV commentator and a retired "statesman" out of the frey. Better pay, less risk, more time for family and golf. But like all "retired pros"... they get itchy and want to regain the prestige again. Many do not remember that EB bailed out at a time of great backlash against sitting Senators... his seat was in "play" ... he got out because he was very worried at the time. He wanted to preserve the shot at president. He's close to Clintons... maybe another play there as well in the future WH cabinet.

  2. "Speedway officials aren't necessarily looking for someone to sing the song on an ongoing basis". Good. Singers and styles used to vary widely, including the likes of James Melton, Dinah Shore, Mel Torme, Johnny Desmond and more. I encourage variety.

  3. Someone should monitor the lawmakers

  4. The car share operator in Columbus pays the City for the use of the parking meters. A similar deal could have been done here with the car share operator paying the private meter operator for the use of the metered spaces instead of the City.

  5. What happens with the translator? Does WFIU leave it as is? A couple ideas: Use it to broadcast the online station from Rose-Hulman. Or use it to broadcast WFYI-FM-HD2?