IBJ Night at the Movies: "Inception"

July 7, 2010
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I'm deliberately avoiding reading anything about the new thriller "Inception"--at least until after the sneak preview July 12 at Circle Centre.

The film, from "Dark Night" director Christopher Nolan, stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

Want to join me for this one? Just enter, below, naming your favorite mind-bending film. I'll pick winners at random and will notify by e-mail until the passes are gone.

Good luck.

  • my mind bending film
    I loved vertigo. Also pulp ficktion.
  • Christopher Nolan
    Christopher Nolan's best work Memento.
  • Someone beat me to it...
    I was going to say Memento as well.
  • Tough Choice
    Vanilla Sky is one of the best. That or Avatar...only in 3-D.
  • Mind bender
    Butterfly effect is just twisted enough
  • Bend will you?
    The matrix. If you're 'over-the-edge', the Wall will do by Pink Floyd..
  • Mind-bending film
    There are a lot I could say, but I think I'll just mention one of Nolan's earlier films, "The Prestige", and a Michel Gondry film, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".
  • memento
    Memento, for sure. Christopher Nolan rocks my socks.
  • mind-bender
    6th sense
  • memento
    Gosh, I feel so lame. Looks like lottsa people loved Memento. Can't wait to see Inception.
  • Memento
    Love this movie so much I bought the DVD. Also give honorable mention to Se7en starring Brad Pitt.
  • Minder Benders
    Mullholland Drive. I've watched it probably five times -- I even took notes once -- and I still don't get it.
  • mind bending film
    fight club
  • Ticket giveaway/Inception
    "Adaptation" with Nicholaus Cage and Meryl Streep
  • hard to choose
    "Memento" is my fave, but also coming to mind are "Fight Club", "Donnie Darko", and "American Psycho".
  • Mind Bender
    Fight Club
  • Torino
    Clint Eastwood
  • Mullholland Drive
    it was a great one!
    • MOVIE
      I really like Leonardo in Shutter Island, I didn't expect that ending. Momento is another fav, along with Deception. I can't wait to see this movie!
    • Mind Blowing
      There's been quite a few, but I think Memento has been the best mind-blowing film of the last decade.

      Honorable Mentions:
      The first Matrix film
      The Sixth Sense
      Donnie Darko
      Vanilla Sky
    • Mind Bender
      Memento or Fight Club
    • Quick Follow-Up
      Helps if you read the other posts first, but absolutely Fight Club, Mullholland Drive (still don't get it as well), and American Psycho!
    • Quick Follow-Up
      Helps if you read the other posts first, but absolutely Fight Club, Mullholland Drive (still don't get it as well), and American Psycho!
    • Here's my winner!
      Hedwig And The Angry Inch takes the cake for me! John Cameron Mitchell proved he's a true freakazoid with this one!
    • hard to choose
      going way back to this one .... one of the original mindbending films of all time .... Psycho from Alfred Hitchcock. Mindbending because one of the lead stars, Janet Leigh, was killed 30 minutes into the film. Mindbending because of Anthony Perkins' morphing into momma - this had never been done before Psycho Mindbending because of ingenuis marketing by Hitchcock -- not allowing theatres to sell tickets or seat anyone after the film had started.
      • Two movies
        I liked Rear Window and Matrix as the best mind bending films...
      • Mind Bender
        Probably Memento.
      • The Matrix
        Best mind-bender I've seen: The Matrix. Best I haven't seen: Memento :)
      • Oh, how about...
        ...The sixth sense. "I see dead people"
      • What just happened?
        Memento, definately.
      • Mindbender
        Time Traveler's Wife
      • Mindbender
        Dark City
      • The Others
        Almost everything I thought of has already been said (Memento, Fight Club, Matrix Trilogy, the Sixth Sense). The one not mentioned yet that I really like is "The Others" with Nicole Kidman. Very much like the Sixth Sense.
      • Mindbending Film
        Gondry and Nolan like most. Still, I watch The Prestige every chance I get.
      • Mind Bender
        My favorite mind-bender was 6th Sense.
      • Great movie
        Blood Simple has to be one of the best mind bending movies from the Cohen Brothers
      • Oh I hope I win...
        I've got to go with "Donnie Darko" or "Adaptation" both of which have already been mentioned which both surprises and delights me.
      • mindbender
        "Jack's Back." An old one starring James Spader.
      • Time Traveler's Wife
        I figured i would go with one that hasn't been mentioned yet. It's definitely a chronological mind bender.
      • Mindbenders
        Fav's are Se7en, Usual Suspects, and Memento
      • Sixth Sense
        Great movie with a great twist...
      • Mind bending
        Sunshine of the Spotless Mindh
      • Silence
        My favorite was The Silence of the Lambs.
      • Mindbender
        I'd go with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What a great movie.
      • Mind Bender
        Has to be Shutter Island. I am still trying to figure out the ending................
      • Nobody does mind-bending like Gondry
        Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, definitely!
      • Mindbenders
        Definitely - Butterfly Effect.

        Honorable mention to: Sixth Sense, Big Fish, Being There...
      • Just joining the crowd
        My favorites are Memento and Usual Suspects. I also thought the Truman Show, while not overly deep, was a good "what if" type movie...
      • Mindbender
        How about Leo's last movie, Shutter Island.
      • Pyscho
        An early movie with unexpected twists
      • David Lynch
        I really like some of the films mentioned by others...the Usual Suspects, Mullholland, Momento, Blood Simple...but David Lynch takes the cake for me...Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, Lost Highway, the 2 hour premiere of Twin Peaks, Wild At Heart. I also love American Beauty by Sam Mendes, and A Simple Plan by Sam Raimi, though the latter two may not be mind bending per se. Another crazy one is Hell Ride by Larry Bishop (Tarrantino produced biker film).
      • The Matrix
        Yes, the special effects were amazing but the plot and the subject took you to another reality.
      • Mind-bending film
        The Sixth Sense
      • Best Mind Bender
        Usual Suspects, Fight Club
      • Paranormal
        What seemed like a really dull uninteresting movie got my attention in the last few minutes. So much so, that I won't watch the trailers for Paranormal 2. Too scary.
      • Inception
        I'm a big fan of "In the Mouth of Madness" with Sam Neil. Strang Strange movie.
      • Mind-bending Movie
        I love Unbreakable, then of course Fight Club. The Illusionist is excellent, as well.
      • mind bender
        One of my favorites was 1408 with John Cusack. But it sounds like I need to go rent Memento...
      • Fav mind bender
      • fave mind movie
        Eternal Sunshine, although Memento and Prestige were more mind-bending. Sometimes I'll still think of Prestige and think, how'd they do that??
      • IBJ Night @ the Movies
        Jagged Edge and Presumed Innocent are two of my favorites, but there are no bad mindbender thriller whodunit movies.
      • movie
        Eternal Sunshine and Memento
      • mind bender
        Hitchcock's "Rear Window"
      • The Game
        The Game.

        @Jeremy: Good call on "Madness". Obscure and strange indeed.
      • Mind benders...
        Too many to name, but "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", Memento, Seven, and just about any Coen brothers film top the list.
      • fav. mindbending film
        The Matrix. (Used to watch it all the time when it would be on TV, but once I owned it, I hardly watch it at all...)
      • mind benders movies
        Memento was good and also SEVEN and older movie...Jagged Edge....
      • Fav. Mindbenders
        1. Matrix
        2. Eagle Eye
        3. I Robot
        4. Avatar
      • Fav. Mind Bending Films
        The Lake House
        Lady in the Water
        The Mothman Prophecies
      • Favorite Mind Bender
        Dark City
      • The Usual Suspects
        I somehow called who was Kaiser Suze, but I didn't believe myself until the end... great twist.
      • Fav. Mindbenders
        Great movies, all. Brazil as a hands-down visual mind bender. Angel Heart on first viewing (not so much if you listen to names reeeeeealy closely).
      • Favorite Mind Bender
        Dark City (1998)
        Director: Alex Proyas
      • Favorite mind bender
        Shutter Island, the Matrix & the Prestige
      • Favorite Mind Bender
        The matrix
      • movie
        probably Matrix - since it was the first one....
      • Peacock
        Fairly new movie now on DVD. Not widely publized but freakishly intriguing.
      • loved Memento
        and looking forward to Inception!
      • mind binding film
      • mind bender movies
        The sixth sense
      • Hair blown back!
        My favorite mind bender movie was The Game.
      • Mindbending Directors/Films
        Only one director can take the prize for mindbending. David Lynch. I am with Jim on this one. Blue Velvet and Lost Highway are simply mindbending. Lost Highway especially. Nothing else comes close to messing with your head. Honorable mention goes out to Terry Gilliam with Fisher King, Time Bandits, 12 Monkeys, and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Those mess with your head as well.
      • THE GAME
        THE GAME starring Michael Douglas, hands down.
        The Prestige
      • SIxth Sense
        Sixth Sense
      • Unbreakable
        M Night Shamylan's Unbreakable
      • Shutter Island
        Shutter Island
      • mind bending movies
      • Moon
        Sam Rockwell did a pretty good job in this film.
      • time travel
        Am I the first one to name Primer?
      • Mind-bending movies
        I no order, I think Hitchcock's Vertigo, Spellbound, and The Birds are all classics.
      • The Usual Suspects
        I can't wait to see it at IMA Summer Nights. Unless it's already happened, in which case, I'm bummed to have missed it.
      • Mind benders
        Equilibrium/Shutter Island/Matrix/Donnie Darko. Outside of that genre, The Spanish Prisoner with Steve Martin as a very convincing antagonist...
      • Mind bending movie
        Shutter Island! That was freaky!
      • inception
        Sixth Sense
      • mind bender
        Identity really had me guessing until the end. Plus you gotta love anything with John Cusack.
      • Crazy movie
        Event horizon really blew me away when I first saw it.
      • No Love for Fracture?
        I can't believe Fracture (Anthony Hopkins, 2007) hasn't made the list yet. Fits right in alongside Momento, The Usual Suspects, and The Game. Honerable mention to an old one - Dead Again.
      • The sixth sense.
        The sixth sense.
        The Illusionist
      • traning day
        bad nasty low down &durty cop good movie
      • mind-bending film
      • 2 OF THE BEST
      • Memento
        I know so many are saying it, but Memento is seriously the reason I became a film student.
      • Mind Bender
        In no order
        Shutter Island
        Butterfly Effect
        Rear Window
        Fight Club
      • Bent Mind
        The Matrix movies, Where the buffalo roam, Avatar, to name a few. Sorry to be so mainstream, but the heat has melted what few brain cells I have left from coming of age in the 70s.
      • Love the Mind Benders
        A Beautiful Mind, Sixth Sense, Shutter Island, Identity...not necessarily in that order.
      • Movies you have to rewatch
        Primers....90 minutes of pure confusion. Any more and your brain will explode. Time travel never made more sense !
      • On a bender
        My favorite mind-bender is Jesco: The Dancing Outlaw. It boggles the mind to see how he and Norma Jean (may she rest in peace) lived their lives in the hollers of West Virginia. A must see.
      • More Leo
        Shutter Island
      • Primal Fear
        Primal Fear (in the name of adding something I haven't seen already listed). Lots of great ones already mentioned. My list would include:

        -The Matrix
        -The Usual Suspects
        -Pulp Fiction (not as much of a mind bender from the plot but more the presentation)
        -Fight Club
        -The Village
      • Matrix
        Matrix and sixth sense are both movies I have on VHS. I watch them all the time.
      • Fight Club
        Fight Club
      • mind bender
        my favorite....Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas! a lot of self induced mind bending!
      • Naked Lunch
        Seriously? Whoa.
      • stangest movie ever
        Even Dwarfs Started Small by Werner Herzog. Marty McFly can't hold a candle to it.
      • Mind bending film
        Shutter Island or The Prestige
      • THANKS
        thanks for the tickets - while not really my type of movie - it was entertaining enough that it will probably be big at the box office.

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