Ticket giveaway: IRT's 'A Christmas Carol'

November 17, 2010
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It’s that time of year again—and why not get the season started with a family pack of four tickets to see the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s production of “A Christmas Carol”?

All you have to do is enter here  giving your favorite “Christmas Carol” moment—in any version (Muppets or Mickey Mouse included). I'll pick one winner at random.

Good luck.

  • IRT Newbie
    I saw A Christmas Carol at the IRT for the first time last year and loved seeing it on the set is so simple yet refined.
  • Christmas Carol
    I've never been a big fan of plays or theatre productions until I was invited to go to 'A Christmas Carol'. It was so great and wonderfully done that I have been to three more plays since. I had hoped to start going to this show every year as a tradition, but haven't had the chance yet!
  • Carol
    this adaption by Tom Haas is my favorite Christmas Carol moment.
  • Moment
    Tiny Tim's famous last line: "God bless us, every one!"
  • Jim Carey version
    I would have to say the Jim Carey Christmas Carol version was one of my favorites.
  • Moment
    I like the part when Scrooge realizes it's not to late after Ghost of Christmas Future's turn. Then after that is Tiny Tim's line "God bless us, every one".
  • A tradition!
    My husband and I attend the show every year. It started as an anniversary night out (December 15th), but our oldest son wants to go this year and I can't wait to take him and start a new holiday tradition. Suing the show, the chains are the best! They really make a statement!
  • Favorite Part of The Christmas Carol
    One of my favorite scenes is where Scrooge is with the Ghost of Christmas Past and is reflecting on what life could have been if he had given priority to his relationship with his girlfriend Alice. It is the first time Scrooge shows emotion and portrays any hint of humanity.
  • God bless us
    Of coarse it is "God bless us, everyone!!"
  • Christmas Carol
    The joy conveyed by Scrooge when he has come to his senses on Christmas morning.
  • Family
    I went to see "A Christmas Carol" with my daughter @ IRT when she was in middle school. We loved it! The following year we moved to Houston and saw it there, but we both agreed the IRT version was best! She is now in college in SC and will be home for Christmas, but will be gone next summer working at a camp. I would love to take her to revisit this memory @ IRT. One of our favorite linesScrooge speaks to Marley..."You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There's more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!" We always laugh!
  • Favorite Moment
    When Scrooge comes in and starts blessing the family!
  • Christmas morning
    My favorite moment is in the version with George C. Scott when he is leaning out his window telling the little boy how wonderful he is, and asking him to go buy the turkey in the store window. He is filled with true Christmas Spirit.
  • The Musical "Scrooge"
    Family favorite. "I Like Life" and "Thank You Very Much" are the highlighted song numbers in this 1970s classic. Albert Finney as Scrooge and Alec Guiness as Marley just chew up their scenery.
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol
    Gonzo: Once again, I must ask you to remember that the Marleys were dead, and decaying in their graves.
    Rizzo the Rat: Yuck!
    Gonzo: [whispering] That one thing you must remember, or nothing that follows will seem wondrous.
    Rizzo the Rat: Why are you whispering?
    Gonzo: It's for dramatic emphasis.
    I have always adored A Christmas Carol. And every version and adaptation of it.
  • Second chance
    My favorite moment is when Scrooge realizes he has not missed Christmas Day, and he has an opportunity to start again. Isn't a second chance what we all want?
  • Christmas Carol
    My favorite moment is when Scrooge sees his grave and realizes what a lonely and terrible person he's been.
  • Are there no Prisons?
    "Are there no Prisons? And the Union workhouses? Are they still in operation? The Treadmill and the Poor Law are in full vigor, then? Oh! I was afraid, from what you said at first that something had occurred to stop them in their useful course, I am very glad to hear it. If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population!"

    I am Scrooge and need to see this play and every movie version made every year.
  • Kids
    My favorite moment is when my children see that Scrooge really is just a human like the rest of us and then becomes giddy with excitement. My sons are playing the part of Scrooge and Marley in their school drama so this is an extra special Christmas Carol year for us!
  • FAvorite CCarol Moment
    My son was young scrooge about 13 years ago. During one of the performances when he was running down the hill on the fake snow, he fell and made a huge sound when he landed (of course he was ok or it wouldn't be a favorite moment) but the entire crowd in unison made a huge gasp! To this day we talk about the time the whole audience grew silent then gasped over that fall!
  • Opening Line
    Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.

    Sets the tone ... scours with mystery... and causes goose bumps each and every time of the delight I'm about to witness.
  • christmas carol
    I have to say I do enjoy the Muppet's version. I love the scene at the beginning where Cratchit and the rats are begging Scrooge for more warmth. "Our pens have turned to ink-cicles! Our assets are frozen!" (snicker) Love that Muppet humor...
  • favorite line
    "God bless us, everyone"!
  • Christmas Carol Moments
    I was performing in a community theater version of "A Christmas Carol" back in the mid-1980s on a military base in Germany. I played the boy who Scrooge tells to get the turkey in the window "the one as big as me?" I replied. I was a very tall and big middle schooler at the time so it got a lot of laughs. Once when I came back with the turkey Scrooge said with a mischievous grin, "Here comes the turkey with the boy!" instead of what he was suppose to say. We had a lot of fun.
  • two actors, a song, & the book
    I loved(!) Chuck Goad's portrayal of Scrooge in the IRT's productions the past several years, so I bet it will be odd not to see him doing it this year.

    However, I have also loved(!) Ryan Artzberger's work in a variety of other shows around town, so I am curious and excited to see what he does in taking over the Scrooge role at the IRT this year.

    The IRT's show is my favorite, hands down, but I also love the movie version that has the song, "Thank you very much! Thank you very much! That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me!"

    I love re-reading Dickens' original novel every year, too - the copy that my godmother gave me before I was old enough to read it to myself.

    In any version, my favorite moment is when Scrooge realizes it is not too late, he still has a chance to change how he lives his life.

    Hope Baugh
    Indy Theatre Habit
  • Christmas Carol
    I like Michael Caine playing Scrooge in the Muppets version of Christmas Carol!
  • Favorite Moment
    My favorite moment is when Scrooge wakes up from his night of visitations and learns from a young man on the street that it is still Christmas and "the spirits have done it all in one night." The sheer joy in his voice that he can redeem himself is heartwarming.
  • Favorite Part
    After reading these comments, I MUST see the Muppet version this year! However, my favorite moment is the joyful scene on Christmas morning when Scrooge discovers that he has the chance to make everything right and with a thankful heart, he begins to do just that.
  • What a Great Show!!
    A friend surprised me with tickets to see "A Christmas Carol" a few years back at the IRT, and it was such a lovely show! What a fun experience!
  • 1951 - Alastair Sim
    I love the part when the Ghost of Christmas Present reveals Ignorance and Want, in the form of two very, very creepy kids.
  • Puss In Boots
    My girlfriend's family has gone to a showing of A Christmas Carol in Louisville, KY for many years, and since Shrek came out, the production has added a short cameo for Puss-In-Boots. It's the silliest moment of the play, but I guess that's why it always sticks out this time of year!
  • Christmas Carol moment
    When I was a child, my family used to sit and watch the Alistair Sims movie version of The Christmas Carol all together. It's a wonderful memory!
  • Christmas Carol
    When I was in high school I was in the musical production of "Scrooge." It was great fun and one of my fondest high school memories!
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol
    I absolutely love the Mickey version - when Goofy trips over the chains - that is the best!
  • Christmas Carol
    I watched this when I was little with my mom, it was a great bonding memory
  • A Christmas Carol
    Best part is when Scrooge is confronted with the ghost of Christmas past.
  • Christmas Carol
    Ghost of Christmas Future was very different in last years animated film - but God Bless us Everyone is my favorite line.
  • A Christmas Carol
    Tiny Tim lifted up saying ". . . . and God Bless us everyone!" after a timeless story of hope and good will.
  • â??Christmas Carolâ?? moment
    When Arnold says, "It's not a tumor!" & then Rerun dances his funny dance.
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol
    Every year growing up I looked forward to watching the Disney special on tv. Now I own it on DVD to keep the tradition alive!
  • IRT
    Reading any version of the story to my kids during the Christmas season. And of course, my wife and I saw the show at IRT several years ago and really enjoyed it.
  • Christmas Carol
    My favorite moment was playing the part of Bob Cratchit in a 3rd grade production of the show. I don't remember it very well, but I'm certain my performance was Oscar worthy...
  • Favorite Moment
    After his terrible night the new Scrooge goes to Nephew Fred's flat and dances with Fred's wife. It is very heart-warming.
  • Mr Magoo
    What can I say. I'm a child of the 60's, and my favorite Christmas Carol was Mr. Magoo's musical version of Christmas Carol. When he was visiting with the Ghost from Christmas Past and singing about the love he let slip away, I cried everytime!
  • Carol
    God bless us everyone.
  • Christmas Carol
    When Marleyâ??s ghost shrieks â??Business? Mankind was my business!â??.
  • Muppet Christmas Carol
    My favorite version is the Muppet Christmas Carol. My favorite part? The song "Only One More Sleep Till Christmas."
  • Scrooged
    Bill Murray's version is my favorite for sure!
  • Jim Carrey
    Rubber face does a good job.
  • Mickey Mouse
    My kids love reading Mickey's Christmas Carol under the Christmas tree every year.
  • Scrooooooge
    The ghost of Christmas past is always my favorite.
  • Christmas Carol
    I have liked all the versions I have seen. Its a classic.
  • A Christmas Carol
    The best moments....everything in the 1951 film version with Alistair Sim. Incredible!A Christmas tradition at our house.
  • Muppet Christmas Carol
    I loved the Muppet Christmas Carol when I was younger, so my favorite moment would be being young, watching it with my dad on a snowy night.
  • Scrooge
    I do enjoy the Bill Murray take on the tale... :)
  • a Christmas Carol
    My favorite is the Ghost of Christmas Past....helps me realize don't let something slip by...take a chance on the important things on live...people, relationships...not things.
  • Holiday Memories
    Going to the Actor's Theatre of Louisville production on a field trip with my classmates. We went almost every year and I would love to start my daughter on this tradition in Indy with the IRT.
  • Christmas Carol
    I've always loved the story, and would love to see the play...
    My favorite version so far is the 3-D movie version with Jim Carrey. It was really pretty and a little scary!
  • Scrooged
    I like the scene when Bill Murray is in the elevator with "death". Actually the whole movie is hilarious. I like the humor along with the classic story.
  • Second Chances
    My favorite moment is when Scrooge realizes that there are such things as second chances, and has the opportunity to make things right again and make Christmas what it is meant to be about.l
  • Let it Snow!
    by Smokie Robinson
  • Yet to come
    The ghost of Christmas yet to come is my favorite
  • Christmas Carol
    I've always liked the Christmas Carol adaptation Scrooged. Bill Murray plays an excellent Scrooge! Look forward to watching it every year!
  • Scrooge
    I like when Scrooge sees Marley's face in the door knocker.
  • Muppets
    I love the Muppets and their version! What is not to love? You've got a great story line and all of the best actors, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Buson & Beaker, Fozzy and don't forget Animal. I can't wait for my son to watch this for the first time this year.
  • Christmas Carol
    Statler and Waldorf as Bob and Jacob Marley in The Muppet Christmas Carol!
  • good to hear
    As far as the movie versions go I like the Albert Finney or George C Scott.My husband likes the black and white orig. I also was in the cast at Footlite 20+yrs ago when we did the show as well.Dickens has something for everyone in this one.
  • Scrooge
    When he realizes that he has a second chance to make it all right -- that is the best part!
  • Carol Moment
    My favorite part of A Christmas Carol is the Ghost of Christmas Future. It changes the feel of the story and really creates the motivation for Scrooge to change!
  • Bahhh Humbug
    My favorite moment is at the IRT! I have seen the production 3 times and the actors do such a wonderful job from the emotion they invoke to the snow they create on the stage!
  • Favorite Christmas Carol moment
    It's a Wonderful Life when the little girl explains what it means to hear the bell . . . "everytime you hear a bell, an angle gets its wings."
  • Christmas Carol
    I also love the line "God bless us, everyone" -- it's such a feel-good line that is so representative of the Christmas spirit around the holidays! Too bad people don't act the same way the 11 other months of the year...
  • Scrooged
    in the movie Scrooged when he gets slapped across the face ... hilarious!
  • That Touching Moment
    I like it all. It's a classic for a reason.
  • Scrooged
    My favorit Christmas Carol like movie is Scrooged with Bill Murray
  • Christmas Carol
    favorite moment is not from the movie, but when the kids from Church start singing Christmas Carols. Such a sweet and moving sound to hear those little voices singing "Silent Night" or "Joy to the World". Makes my day just thinking about it! Thanks
  • Christmas Carol
    Of course my favorite part is from the Muppet Christmas Carol version because all of the muppets are just bopping around. But my favorite part, although not the most heart-warming but the most memorable is when the Marley brothers are in their house and they sing their song and the chains and treasure boxes come up and are singing with them. So clever.
  • Favorite moment
    Scrooge's indignacy upon the arrival of the first Ghost...
  • Christmas Carol
    I will never forget the first time I watched the Muppet Christmas with my daughter and Gonzo screams, "Light the lamp, not the rat!" We have laughed at that and used the line many times since and my little girl is now 20.
  • Chicago Production
    I saw "A Christmas Carol" at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago as a kid. It was great! Loved it when Scrooge was lifted in the air by one of the ghosts.
  • Love IRT's version
    I saw IRT's production of A Christmas Carol when I first moved to Indy. Fell in love with it. The simple set pieces brought on and off by the cast, the costuming -just brilliant! I have attended numerous times over the years, but my favorite time was when I got 5th row seats, dead center. My sister and mother drove down from northern Indiana to see the show with me. Our vantage point was spectacular. I cry every time it starts to snow on stage - it's simply magical! This year I want two dear friends to come from Wisconsin to see the show (I've been raving about it for years to them). Would love to win some free tickets!
  • It's a great time!
    Can't picture this season without the Christmas Carol. When Scrooge sees the Ghost and hears the messages, that will stay forever.
  • A Christmas Carol
    I love the original movie and the one with George C. Scott as Scrooge. He really could be the original Scrooge!!
  • Favorite Christmas Carol Moment
    When my 3 year old son (Mike) sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer" in perfect pitch (we didn't even know he could sing). It was a very previous moment.
  • A Christmas Carol
    God Bless Us, Everyone!!
  • christmas carol
    the muppets are the best!
  • Tradition
    When I was young, my father took our family to see the Christmas Carol each year, my fondest memory was when my friend Brian from elementry school actually played Tiny Tim, and when the play was over, I got to greet him after the show, like meeting a superstar!
  • Mom's memory
    Watching my twins play Scrooge and Fred in the same play in school.
  • Christmas Carol
    When Scrooge wakes up a whole new man!
  • Favorite Christmas Carol Moment
    Watching the Children in audience react to Mr. Scrooge.
  • Xmas Day
    I like the when Scrooge asks the kid what day it is on Xmas and the kid looks at him like he's an idiot.
  • Not So Much a Moment
    ...but it's Cratchit's undeniable hope in knowing somehow Mr. Scrooge is a good person. We should all be so lucky as to have that hope in others.
  • Favorite Moment
    My favorite moment is when you hear the rattle of Jacob Marley's chains. It means the fun is about to begin. :)
  • Tiny Tim
    Yes, Tiny Tim gets to me every time.
  • Any version
    I love A Christmas Carol for the message that it's never too late to change. I've not seen IRT's production and hope to go this year.
  • Christmas Carol
    Loved Bill Murray's version of Scrooged. There's a bit of Frank Cross in all of us!
  • Scrooged
    Bill Murray plays a great "Scrooge" in this movie I watch almost every Christmas season. Always a tear in my eye at the end when the cast sings "Put a Little Love in Your Heart!"
  • A Christmas Carol - Perfect Message
    Love the Christmas Carol. What a perfect message for those of us who want to spend ,more time with family. The never-too- late story is one of hope! Would love to attend a performace this year.
  • Christmas Carol
    My favorite Christmas Carol is a Charlie Brown Christmas and the poor tree.
  • Christmas Carol
    My favorite moments are when he sees himself in the past, present, and future. What a neat way to learn about yourself!
  • Two Moments
    There are two "A Christmas Carol" moments that continue to make me smile - and they're both ghost stories.

    When I finally got a chance to see Patrick Stewart's one-man version of the story on-stage, I quickly got past the 'Star Trek' issues and settled into the story. I enjoy one-man shows, and this didn't disappoint. What continues to raise goosebumps to this day is the memory of his description of the arrival of Scrooge at home, early in the story, and the horrifying arrival of Marley's Ghost. It was like something out of Henry James. Amazing delivery.

    But my favorite memory remains "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol". It was the first television Christmas special, and I was very young when I first saw it. Marley's Ghost's arrival was chilling (probably setting the precedent for my later expectations with Patrick Stewart), but the arrival of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was terrifying, especially as it points with its boney hand toward Scrooge's headstone.

    Sure, Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time, and Scrooge's tale is one of redemption. But there's nothing like a good old ghost story to get the Holy Spirit into you!

    - TB
  • Scrooged
    Anything with Bill Murray in it is always great! I like it when Bobcat Goldthwait is chasing him through the offices with the shotgun and singing. Bobcat's awesome too lol
  • Christmas Carol
    My sister played the ghost of Christmas past about 40 years ago in a community theatre production in Ohio, so I loved all her parts. My daughters have used the iridescent gray costume that my mom sewed for her to play dress up all these years later.
  • What then?
    I played in the pit for the musical version at Community Theatre of Terre Haute. We in the pit (which was really backstage so no one could see or hear us) always chuckled when Young Scrooge stomped his foot and said "What then?" of young Belle when she was getting tired of incessant working. It was also funny during rehearsals when Bob Cratchit couldn't remember the names of his many children gathered around the table.
  • Christmas Carol - Laughter

    From the book: "It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that, while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor."

  • LOVE the Christmas Carol
    My favorite line is, "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."
  • christmas carol
    I would have to say my favorite would have to be jim Carey Christmas Carol we took our kids to Christmas Carol train and then we went and seen the movie as soon as it came our. Christmas Carol has always been my favorite all of them. This one was neat the kids loved it
  • Jim Careay
    I like the Jim Carey version.
  • Favorite Moment
    "God bless us everyone!" :)
  • Scroogey Love
    I love the end when Scrooge is a changed man and visits his nephew with an actual smile on his face! Oh, and the chains from the Ghost of Christmas Past are always fun...and not near as scary as when I was a kiddo. Great classic!
  • Scrooged!!
    Scrooged...the whole movie. Fun departure from the classic.
  • Mr. Magoo
    I will always love Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. Kids today might not appreciate the cheesy (old) animation, but the message is easier for them to understand that some other versions. The whole show and the songs still bring nostalgic memories and I now have it on DVD (unfortunately one with no "extras" on it!
  • Sheltered Life
    As a freshman at Butler many moons ago, one of my jobs was as an usher at Clowes Hall. I was picked for The Nutcracker, my first ballet. After about 10 minutes, I looked at my co-usher, who was obviously more cultured than I, when I asked; "when do they start talking". Needless to say, she could only contain her laugther for a few seconds before she had to move to the lobby. I have since come to appreciate ballet with a little more understanding of their discipline.
  • Ghost of Christmas Present
    Carol Kane's rendition in Scrooged. Comedic genius that hasn't been shared enough. Love everything she does.
  • Favorite Moment
    It's, predictably, when Scrooge realizes it's not too late for him.
  • Xmas Carol
    I loved Mr Magoo!! What a cartoon classic!!!
  • Family
    I love it when the family is gathered around the table to enjoy each other and be thankful for what they have. Family is everything.
  • My son's favorite play!
    A Christmas Carol is my son's favorite Christmas tradition. We celebrated his 21st birthday here...followed by a trip to the Slippery Noodle of course!
  • A Christmas Carol favorite
    "God bless us everyone"
  • A Christmas Carol: The Book
    It was rather special to come across a small illustrated copy of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" that belonged to my father who was born in 1904.
  • Seeing my Dad in Christmas Carol
    Three years ago, my Dad purchased a walk-on part at an IRT play. He played the bucher at the end of one showing of A Christmas Carol and dragged the big turkey on to stage asking ;If this is big enough." We had the shole family in the front row to see it.
  • Ebenezer
    My favorite moment was Ebenezer Scrooge's cameo in "Hot Rod"!
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol
    I love when Scrooge McDuck hands out the toys at the end.
  • IRT Production
    I have always loved the Christmas Carol but my favorite memory is when we went to see the IRT version as a family for the 1st time a few years ago. I'll never forget the look on my daughter's face when the "snow" started falling on the stage - totally priceless!
  • high school production
    When I was in middle school, I was in the chorus for the high school's presentation of A Christmas Carol. In that version, Mrs Cratchit at one point drops a glass Christmas tree topper and it shatters. The high school had ordered boxes and boxes of them and after the production, we all got to take one home. I still use it!
  • Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol
    Some great songs on this version.
  • Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol
    When Ebenezer Scrooge (Mister Magoo) walks out of his house without glasses following his revelation and says the following to a horse:

    Scrooge: You my good man, Merry Christmas!
    Horse: Neighs
    Scrooge: Ah same to you!
  • bill murray
    I love "scrooged" with bill murray. The whole thing is great!
  • Scrooged
    You have got to love Bill Murray in Scrooged!!! Stapled the antlers to the mouses head!!
  • IRT's Christmas Carol
    I would have to say my favorite but saddest moment is when Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Christmas future and sees the Cratchit family without Tiny Tim.
  • Christmas Carol
    Favorite moment would have to be the entire George C. Scott version! He's perfect as Scrooge!
  • Humor trumps all
    I love every single version but the Muppets is hysterical!
  • shameless plug
    My favorite moment will be when "A Christmas Carol" premiers in Bloomington next month, presented by Cardinal Stage Company!
  • Christmas Carol
    When Scrooge helps Tiny Tim
  • Ghost of Christmas Past
    In all the versions of A Christmas Carol, I liked the Fezziwig scene with the Ghost of Christmas Past. When Past asked Scrooge about the few pounds he spent for the christmas party being a small thing. Scrooge realizes that it isn't -- "He has the power to render us happy or unhappy, to make our service light or burdensome, a pleasure or a toil. His power lies in words and looks, in things so slight and insignificant that is is impossible to add them up. The happiness he gives, is as great as if it had cost a fortune." Great words and actions for all to remembeer
  • A Christmas Carol
    Scrooge's realization.
  • triplej
    I remember visiting the IRT's Christmas Carol production with my parents when I was about 13. What impressed me the most was the rotating stage and the detailed set that brought Victorian London to life. I haven't been back since then but I'm looking forward to going in the future.
  • Christmas Carol/Vacation
    Cousin Eddy at the eggnog bowl talking to Clark wearing his dickie.
  • A Christmas Carol
    When I was a fifth grader, my class came to the IRT to watch The Christmas Carol. Me and my friends sat in the front row and during the scene with the Ghost of Christmas Past, one of the actors was shoveling snow on stage, and threw it right into the audience on us. We thought it was so neat that he sort of put us into the scene. That was the day we decided to get involved with theatre! :)
  • A different version
    I was youth director for a congregation in Virginia and one of my "kids" developed an adaptation of A Christmas Carol which I directed and the youth performed where Scrooge is visited by God (Christmas Past), Jesus (Christmas Present) and the Holy Spirit (Christmas Future). My favorite scene is when Jesus takes Scrooge to a traditional Christmas pageant and all of the little children are performing the Christmas Story. It was such a hit with our congregation we performed it multiple times.
  • 20 Yrs Later.....
    My oldest son loved going to IRT as a youngster to see A Christmas Carol. He was fascinated by it. Twenty years later, his Christmas gift to me was dinner at Circle Centre and you guessed it - going once again to see A Christmas Carol. It brought back such great childhood memories for him, and for me, too!
  • Toaster
    Bill Murray being beat up by the Ghost of Christmas Present is my favorite!
  • tickets
    I took my nephew to the IRT's production of the Christmas Carol when he was 5 or 6 years old (he is now 25), watching him be mesmerized by the cast, snow, lights, trap door, is still to this day, my favorite holiday memory.
  • IRT Christmas Carol
    My favorite moment in the IRT presentation (that I saw several years ago) was when Marley, in chains, leaps forward at the audience and shrieks. Thought my heart was coming out of my chest! The chains made such a loud noise right at the same time, so it was loud and very frightening.
  • Gold!
    Definitely when Scrooge McDuck was counting his piles of gold coins!
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol
    I love in Mickey's Christmas carol, when Donald gives the wreath to Uncle Scrooge, and he gives it back, he puts it over Donald's head, effectively pinning his hands down to his sides. Made me laugh as a kid and now makes my kiddo crack up every time!
  • Scrooge Play
    My husband & I would take our children to a local church that would put on the play Scrooge. They can no longer afford to do it because of the economy. I will truely miss it as I'm sure my children will as well. My favorite part of the play was when Scrooge realized he was living in the present and he had a second chance at changing his ways.
  • Mickey
    Love the Mickey version.
  • Mickey
    The kid friendliest version of course!
  • A Christmas Carol
    I love how the life lessons can be applied to everyone.
  • IRT Version
    I love everything about this play. It is magical and displays the true meaning of Christmas: Tis better to give than to receive. My daughter was in the production years ago as a Crachitt character and of course my favorite scenes were the ones she was in. Being a part of the IRT family for a season was a blessing and one I will always treasure and thank God for! Best wishes IRT. We'll miss you Priscella and Chuck!
  • Irt's a Christmas carol
    I think my favorite part of IRT's a Christmas carol is the lack of props. It allows your imagination to work to it's full potential and allows you to create your own favorite parts of Christmas and incorporate them into the play!
  • A Christmas Carol is my FAVE!
    I love A Christmas Carol. Mickey Mouse, just to sweet, the version with George C. Scott, can't be beat! Patrick Stewart as Scrooge, exceptional! The 1938 version is also wonderful. My fave would be with George C. Scott, and I love when he goes in the Cratchet home. Its just the meaning of Christmas, the kindness, the love. I have been wanting to see it live for as long as I can remember.
  • Favorit Christmas Carol Moment
    My favorite christmas carol moment was when I was a liitle boy (A long long time ago) and there used to be acotrs who went to different IPS Schools to put on shows. The live perfomers performed the christmas carol for us. The school is no longer a school, but I remember that was the first time I had ever seen a play before.The richness of the customs and the way that actors brought the whole school into the story was amazing to see. Unfortunately with budge cuts my kids do not get that oppotunity anymore. I wish IPS still invested in the arts.
  • my first time seeing A Christmas Carol
    I remember going and sitting down, and feeling like no matter where I sat I would have a great seat. However when the show started every moment was captivating. I felt like a little girl. And I can't wait till I go back to the IRT to see A Christmas Carol!

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