Ticket giveaway: "Girls Night Out"

January 5, 2011
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The ticket giveaway returns this week—and it’s doubled.

I’ve got two four-packs of tickets to see “Girls Night: The Musical” Feb. 5 at the Murat Egyptian Room at Old National Centre. For more information on the show, click here.

For a chance to win, just scroll down and share the publishable parts of your favorite girls’ (or boys’) night out.

I’ll pick two winners at random, one for the matinee and one for the evening show.

With that, you and three friends can make more memories.

  • Girls Night Out - What Fun!
    Love our annual girls night out - we have been doing this since we worked together in the early 80's. It would be special to attend the Girls Night Out Musical.
  • GNO
    The best thing about girls' night out is a little wine and a boatload of emphatic mutual agreement.
  • Girls Night Out
    Since we have young children at home - our girls nights out have become girls matinees out. It is just a great chance to catch up on our lives without the husband and kid around
  • Best about GNO
    The best is just spending time and catching up on what's going on with everyone. A little wine is never amiss.
  • librarians?
    The last girls' night out surprised all three of us women in the front row of a comedy show when we were compared to librarians...but, then, the comedian said he's known some wild librarians...what the hell...
  • Sushi
    I love grabbing sushi and a movie with my favorite ladies!
  • Much Needed!
    A night out with friends if always needed, always fun and hopefully appreciated. Best time I ever had with a Girls Night Out was seeing The Vagina Monologues with friends. This sounds like there would be similarities.
  • GNI
    We have Girls Night In about once month with lots of good food, good wine and good friends.
  • tickets
    ....it's fun, of course.
  • Girls Night Out?
    The best part of a Girls Night Out is being able to have one!! Life gets so busy sometimes, you forget to get with your gal pals (who know you the best and still love you) and laugh it up!
  • Girls Night Out...or In
    When my friends and I get together, it doesn't matter if we go out and hit the town or all meet up at someone's house. The love and laughter that spill out from our gatherings is something that I always cherish...having a girls night out (or in) makes the ho-hum of everyday life much more bearable!
  • GNO
    Always something to look forward to. Wine, dinner, and lots of chatter...enjoy my girls and what fun it would be to throw in a musical to top it off!
  • GNO
    I look forward to monthly dinners and conversation with two groups: one a work group who has kept in touch for 20 years and the other a high school football moms club for over 10 years. What great friends!
  • Girl's Night Out!
    Best girl's night out was when we went out to just to have fun, not to find a guy!
  • Girls Only!
    This would be so much fun to take my dauther-in-laws to!!!!!!!!
  • To My Girlfriends!!!
    The best thing about girls night out is that it's a constant in life that is ever and never changing. Your kids grow up. Your jobs change and sometimes your husbands do too, but girlfriends rock on!
  • 3 Generations
    3 Generations once a year for a weekend of shopping, eating, drinking, laughing and just plain good QT and all I can say is one of us just got her "Big Girl Panties"
  • For Sure
    Sounds like a estrogen pity party
  • Girls night out
    Sushi & wine!
    My best friends from High School are scattered around the country and we ususally meet somewhere in the middle for a girls weekend! Its my favorite time because we can catch up, laugh, cry, and stay connected over the years!
  • Deserve GNO
    I plan a girls' night out about every six weeks for both the ladies still working and our retirees. I've done this for the last 18 years. Those of us still working can't wait till we retire - they all look fantastic!!
  • Testimony
    Participating in the Indiaba Utility Regulatory Field Hearing on the transfer of water and sewage operations to Citizens Gas.
  • Girls Night Out
    Hard to pick my favorite from the wild girls nights out when I was single, the relaxing girls nights I have now with my friends and a bottle of wine, or the awesome girls nights with my 3-yr old daughter.
  • Girls Night Out
    Best girl's night out is with my granddaughters. Dinner at their choice and a movie - then a sleepover
  • Girls Night Out
    As a full time working wife and mother, I look forward to Girls Night Out. Doesn't matter what we do or where we go as long as we get out of the same old routine!
  • Floozies
    We call ourselves "The Floozies". Our last night out involved lots of wine, a fire, laughing and cigars.
    Some didn't feel so good the next day!
  • GNO
    Also includes chocolate, of course.
  • time to celebrate
    I would love to treat a few of my friends to a girls night out!! One friend just found out she was pregnant, one got a promotion and another just got engaged! It would be the perfect time to celebrate with my girls!
  • Tickets to Girls Night the musical!
    I do not know if you would necessarily call it Girls night out but my mother used to take my sister and I every year to the "Nutcracker" we would all get dressed up and had a great night had a real tradition!
  • Girls Night
    I have some friends that we used to do a regular girls night out and we've sort of dropped it. It would be nice to win and all of us get together again.
  • Making History
    "Well-behaved women rarely make history." - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. My favorite GNO gatherings are the ones where lots of history is made!
  • Gurlz...
    A little wine, maybe some cards, a LOT of LAUGHS! Love my gurlz!
  • Getting out with the girls
    A little Bailey's, poker and a little food and chocolate seems to set the pace for a great night with friends, or just a great meal in a quiet neighborhood restaurant.
    We need a night at the theater.
  • Humm-dingers
    When we get together on girls night and break out the games. Partini & Cranium have hum-dingers where you hum and others guess the song. They always have us laughing so hard we're crying! That's the best part.
  • Favorite Memory
    One great memory is when the 20 something's at the other table were overheard saying "Awww, that's what we're going to look like someday!" We took it as a compliment!
  • Yummy Food & Music
    Best GNO -- My husband treating my girlfriends & I to dinner at Sullivan's and listening to live music in the bar. Lots of Wine & Laughs! This was a big treat since we usually have to do "cheap" mexican food on GNO due to money. A night out to a musical would be really special!
  • girls night out
    Well for us it's girl's night in, but on Fridays it movies at my sister's house--a good laugh or a good cry, and a lot of who picked that one? And just like the movie's no smoking or cell phones and lots of snacks!
  • Girls Euchre
    One night that I always reserve is for the bi-monthly euchre night with the girls. We laugh and tell stories all night sometimes forgetting the cards in front of us.
  • Cousins
    I get together with 2 of my female cousins, sometimes 3 cousins, and we have a blast. We laugh, sometimes cry, empty our souls, and go home light hearted and happy. As cousins, we can share a lot of funny stories. Going out to see a show like "Girls' Night Out" would by a blast.
  • GIrls Night Out
    for my wife!
  • GNO
    Too important to miss. Make time for yourself.
  • Girls Weekend
    I have an annual Girls Weekend to Florida in March with 3 gals. We play tennis, drink wine and enjoy our time away from hubbies and kids!
  • College Student Mom's Night Out
    We are full time employed, full time nursing students with children. During a couple spring breaks ago, our husbands treated our study group to a much needed dinner at "Oceanaire" and tickets to a "Jeff Daniels" concert via limousine. We looked and felt as good as we could that night with only the responsibility of being safe and having a great time. We genuinely did have a wonderful time, thanks to our Loving Men!
  • Girls Night Out!
    The best thing about Girls Night, is overdoing it on booze, food, and Broadripple! And having no regrets the next day....
  • It is my night too
    I love girls night out because it means my wife is out with her friends, while I enjoy a quiet night with a martini and a book.
  • GNO
    Lot's of laughs!!!
  • Girls Night Out
    The best thing about a "Girl's Night Out" is just that...a girl's night out. We leave all our problems (and family) at home and enjoy an evening of good food and good fellowship. Always depart with a warm feeling of friendship.
  • GNO
    Our monthly GNO is at a local mexican restaurant. They put us in our own little room so we don't bother anyone. We drink margaritas, eat dinner and gab. It's great!
  • Girls Night Out
    Girls night out is a time to reflect on what is important in our lives..to share ideas with one another and to just stay connected. It is a very important part of our relationship with each other..bonds our the friendship even more.
  • LNO
    We call ours Ladies Night Out and it happens once a month, regularly. We've been doing it since graduation from BSU in 1979 -- started out with a group of 8 girls that has now dwindled to 3 due to people moving away. We've gone through spells, furniture buying trips to Berne, jewelry making, crocheting, rating the best burgers, eldercare issues as our parents have aged. But the best really are what has evolved into a long weekend a year that we spend in Michigan, calming nerves, relaxing, shopping, speed walking along the beach. The best thing is that the 3 remaining all look forward to it every month.
  • GNO
    Any night out with the girls is a welcome break in our schedule because we need and deserve a break from the homefront.
  • What Happens on Girls Night Out Stays with the Girls
    The "girls" are always looking for something to experience and enjoy as a group. We have an unending amount of memories and one of the best is the bachlorette party at Talbot Street. We are getting close to 60 and have been hanging together for 30-40 years
  • The Sisters
    It's actually 3 nights out with my 4 sisters...we spend a weekend together every year, just the girls. It's simply delicious!
  • GNO
    Our girls night out started as a monthly euchre game and is now a monthly dinner gathering - we have been meeting for almost 20 years!
  • "Chicks" In the Chick Mobile
    A favorite girls' night out included renting the chicken mobile from Love's on East Washinton Street. My best guy friend offered to be the designated driver so that a bunch of hens could safely cluck around town. We roosted until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, we did not get up at the crack of dawn the next day but we still talk about how much fun we had ruffling our feathers in style.
  • GNO
    Once a week we have GNO - during Colts season we go out to watch the games, eat and plenty to drink - PATRON :)
    Go Colts
  • GNO
    Back in the day a GNO meant dancing on some kind of raised surface at the Vogue or Rock Lobster. These days, a card game and a bottle of wine is just as fun!
  • Girl's night
    Good wine and gab!
  • Boys Night Out
    The Best Part of Boys Night Out was sitting around the fire pit at La Jolla....talking.
  • Girl's Night
    DMB followed by Steak 'n Shake
  • GNO
    I have been best friends with the same girls since we were in 5th grade. We just celebrated our 30th Anniversary. There is NEVER a night out that isn't fun, even when we just rent movies and have a few cocktails. These friends are the best of the best. I would love to give them the gift of celebrating our life long friendship by going to this wonderful event.
  • GNO
    Christmas Card Review party is one I look forward to.
  • weekend
    6 girlfriends from high school always get together once a year for a weekend getaway. We go someplace pretty close every year. Still fun after 15 years!
  • GNO
    Being able to "come as you are" for GNO is one of the best things about it. We end up talking honestly with one another and taking home with us the knowledge that our gal pals really listen to us! : )
  • Girls Night Out
    The timing couldn't be better for our quarterly girls night out coming up. Sounds like fun!
  • Girls Night Out
    Every other month, my best friend and I unwind with cocktails and appetizers at a local restaurant...then off to do some "tipsy" shopping!
  • Girls Night Out
    Me and my 3 girlfrieds, have girls nights out every other month!!!! We always do something different, but we always end up doing karaokee??? This would be great to go to!!!
  • GNO
  • Football for women
    A favorite girls' night out was attending the Colts' evening class for women to learn more about the game of football.
  • Laughter
    Girls Night Out is being together, being ourselves and is filled with laughter to the point of tears and incoherency, sharing and silliness!
  • GNO
    Our version of a Girls Night out is something that I started organizing last year... We call it "Mom's Night out". I invited my kids' friends moms out for a night of Mexican Food and Margaritas. 2 rules: no kids, no husbands! We've been doing it every night for about a year now, and about 10 of us show up each time - it's awesome! We all get time to gab and chat and have all become a great groups of friends who are all there for each other, which is great since a majority of us don't have other family in town.
  • Game Night
    Some of the best girls night have been staying at home with snacks, good wine and playing board games. Always makes for great fun, alot alot of laughter and good memories.
  • Family
    My favorite publishable "Girls Weekend" was with my mom & sister in Chicago. No kids, no husbands, no boyfriends, and no work . . . just the three of us! Add in a "Wicked," great shopping, and too much food & drink - a fabulous time together!
  • Girls Night!!
    Nine of us have been friends since our kids were in a neighborhood playgroup - about 16 years. We've been having an annual Girls Weekend in Nashville, IN. We rent a cabin to escape and let loose for a couple days.
  • "Whine" nites w/the girls!
    Every Tues, 1/2 price wine, venting, and fun w/my girls - we like to mix it up with trips to Chicago for dinner and show,concerts at Chateau Thomas or Easley Wineries... The musical sounds like a good time for all!!
  • Girls Night
    Wine, good food, and laughs!
  • Boys night out
    When my wife went with us to a dancing establishment and was throwing out the dollar bills....think she would like a night w/ just her "girls"
  • Girls Out..Yay
    Girls out!!Wine..Musical..what can be better
  • Girls' Night Out
    Favorite girls night out components can include games, making or viewing art, performing arts. Must always include good wine, good friends and lots of laughs!
  • Girl Friends Night
    Who wouldn't love to make a few of your friends feel extra special if able to win these tickets for them. I need to start a night out program since it rarely happens for me.

    Thank you.
  • GNO
    The four of us get together once a month faithfully. This is the right amount of tickets for the group. Would like to build another special memory with them.
  • Ladies Night!
    My fav part about girl's night out is laughter, wine, and dancing!
  • Oh Boy! Boys Night Out!
    The best part of Boys Night Out is only having to pay for MY drinks/dinner/entertainment.
  • Growing Up
    With all of us growing up, getting married, starting families, or taking care of loved ones, the best girls night out is when we are all together-one central location to catch up face to face rather than on the phone. That is exactly what we did one weekend in June, and celebrated a wedding....it was perfect to know we all stay true to who we are, and don't change.
  • Girls Night Out!
    I love to go out with my best friends and catch up! We are all married with children and it is so fun to meet for dinner and go see a chick flick and talk, talk, talk! Tickets to this show would be so awesome and it would be such a great time out with my besties!
  • Moms Gone Wild
    Twice a year my girlfriends and I get together for a Moms Night Out (overnighter). In the summer we call it Moms Night Out HOT edition and in the winter it's Moms Night Out FRIGID edition. One of my favorite nights out involved a policeman, a strip club, a man with a mullet and crime scene tape. Now, don't make that dirty...it was just a scavenger hunt...but, oh my gosh, was it FUN!! The martinis, pool and conversation afterward? Even more so!
  • GNO
    The best part of GNO are the pictures that follow the day after! So many fun times!
  • Night out with mom
    I love girl's night out with my mom and sister! Gives us a chance to catch up and let go of the daily ho-hum. And a night of laughter, drinks and throw in some sushi..rock on!! lol
  • Girls Night Out
    Gotta have these regularly with my favorite ladies. :) Usually includes cocktails, girl talk, and dancing.
  • Guys' Night Out
    The guys and I like to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, get a pitcher and a couple dozen wings and watch Angela Buchman's weather forecast.
  • Girls Nite Out
    would love to make the "favorite" memory of a girl's night out this musical!

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  1. How much you wanna bet, that 70% of the jobs created there (after construction) are minimum wage? And Harvey is correct, the vast majority of residents in this project will drive to their jobs, and to think otherwise, is like Harvey says, a pipe dream. Someone working at a restaurant or retail store will not be able to afford living there. What ever happened to people who wanted to build buildings, paying for it themselves? Not a fan of these tax deals.

  2. Uh, no GeorgeP. The project is supposed to bring on 1,000 jobs and those people along with the people that will be living in the new residential will be driving to their jobs. The walkable stuff is a pipe dream. Besides, walkable is defined as having all daily necessities within 1/2 mile. That's not the case here. Never will be.

  3. Brad is on to something there. The merger of the Formula E and IndyCar Series would give IndyCar access to International markets and Formula E access the Indianapolis 500, not to mention some other events in the USA. Maybe after 2016 but before the new Dallara is rolled out for 2018. This give IndyCar two more seasons to run the DW12 and Formula E to get charged up, pun intended. Then shock the racing world, pun intended, but making the 101st Indianapolis 500 a stellar, groundbreaking event: The first all-electric Indy 500, and use that platform to promote the future of the sport.

  4. No, HarveyF, the exact opposite. Greater density and closeness to retail and everyday necessities reduces traffic. When one has to drive miles for necessities, all those cars are on the roads for many miles. When reasonable density is built, low rise in this case, in the middle of a thriving retail area, one has to drive far less, actually reducing the number of cars on the road.

  5. The Indy Star announced today the appointment of a new Beverage Reporter! So instead of insightful reports on Indy pro sports and Indiana college teams, you now get to read stories about the 432nd new brewery open or some obscure Hoosier winery winning a county fair blue ribbon. Yep, that's the coverage we Star readers crave. Not.