IBJ Night at the Movies: "Red Riding Hood"

March 4, 2011
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The story was always pretty creepy. Girl goes into the woods alone. Grandmom gets devoured by wolf. Wolf tries to lure girl to be his next victim.

But the about-to-be-released "Red Riding Hood" takes things a few steps further...at least into PG-13 land. More info here.

Want to see the film, which stars Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried, before it officially opens? I'll be hosting a screening on Tuesday, March 8 at the Regal Galaxy Theatre.

For a shot at scoring a pair of passes, just enter below, telling us something that scared you as a child.

I'll pick and notify winners on Monday.

Just promise you won't bring your young kids.

Good luck. 

  • Pretty much everything
    2 ridiculous things:
    1) My older sister had very rude friends and one of them told me that a monster lived in the pond behind our house. His name was Cloghopper and he snatched little girls and would bring them to the bottom of the pond to live in his cave. That's why I never had my bed next to the window and made sure it was locked every night until I was 12.
    2)Deer, yep cute little furry bambies, I saw a few movies where people hit deer in the movies and heard stories about them being very unstable animals. As a kid I was afraid to get up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen for a glass of water because our kitchen had a ton of windows with no curtains. I always thought some rabid deer with blood shot eyes foaming at the mouth was going to break through the glass and gore me to death with his antlers. And I'm still afraid of deer to this day...
  • Fright Delayed
    When we were kids, my younger brother and I shared a bedroom. Our Dad sometimes stayed in our bedroom in the dark after he'd supposedly said goodnight and left, closing the door behind him. He'd wait a bit then drone things at us in his deep bass voice. We'd scream with fright then giggle because we knew we were safe, it was just our Dad.
  • storms
    When I was younger during a bad thunderstorm our house got hit by lightening. Remember nails coming out of the ceiling and the smell of smoke from the burning wires. We all ran out of the house in case of a fire. Luckily all that burned was the wires. Took my dad days to fix and my mom had to get rid of that smell. To this day I still am afraid of storms and think I always will.
  • Red Riding Hood Passes
    When I was young very young I had two wall hangings of rabbits. One night in my childhood terror or half awake whichever, I truly believed these rabbits were allive and moving!!!
  • Monsters On The Door
    I always remember looking at the door when the lights were out and I would wake up to what appeared to be large monster in the door way all shapes and sizes I would cover my head then I would hear different sounds and when I uncovered my head the monster would seem to be coming closer and closer even today I sleep with a light of somr sort on.
  • Night Night
    Being alone in the dark. Thank God for clown night lights.
  • Camping out
    We would camp out in the summers and my Dad would tell us ghost stories at night before bedtime. He liked to pull pranks. As my brother and I slept he made a bunch of noises outside our tent scaring so badly. We started screaming until my Dad fessed up to scaring us. After that I never camped again.
  • YIKES!!!
    Dinosaurs. Then we get the fun from Jurassic Park. Thanks. Just what I didn't need.
  • Brothers are scarier than vampires
    During a fever, my older brother who also shared the bedroom with me, woke me to tell me that vampires had been trying to get in our window. He said he thought he'd gotten rid of them. He then shut off the light. From the darkened corner of our room, he said, "Ouch. I think one of them bit me. Sleep well." I'm not sure I fell asleep after that.
  • Red Riding Hood
    Michael Jackson's Thriller video
  • Red Riding Hood
    The children of the corn was the scariest movie I had seen as a kid. It is even scarier when your home is surrounded by cornfields.
  • Sammy Terry
    Whenever I saw Sammy Terry on TV it would freak me out.
  • My sister and Dracula
    When I was younger, my older sister would babysit my younger brother and I when mom was at work. When it was time for bed and we were acting up, my sister would not threaten to call Santa Claus and tell him we were being bad. She would threaten to call Dracula and claim that he would come to bite our necks in the middle of the night if we were not good boys. Needless to say, every night I would go to sleep with turtlenecks on and the covers tightly wrapped around my neck to keep Dracula's fangs from penetrating. To this day I still have the tendency to wrap the covers around my neck from childhood fears. I am a 36 year old man and this is my nightly routine. I love you sis.
  • Ew
    "Daddy long-legs" - those creepy spiders.
  • Scared
    Children of the Corn movie - then we moved to a house surrounded by corn - Horrible!
  • Scooby Doo
    When I was little, I was terrified to watch Scooby Doo. Absolutely and completely terrified. Yes, I realize that this possibly makes me the biggest scaredy cat who ever existed. However, for some unknown reason, I brought this up in my first conversation with my now-husband, who says it was memorable enough to make him want to talk to me again.
  • Scary
    The basement where we had a coal fired gravity furnace. It made noise and I never wanted to go down there - it looked like a monster.
  • Red Riding Hood movie comment
    The thing that scared me the most was when I would go trick-or-treating with friends as a kid and walking through an old graveyard to get home! The graves were over 100 years old and it was pretty dark in there! It sure made my imagination run wild!
  • Red Riding Hood movie comment
    My brother and I had just seen the movie "Orca" before we went to visit my other brother in California. We went swimming in the ocean and my brother thought it would be really funny to shout "ORCA!" when we were out over our head. I literally walked on water to get back to shore!
  • dogs
  • Scary!
    The Nightmare on Elm St. movies I watched with my older siblings. One night I feel asleep on the couch and awoke in terror to find, in my half-sleep state, a silhouette of Freddy staring at me from across the room. I soon realized it was just the vacuum cleaner!
  • Closed Shower Curtain
    I went through a phase when I scared to slide open the shower curtain because I thought there could be someone in there waiting to kill me. I used to wake my little brother up in the morning and make him open it for me. How pathetic was that? :)
  • Scary
    When I was a little kid, my biggest fear was the Big Bad Wolf!
  • Church Lady
    There was a sweet lady in my church that used to love to pinch my cheek whenever she saw me. Man! Did that lady have a death grip! It hurt like a &^%$@! My little heart would pound in fear whenever she came towards me with her bony fingers.
  • Scary
    When I was very little my family owned station wagon that had racing stripes. My older brother would spit on the side of the car and told me that when the spit dripped down to the racing stipe the world would explode. I didn't care until it started creeping closer and then I would scream and cry and tell him to wipe it off. Because obviously i did not want to touch his spit.
  • Wolfman
    As a child I spent a lot of time alone and until I saw the Wolfman, Lon Cheney, I wasnot afraid. After seeing it during full moons I worroied about what was around. This lasted about a year.
  • under the bed
    I remember jumping onto my bed at night from as far out as possible, just in case something was waiting.
    When I was 4 we had neighbors who had chickens. I was walking home from my friends house, with my etch a sketch in tow...and the chicken started running after me and pecked me on my behind. I've still don't like chickens.
  • Scared
    When I was a kid I was scared whenever there was a tornado and one came close to terrying the house up.
  • Headstands
    My Dad told me when I was little that if I did headstands my head would go flat on top like Herman Munster. I believed him for years and warned many of my friends of their impending flatheadedness. I only hope that one day, when I lie to my child about some arbitrary fact, it will afford him/her an opportunity to enter a contest such as this.
  • Under the Porch
    When I was little my cousin told me that when they bought the house they lived in that they had found the bones of the previous owners kids buried under their porch. This totally freaked me out and every time I had to go into their basement I would run from patch of light to patch of light, fearing that the ghosts of the children would get me. I must admit that to this day, any time I go in their basement, my heartbeat races!
  • Clowns!
    Clowns! Poltergeist ruined them for me.
  • Cornfileds
    I never watched scary movies as a child but my cousin did and he would always tell me all about them! Children of the Corn really scared me. To this day I get a little scared passing a cornfield.
  • dogs
    Thanks to my older sister, who I still tease about this, I was afraid of dogs. She would tease me and say "sick her boy" to my grandma's dogs. Then Stray would come running over, barking at me. I ran away screaming, scared to death. I am still a little nervous to this day of dogs I don't know.
  • What scared me
    Sammy Terry scared me to death as a child!
  • Scary!!!!
    I was scared of Jason from the Halloween movies!
  • The Crypt Keeper
    If I turned on HBO at the wrong time, I was absolutely scared to death of seeing the Crypt Keeper.
  • Scared little girl
    o.k, the aliens from gumby scared me..silly right? What take the cake though is that 3 of my older brothers used to scare me by telling me there were "demons" in our basement, so they colored my baby doll head all black with a permanant marker,took off the head put it in the dryer so it would melt, my mother told me to get clothes out the dryer(like always)and when i opened the dryer there was my half-melted baby dolls head, i cryed, they laughed. oh man the things my brothers did to torture me. I was their ready made scaredy cat....now we can all laugh about it... BUT STILL THAT WAS MEAN! lol

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