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  1. I don't care what they have to do to get nbc back! It's only a five dollar increase on your bill!!! So get over it and come to an agreement already!! Why should I pay all this money for Sunday ticket if I can't even watch my own home town Colts games, not to mention nbc is the most watched station in our house!! It's ridiculous and unnecessary! If its not fixed by the start of football season this long term customer is going elsewhere!

  2. I took a good look at all the pictures that are on the WRTV website of this shrine to excess and pomposity. It floors me that Mel Simon could have been at once both instinctive commercially, charitable, and then be completely indifferent to practicality and good taste, all in one body, one mind. Blowing money needlessly on such over-the-top opulence he must have, as the real estate man he was been aware, that not one person that will ever walk the earth again would have the desire to ever own this behemoth of a residence, nor would the money once spent be able to ever do any useful work for mankind again. (To turn a screw on his legacy, now that we have glimpse inside, Mel was found to have the worst taste in foolish opulent design since David Saperstein.) He might have lived just as lushly on an estate one 20th this size, played his golf at a private club with other commoner millionaires, and still have had an indoor pool (I can see the need) without the 150 foot dining room table. With all the money he could have saved, so many other uses might have been found: saving eyesight, child education in impoverished neighborhoods, health care for the indigent, seed money for any number of budding entrepreneurs; thus a greater legacy left than this monstrosity. The house and grounds will sell for much less to housing developers, and all his buildings will likely be demolished. Short sightedness to marketability is not greed redux but a certain grandiose ineptitude.

  3. And...they (St. V's) laid of hundreds, bailed on an agreement for a YMCA in Pike...Now they go and do this...Disrespectful for the groups all involved.

  4. You can get a HD antenna pretty much anywhere for about $20. It is a great investment as you can also pick up channels not on cable such as MeTV, AntennaTV, CoziTV, ThisTV, etc. Easy to tune in and you won't have to give up your local channels also.

  5. The neighborhood and mass ave merchants assn, and Riley area assn all strongly support this project. There is not one perfect, unanimously supported development in the city and there never will be. But the firefighters have bent over backwards to make everyone other than a few in the distinct minority happy.