A&E ticket giveaway: Lady Antebellum and Sugarland

July 12, 2011
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The Indiana State Fair is coming soon and the concert lineup includes Sugarland on Aug. 13 and Lady Antebellum on Aug. 19. See the whole grandstand schedule here.

I’ve got a pair of tickets for each to give away. Just enter here with your favorite sugary thing or your favorite Lady. Or both.

I’ll pick two winners at random.

  • Lady Antebellum!
    My favorite Lady is my sister! :)
  • How do we win?
    Love to take my grandma! How do we enter to win? I need send a picture of her in her pink cow girl hat!
  • Favorite Sugary Item
    More when I was a kid, but it would have to be Pixy Stix... aren't they just pure sugar with some food coloring anyway? And do they even make them anymore?
  • Favorite sugary thing
    My favorite sugary thing this time of year is homemade butter pecan ice cream. You just can't beat it!
  • Favorite Sugary Lady
    My favorite sugary lady is my wife!
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    Of course my favorite sugary thing would have to be Sugarland, but other than that it would chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • Sugar Momma!
    My favorite lady is my mother. While she has battled her own demons, she has still always been my number one fan and never missed a single track meet or dance performance when I was a kid(even though I was terrible at both). She was alway there to let me snot up her shoulder after a boy broke my heart. She's always been my best friend.
    My favorite sugary thing to eat with my favorite lady, my mom, is diary queen ice cream. We used to go for a treat after hiking when I was in college and home for the summer. Kind of defeated the purpose of hiking, but it was still a lot of fun.
  • Sugary
    equal Italian Cream Cake!
  • Favorite sugary thing
    There are too many to choose. How can anything with sugar not be a favorite? If I had to choose, I'd have to say dark chocolate.
  • Sugary Treat
    With the state fair coming it would have to be Elephant Ears.
  • These are a few of my favorite things
    My favorite sugary thing is ice cream and I love eating it with my favorite lady my Mom!
  • Lady
    This lady has style, this lady has class, this lady wants to see the Lady!
  • Lady
    My favorite lady is my bride of many, many years !!
  • Contest Winner!
    My favorite sugary thing is a Costco $14.99 sheet cake. Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream icing and chocolate mouse filling. Don't eat it all at once!
  • Tickets
    Home-made Ice cream and the cutest lady I know, my daughter!
  • Sugary
    Jelly Bellies
  • Favorite Lady & Sugaring Thing
    My mom, of course. And the sweetest thing(not EXACTLY sugary) I know of is my grandson!!
  • sugary thing
    Cold Stone Creamery Founder's Favorite
  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade! Great tune.
  • Favority Sugary + Lady
    Favorite Lady(s) - My Wife & Daughter (oops, thats two)
    Favorite Sugary Thing: Snickers
  • ticket giveaway
    Favorite sweet person is my daughter who would love to got to concerts with me. I also enjoy cupcakes at Gigi's, peanut butter & chocolate ice cream at Baskin Robbins and carmel frappacino's at Starbucks!
  • Sweetness!
    My favorite sugary thing at the moment is my husband's homemade strawberry pie---yum!
  • Sweet Thang
    Blackberry pie with Breyer's Natural Vanilla and Organic Chocolate Sauce.
  • Favorite
    My favorite sugary thing is Sugar Cream Pie :)
    I would RUN TO YOU if you had good ol' AMERICAN HONEY! But All I REALLY WANT TO DO is to be STUCK LIKE GLUE watching these concerts with my niece!
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    Uhm, sugar?
  • Favorite lady
    My favorite lady is by far my 81 year old mother. She is my inspiration in everything I do.
  • Sugarbellum
    My favorite sugary recipe:
    2 parts piano
    3 parts perfect harmony
    1 dash sassiness
    Mix together for the perfect tunes!
  • Lady
    I'll go with former First Lady Betty Ford, a true Lady in every sense of the word.
  • My favorite lady..
    ..is my wife. I don't like country music, but I'll suck it up and go if it will make her day!
  • Help a big fan with little money
    My sister-in-law (not me) is a big fan of Lady Antebellum but probably won't buy tickets because of financial issues. Let's make her day. Please!
  • Sugarland / Lady Antebellum
    favorite sugary thing: the Honey from the Fishers Farmers Market.
  • Favorite Sugary or Lady
    My favorite Lady(ies) would be my Momma and my daughter....and my favorite Sugar is anything Sugar! =) My Daughters favorite Sugar is in fact SugarLand! This would be an awesome Mother/Daughter night out for she and I.
  • Sugar
    Rainbow sherbet! Sure it's not very fancy but its so refreshing and i think reminds me of eating it as a kid on hot summer days.
  • Sugary
    My favorite sugary treat is doughnuts!
  • sugar
    ice cold root beer
  • My lady is sugar!
    "Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling!" Favorite lady would be my wife!!!!!
  • I love Sugar
    My favorite sugary thing would be ANYTHING chocolate!!
  • Sugary!
    My favorite sugary thing is ice cream!
  • Lady Fingers
    Meets both options - Lady & Sugary.
  • Sugary
    M&M's...my love for M&Ms is entering it's second quarter-century.
  • Suga Suga Suga
    My favorite sugary item is homemade pecan pie made by my momma!!
  • My Favorite Sweet & Lady
    My favorite sugary thing is a Hillagoss Bakery (Brownsburg) bavarian filled donut and my favorite lady is the Statue of Liberty!
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    Cotton Candy is my all-time favorite. The smell reminds me of my childhood. I even had a cotton candy machine when I was small.
  • Sugarland!!
    My favorite sugary thing is Elephant Ears.
  • Daughter's 16th
    I will be able to take my daughter to her FIRST concert. Father daughter Date!
  • sugar
    Banana taffy from the fair
  • Fav "Lady"
    the one by Kenny Rogers
  • Favorite sugary thing
    I think my favorite sugary thing is pretzel M&M's!
  • Sugarland & Lady A
    My husband of 32 years makes the best homemade ice cream and he is pretty sweet himself.
  • Sugary Lady
    Can't pass up something sweet with my lovely sister.
  • Sugary wonder
    My favorite sugary wonder is Graeter's Ice Cream
    Tootsie Rolls!!!
  • A sure sugary thing
    A frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop tart every morning!!
  • Sugary Goodness
    Sugar Cookies are simple but delicious especially when shared with my favorite little lady, my daughter!
  • Favorite Sugar thing is...
    It has to be good 'ole fashion Indiana Sugar Cream Pie. Pure sugar in sugary crust, with sugary butter mixed in. If it only had sugary bacon....
  • Favorite Lady
    My favorite Lady was my mother!
  • Sugar!
    Dove Chocolates are the best! Love the little inspirational sayings on the wrapper also.
  • Favorite Lady
    Why, Lady Luck, of course.
  • Lady
    My lady golf clubs
  • Favorite lady
    My favorite lady is "Lady Antebellum"...of course, my other favorite ladies are my 15 year old daughter and my mom.
  • Lady A tix!
    My favorite Lady is my Great Grandmother...that, and Lady A of course! And my favorite sugary thing...cake, cupcakes, mini cupcakes etc :)
  • Favorite Lady
    Lady Macbeth
  • Sugar Lady
    Skittles and of course Lady MacBeth
  • Sugar is sweet...
    Jennifer Nettles!
  • Favorites
    My favorite lady is my best friend, Emily.
    My favorite sugary thing is moose tracks ice cream.
  • i'm in!
    Apple Pie
  • Good Fortune
    I would say you would need Lady Luck to win the tickets with this many responses...so 'luck be a lady tonight" is a theater reference for Lou, and my favorite Sugary thing is Chocolate cake with Caramel icing...the icing has both Brown and confectioner's sugar, plus butter, vanilla, and cream...how can you go wrong with that?
  • Who's that lady
    I have a tie for favorite lady between my wife and daughter. My favorite sugary thing changes frequently but currently it's krackel bars.
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    CHEESECAKE!!! Yum :)
  • My lady
    My favorite lady is my wife of 6 years! She has given me two beautiful sons (ages 4 and 7 months) and I will forever be grateful for that. She LOVES Lady A and would just be so excited if I could somehow get her tickets to Lady Antebellum!
  • Fifty Nifty!
    My favorite lady is my mom...who happens to turn 50 years old in August and she has a granddaughter due on her birthday! We both share the same favorite sugary item...peanut butter & chocolate ice cream!
  • sugary
    Raspberry Cobbler!
  • My Favorite Sugary Thing!
    Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream! Yum.
  • Favorite Lady
    My Momma!
  • Favorites, so many favorites!
    My favorite Lady is my darling daughter and she just happens to be a huge Sugarland fan.
  • sugary thing
    At the fair? How about an elephant ear!
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    M&M's Peanut
  • Sugary thing
    Fine chocolates
  • Lady a
    Love love love them!! Would love a night out with my hubby!
  • Sugary
    Favorite sugary item at the state fair...elephant ears
  • Lovin Lady A
    My favorite sugary thing would have to my once a year elephant ear:) And my favorite lady is always my Mamaw!! Even though she is gone she is still my inspiration!! My husband and I have been through alot in the last year and Lady A music helps me through my days!!
  • Favorite Sugary Item / Favorite Lady
    My favorite sugary item would definitely have to be cold stone creamery cake batter ice cream! And like most other comments, my favorite lady would undoubtedly have to be my mom!
  • Sugary Sweet
    My favorite sugary thing is my three year old when he eats ice cream outside on the back porch and gets his face and hands all sticky, especially when he tries to give me a kiss after!
  • Lady by name only
    "Ladysmith Black Mambazo" is no lady BUT their music s sweet
  • lady
    "Lady" from Lady and the Tramp
  • Sugary treat
    Elephant ears! A State Fair staple!
  • So Sugary!!!
    My favorite Sugary item is a Big, Gooey, Cinnamon-sugar Elephant Ear shared with my 2 1/2 year old. Nothing is better than watching a child taste their first FAIR FOOD!
  • Lady Fingers
    I think that fits
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    Bananas Foster!
  • Favorite lady
    is my daughter I couldn't be prouder of her.
  • Sugar Lady
    I would love to take my sugar lady to this concert!
  • Tickets
    My Daughter and Long's Donuts
  • Sugar/Lady
    My favorite sugar is a root beer float. My idea of a true lady is Barbara Bush.
  • SUGAR!
    Elephant ears, funnel cakes, donuts, lemon shake-ups.. mmmm, can't wait for the fair!
  • My Mom
    My Mom
  • Fro Yo
    My favorite sugary thing is Huddles Frozen Yogurt with lots of toppings.
  • Sugar
    I would have to say anything chocolate but especially M&M's. My lady would be my niece Maddy, she's 4 going on 21.
  • sugary thing with a lady
    Favorite sugary thing is saturday afternoon ice cream with my daughter.
  • Fav Lady
    lady bug
  • MOM
    Best lady is my MOM!!!!
  • SUGAR!!!
    My favorite sugary item is cotton candy, angel floss, yum!!! I love it pure sugar!
  • Favorite Sugary thing
    Fountain coke!!!!
  • Lady Bird Johnson
    was a great lady, too!
  • Fav Lady
    Lady from Lady and the Tramp. How can you resist thos big brown eyes?
  • Sugary Thing
    A Long's Bakery yeast donut! Yum.
  • Sugary Thing and Lady
    Jolly Rancher suckers and favorite lady is my daughter!
  • Win free tickets!
    My favorite surgary thing this tiem of year is Elephants Ears, esp at the State Fair!
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    My favorite sugary thing is my 11 year old son - together, we love eating Skittles or orange slices, and occasionally a chocolate DQ dip cone. My sugary sweetie is very good at sharing with his Mom!
  • That's amore'
    Lady - from Lady and The Tramp

    Sugar - Snapadamias from Kilwins Chocolates in Siesta Key FL
  • Sugar/Lady
    Favorite sugary thing:Snickers... mmm...
    Favorite lady: Lady from Lady and the Tramp
  • Sugary Lady
    Besides my wonderful girlfriend - my favorite sugary lady would have to be a Baby Ruth.
  • Favorite Lady
    How about Lady Madonna by the Beatles?
  • A&E ticket giveaway
    elephant ears
  • sugar
    I love cake!
  • Fav Sugar Item
    My favorite sugary items are elephant ears!!!!!
  • Sugar
    My favorite sugary thing is Hot Tamales!
  • "surgar and spice and everything nice"
    My todler daughter..."surgar and spice and everything nice"....sometimes ;)
  • Sweetness!
    Indiana's own DeBrand Chocolates are to die for! Remember when we could buy them here in Indy? Oh, those were the days! Truffles, carmel pecan patties, hazelnut hearts, oh my!
  • Lady Di
    Lady Diana Spencer
  • Sugar Lady
    Sugar - coconut cupcakes from the Flying Cupcake

    Lady - my daughter who is my little sugar lady
  • Sugar
    Favorite sugary item is Airheads candy!
  • Favorites
    Ritter's on a hot day, with my favorite lady, of many years, my wife.
  • Sugar, sugar
    Gimme a good 'ole candy apple
  • One lady tops them all!
    Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, tops my list of favorite ladies. She was loved by her children, her country and the entire world!
  • State Fair Sugar
    My favorite has to be cotton candy.
  • "All We'd Ever Need!!!"
    "What I'd Give" to eat a Red Velvet Flying Cupcake with "Little Miss" Rachel (best friend) as we listen to the "Very Last Country Song!!!!!" We "Need You Now" tickets because we're just "Lookin For A Good Time!!!!!!!"
  • Favorite Sugary Thing
    Has to be dark chocolate raspberry truffles...melt in your mouth!
  • Favorites
    Favorite Lady? Lady Antebellum. Favorite ladies? My wife and mother.
  • Fair Fare
    Cotton candy!! Once a year. At the State Fair. Amen.
  • My favorite "sugary" thing
    is an old-fashioned chocolate malt.
  • Sugar
    Favorite sugary thing: YogguLatte
    Favorite lady: Lady Gaga
  • Sugary
    the Big Lolly lollipops from smarties - love!
  • Favorite sugary thing
    sugar cookies
  • sugar thing
    Got to be ice cream and chocolate
  • Sugary sweet
    Cuban Guava Pastries washed down with cafe con leche.

    If you've never had one, you *must*! You'll be set for the whole day -- no 5-hour energy drink needed!
  • Sugary Lady
    Lady Godiva!
  • Sugary
    My favorite sugary item would have to be "elephant ears". The more cinnamon sugar, the better !!
  • Sugar, Sugar!
    My favorite sugary thing(s) is the same answer as my favorite lady (ladies): my baby girls.
  • Sugar
    Cotton Candy - best Sugar & Lady Victory
  • favorite
    A fresh blackberry cobbler. Yum!
  • My favorite things
    My favorite lady is from Lady and the Tramp and my favorite sugary thing is funnel cakes or elephant ears with powdered sugar.
  • Surgary & Lady
    My favorite lady is my fiancee' Susan!!
    Sugar is Peanut Butter Cookies!!
  • Favorite Lady
    My two favorite "Lady" songs are by the Commodores and Kenny Rogers respectively. :)
  • lady & sugar
    lady bug
    chocolate chip cookies
  • Favorites
    My favorite sugary item is cheesecake!! My favorite lady is my mom!!!
  • Sweet treat
    A favorite treat, Hot Fudge Sunday.
    A favorite memory is going to the DQ and getting one with my favorite lady, (mom) on a hot summer day.
  • Sugary
    My favorite sugary thing is a warm chocolate chip cookie.
  • Favorite Lady
    My mom, of course. Thank you for giving me life! Favorite sugary thing, anything made with sugar, cookies, ice cream, brownies, cookies, ice cream, brownies, yum! yum!
  • Favorite Lady
    Angela Buchman
  • Favorites
    My favorite sugary thing would have to be Cherry Cheescake home-made by my aunt. My favorite lady would have to be my mother. Even though she has passed she was the woman in my life who was always good to me and my family.
  • Lady tickets
    Smarties and my Mom!
  • Sugarland
  • favorite
  • Favorite Sugary thing!!
    My wife is a die-hard Sugarland fan and it is our anniversary and it would be great to give her sugarland tickets to celebrate our sugary sweet love!!
  • Lady / Sugar
    I need you now my favorite sweet treat. A big sticky bag of fair carmel corn , shared with my honey! It gets us stuck like glue but what better way to spend the fair.
  • Lemonheads
    They bring back lots of memories from my childhood!
  • Sugary Comment
    The sweetest thing i know is my wife. She gave me CPR and a 2nd chance. As sweet as, Grandmas' sugar cream pie.

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