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  1. JR (and anyone else who is wondering), I did ask Doug Boles about lights at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He said there is no thought of installing lights at the IMS at this time. That proposition is simply too expensive without a guarantee of a return on that investment. The $100M is going to a number of other enhancements at the track, including ADA accessibility, upgrades to restrooms, concession stands, etc. Thanks for reading.

  2. Good article on a deserving subject.

  3. Born and raised in Indy, I have nothing but respect for IMS. I am a fan of many types of racing and had family that worked in Indycar in its hayday. Since the split, I have become a much bigger NASCAR fan. I have come to the conclusion that there's only one way to make Cup racing exciting in Indy. Move it to Raceway Park. The end.

  4. I've gotten very tired reading comments 'opposing government (e.g. taxpayer) subsidized healthcare insurance'. About 55% of Americans get their employer 'provided' healthcare insurance with a $240B annual taxpayer subsidy - the largest tax loophole in the country. Add in the VA, government employees, Medicare (half paid for by taxpayer subsidies) and Medicaid - all subsidized by taxpayers - and there are only about 15% of the population who have no insurance or pay the full cost themselves. If you want to complain about the outrageous cost of healthcare in the US (compared to everywhere else in the developed world) then I'm with you.

  5. Rick, you deal with gay marriage the same way you deal with eating meat on Friday's, working on the sabbath, divorce and all the other things that are against your interpretation of the bible. You explain to your kids that you choose to not do those even though others do. It's very easy and is something you no doubt already do. If this ban should be declared unconstitutional you can explain to your kids that the government discriminates less than it used to which is a good thing.