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  1. IDIOT!!!!!!

  2. get unions out of education and we can actually start to make progress improving the system. as long as unions are involved, our education system will decline. unions may be one of the most corrupt organizations in todays work environment. they were benficial to workers 20 years ago, they are now corrupt and hurt economic growth, kill job growth, and the last thing they have in mind is helping the worker or in the educational system the actual student. the greed from union bosses is destroying jobs while the biggest fraud is that of union workers actually believing unions work for them.

  3. Okay, then you pay for it, do not make people that will not or cannot use them pay for you! If you think it is so great pay for it.

  4. I am tried of paying for something I will never use. Can anyone tell me why I have to pay for someone else. With these cars my gas taxes will go up, because of less gas sold. It's not any cleaner, because of the batteries fumes and the more demand on electric power plants, (which the Feds, are making Indiana and other states closing some of them.) They use corn to fuel cars and my gas mileage goes down and my food prices go up. And now we are importing corn to the USA for the first time because we do not have enough corn. I tried of paying for other people.

  5. That wonderful Chicago place called Eataly, which is simply too cultured for a "redneck sportstown"? Yeah, we know it. Their owner has been trying to sue a tiny little food truck, Little Eataly, here in Indy for trademark infringement. It's a good thing for them that all we care about here in Indy is Fazoli's and Olive Garden.