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  1. I have obtained my 6 gallon badge for my donation of A Positive blood. I'm sorry to hear that my donation was nothing but a profit center for the Indiana Blood Center.

  2. Perhaps IBJ could find time to comment on the impact this may have on upcoming NFL games. You know, given that that the NFL is the undisputed king of entertainment and that NBC is the host of not only the first game of the season in 2 days but also the Colts v. Broncos (you know that team who employs the guy who build Lucas Oil Stadium)in less than a week. Might want to add a paragraph or lead that explains if the hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers with DirectTv will be able to see their Colts play without rushing out to boy a $40 antenna.

  3. Once again, Hoosier conservatism and shortsightedness shows up in many of these comments. Too many citizens want to do everything on the cheap and keep Indiana in the backwoods and rest stops in the corn fields. Welcome to Mississippi or is it Louisiana?

  4. Who really cares. Seems like WTHR only cares about is the Colts game, so why do they show other shows on the channel.

  5. I think it is awful that the customers have to pay the price for DirecTV doing this. The local channels are suppose to be free and it isn't fair that we should have to have an increase to accommodate DirecTV. I watch WTHR every day and it is very upsetting that I can not watch it. I have called and complained to DireTV and the person I talked to said she didn't know what I was talking about. I hope they get this resolved and we get WTHR back without raising our rates