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  1. I have watched racing in many forms in many venues for a long time. I can say with out question the 2 Brickyards I attended would rank last and next to last on my list of races I've watched.

  2. There is new construction on 146 & 37 next to Marsh and Godby Furniture. Any clue what is going in here? Looks like a Starbucks or maybe like Brandon mentioned, a Noodles & Co.

  3. Thank tax payers? Yes…because downtown Indy was such a hot bed of dining, entertained, urban living. Do you honestly think that without the mall changing the tide that downtown Indy would be where it is today? There would be no housing boom. No retail explosion. No Super Bowl. Visit cities who don’t invest in urban landscapes and see if they would support a JOINT VENTURE with a company (who by the way built and entire building to stay downtown). Spread sour grapes elsewhere.

  4. OK, so just a thought: if marriage has ALWAYS, since the beginning of time, been defined as between one man and one woman, could someone please explain the biblical situations where a man could have MANY wives, simultaneously? Or, how about something more current: Mormons and their polygamous marriages? It would seem to me that those certainly weren't one man / one woman...

  5. Because America has so many confusing laws, and also because cops sometimes make mistakes, it’s harder to assume that as long as you behave yourself,you have nothing to fear. Americans are increasingly distrusting of gov. Our police departments have been losing its citizens trust over the years. I support law and order, and a police force that keeps us safe from the bad guys. A police force, along with the 2nd Amendment, has kept this country safe for generations. However, today’s police are often equipped with military-grade weapons, given from the Pentagon as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan end. Government always grows, and government is force. Force is always dangerous. Cops can’t continue to take a warlike us-versus-them approach to policing the population. Government is reckless, whether it is intruding into our lives with dishonest regulations that destroy a fledgling business or with a flash-bang grenade like the one that critically wounded a child in a recent SWAT raid in Janesville, Georgia. Their tactics of “no-knock” home invasions to catch low-level offenders, or even innocent people who are killed by police when they attempt to defend their home, are reprehensible. Most SWAT raids are now done to arrest nonviolent drug offenders. You don’t need to shoot his dog and crash through his window. I’m not anti cop, but as PD’s lose the trust of its citizens, its only going to encourage increasing measures of beyond a doubt proof to convict. A police officers word in today’s power hungry gov unfortunately doesn’t carry as much weight as it used to, as it shouldn't.