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  1. In Indiana we can marry our 1st cousin as long as both adults are 65 and older. But Gays still can't get married. To put some perspective on this: when the law about cousins marrying came into play Viagra and other drugs like it were not around. So the thought of two 1st cousins having sex was not an issue. Fast forward to the 21st century (remind me we are in the 21st and not 18th correct); there are drugs like Viagra and others that make it not only possible for those 65 and older to have sex; but possibly reproduce. So with our law those 65 and older who are 1st cousins can not only marry but they can have sex and reproduce. But, this doesn't offend anybody. This is apparently normal in today's society. Oh wait. It isn't normal in today's society. Gay marriage is more normal in today's society than 1st cousins marrying. It will happen. People will continue to protest and vote for it to happen and be legal for them to marry those who they want in which state they want.

  2. Mass Ave Toys, Indy Reads Books, Silver in the City, Handspun Modern Handmade, Union 50, Ball & Biscuit, Black Market, R Bistro, etc..."but it's obvious that Mass Ave is sliding into mediocrity"...that comment made me LOL...Mass Ave is fantastic and getting even better, and I say that as a frequent traveler around the US and worldwide

  3. JK, Thanks for your comments. I suppose your question of whether or not a more expensive but potentially better MRI quality is worth it depends upon whom you ask. If a radiologist misses a significant problem because of imaging quality issues, then maybe the extra cost would have been worth it. That is something a patient has to decide for him/herself. That being said, I too want more fair and competitive pricing and transparency from hospitals!

  4. Liberals do not understand that marriage is not about a law or a right ... it is a rite of religous faith. Liberals want "legal" recognition of their homosexual relationship ... which is OK by me ... but it will never be classified as a marriage because marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. You can gain / obtain legal recognition / status ... but most people will not acknowledge that 2 people of the same sex are married. It's not really possible as long as marriage is defined as one man and one woman.

  5. That second phrase, "...nor make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunitites of citizens..." is the one. If you can't understand that you lack a fundamental understanding of the Constitution and I can't help you. You're blind with prejudice.