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  1. I would not blame TV as a reason people not believing police. Basically, police will lie and exaggerate the events. Sadly, the most important tool for police, their integrity, is wasted away. (and seat belt/drug "click-it or ticket" slogans don't show much respect for the citizens) In the past, juries frequently relied on officer testimony that a driver was weaving in and out of traffic, had slurred speech or other characteristics consistent with impairment. Today's juries, conditioned by the flood of unrealistic crime dramas, are more demanding, and experts say assuring a conviction is all about the numbers.

  2. Rick, you should consider what it will be like when people that have your view are the minority. How will you feel then if the majority always wins? Since there are so many religious movements and each has decided which historic document to believe in and what parts are literal and which parts aren't, your religious movement is most likely already in the minority. That's OK though, you have been granted the right to believe whatever religion you choose. But along with that right, you have not been given the right to force others to believe the religion that you choose. The decision on August 13 won't change these rights in any way. You will still be free to believe what you will about who should and shouldn't be married. Hopefully though the judges will decide it is unconstitutional to ban marriage to those who choose to marry someone of the same sex. This will eliminate one of the remaining discrimination policies of the state just like we did when we allowed women to vote.

  3. Why not inform the suspected drunk driver that they can do a breath test for free but if they want the blood test they will be billed for it? Why does the county have to foot the bill as it states in the article? Is it illegal to charge the driver for the blood test?

  4. Daniel, the US was formed in 1776 so to the country, the beginning of time doesn't play into it. The government has given rights to people that are married. I don't know when that happened, but I'm sure you can do the research to find that out. We don't want to disallow marriage and the governmental rights that go with it to a whole class of people so that is what is being decided on August 13: Do we continue to disallow these marriage rights to people that would like to marry a same sex person. If you feel you own the name marriage and would like to define it in a certain way and you want to make sure everyone defines it that way, talking to senators and representatives is a way to do it. The August 13 decision will happen either way.

  5. I have been to Michigan, Bristol, Darlington and Indy.......went to every one since 1994. The year they started throwing the yellow flag every 10 laps for competition and crappy tires.....never again. In addition, the cars are all identical. NASCAR is a big joke (and I am in a NASCAR Pool every week) We just don't follow it that much. All of the tracks are half empty. And the price is no longer reasonable. Price the tickets at 20 bucks each and I will take my family out to the track....but 80 bucks each to sit in turn 4....forget it.