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  2. And...they (St. V's) laid of hundreds, bailed on an agreement for a YMCA in Pike...Now they go and do this...Disrespectful for the groups all involved.

  3. You can get a HD antenna pretty much anywhere for about $20. It is a great investment as you can also pick up channels not on cable such as MeTV, AntennaTV, CoziTV, ThisTV, etc. Easy to tune in and you won't have to give up your local channels also.

  4. The neighborhood and mass ave merchants assn, and Riley area assn all strongly support this project. There is not one perfect, unanimously supported development in the city and there never will be. But the firefighters have bent over backwards to make everyone other than a few in the distinct minority happy.

  5. If they don't get this resolved, I don't care whose fault it is, we will be changing providers immediately. This is a violation of your contract with direct TV. We will NOT miss the season opener.