Milka Duno's driving causes uproar

May 26, 2009
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dunoThere seems to be an increasing uproar in the Indy Racing League paddock that driver Milka Duno is a 200-mile-an-hour hazard that league officials need to deal with. The crew on Wind Tunnel lambasted the Venezuelan driver after Sunday's Indianapolis 500, and one race commentator called her a moving chicane.

Driver Graham Rahal also had some stern words for Duno, after he was involved in an accident he claimed she caused.

“Milka got in front of me, and she was absolutely clueless,” Rahal said. “She would go low like she was going to let everybody by, but then she’d go fast enough where you can’t get by her. She would come out on track and run you real tight.”

Motorsports insiders said now that Duno is taking out potential stars like Rahal, the caution flag may soon be coming out for her.

Duno’s dust-up with Rahal wasn’t her only on-track incident, with a few other near misses getting less on-camera attention. “She needs to learn how to be a consistent car in traffic—even Marty Roth could handle that,” said Joe Berkemeier, of TrackSide Online.

Since IRL officials all but pulled the plug on Roth’s on-track efforts, some within open-wheel racing’s inner circles are wondering if the same fate awaits Duno. But Duno is still popular with fans and brings some solid corporate partners to the series, including Citgo.

Dennis Reinbold, owner of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing, is standing firm behind his driver. He emphasized that no one from the IRL has called to warn him or Duno about her driving.

“It looked like to me she did a text book pit entry,” Reinbold said of the incident between Duno and Rahal. “She did what she was supposed to do. Before Graham Rahal criticizes, he needs to look at the tape.”

Claims that Duno was a moving obstacle at Sunday’s Indianapolis 500 are nonsense, Reinbold said. He pointed out that she finished 20th, only one lap behind winner Helio Castroneves.

“She was at race pace all day,” Reinbold said. “She’s come a long way as a driver and continues to improve. People need to keep that in mind.”

Reinbold added that Duno’s fan popularity has never been higher, and that he considers her an asset to the series.

“Fans love Milka because Milka loves the fans,” Reinbold said. “She’s an upbeat person who is great to work with at every level.”
  • WEll HELls BELles. DId MILka qualify for teh race? DId she run the race? IF you think you can do better than why dont you? SHes a IRl hiro. KINed of liek DR. Jack was.
  • The IRL: Needs Milky to fill the field.


    Vi$ion$ is what Tony got!
  • The bag biters show no respect to anyone. Perhaps Milka deserves to be dealt with, but that is the call of those in the know. Interesting how those that hate are the first to reply with their silly comments.
  • Milka was sent to infiltrate IRL by Hugo Chavez. With Indy's use of ethanol, Hugo's out to destroy the league. Just my .02.
  • She finished on the lead lap in one piece, so she didn't do all that bad. Everyone assumes that guys like Marco Andretti and Graham Rahal are more competent drivers. Marco might just drive himself out of AGR if he keeps screwing up, too. Milka did not just walk off the street and into an Indy Car. I'm not saying she's a great driver, but they'd pull her off the track if she was being completely reckless. Considering this is the second 500 that Rahal finished early in the wall (both time going too high in the groove), maybe he needs to check his driving. His last name may be Rahal, but that doesn't make him a great driver.
  • I have no comments on Milka's driving as I haven't seen the tapes myself. But let's not forget about Sarah Fisher from a couple years back when we took either herself and/or someone out on a yellow while trying to warm her tires. And Danica's surely made a couple mistakes according to other drivers - but she fights back. It just so happens that when there's only 3 girls, you tend to remember those a little easier than all the mistakes the male drivers make. They all complain about each other at times. It happens. If she qualifies and finishes, then let her be. She's got sponsors.
  • Didn't see the race so I can't comment on Milka. We have enough corporate sponsorship in this series than to worry about losing a gas company that is controlled by a terrorist that would just as soon blow up our country with all his fuel than benefit from the profits of the exposure.
  • sex sells. keep her in.
  • I will let the officials determine whether or not she is a safe driver--but I will tell you Milka loves her fans and goes out of her way to be gracious to them unlike some of the other drivers in the series. (Danica are you listening?) Milka will sign autographs for school children until the sun sets--if you want to build the fan base, that's one way to get more people interested--a driver who is in it for more than the money!
  • It is interesting that I did not hear Graham complain about Milka after the accident, nor did the commentators make mention of her causing the accident.

    She may be an issue, or it may be sour grapes from Graham if he is now complaining about her. This is no different then what happens every year in all series.

    Hell, they did not kick Kevin Cogan out of the series for taking Foyt and Andretti out before the first turn and that was in the hey day of cart, the best run series to ever declare triple bankruptcy.

    If her driving is that bad, the series will know, and they will deal with it.
  • Milka Duno is a lousy IRL driver. But she's not the only lousy IRL driver in this year's race. I watched Milka for 20 laps or so and saw that she never once competed for a better position. Instead, she looked like a driver who was just trying to finish by staying out of the way of trouble. Unfortunately, this driving style leads to trouble as faster, more competitive drivers tried to get around her.

    Keep in mind she has big $$$ from CITGO - who is owned by the Venezuelan dictator who considers the USA a Devil.

    Dennis Reinbold's comments were predictable as what car owner is going to criticize their driver in the press?
  • Milka is proof that just about anybody with the guts can get into an Indy Car and drive it 220 mph with no traffic. The cars have too much stick.

    BTW, the race was a bore this year. Hardly anything of note happened in the front. I rode with Helio for the entire race, online, and he had a very, very easy drive. He only had one instance where he had to make a challenging move. And, it is kind of funny that we are right back where we were before the split. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Graham Gayhal did that all my himself. Like Parco Andretti, he is in over his head. Milka had nothing to do with Gayhal's predictable wreck. This piece is weak. Just another pile on of Milka because it is all the rage an en vogue. Wind Tunnel? Please! What a bunch of wannabee goobers on that show. Milka is actually getting better. Parco is gettign worse. The verdict is still out on Gayhal, but I predict he tanks. Too big of a weenie.
  • Nice, ignorant name calling Count Smackula. Graham and Marco are still in the early years of being over confident and need to learn humility, especially Marco. Nonetheless, the kid has shown some signs of brilliance, although very inconsistent. Up until this year, young Andretti has done well at Indy. Graham has a lot of thinking to do over the next year having made the same mistake twice in his two tries.
  • I just received a return phone call from IRL spokesman John Griffin, and he said Milka Duno has received no official warning about her driving to this point from league officials. He furhter noted that Brian Barnhardt has no major concerns about Duno's lap speed at this time, and noted that the accident with Rahal was caused primarily by Duno's attempt to make a pit stop, and that attempt was pulled off appropriately. He did say, Barnhardt along with Al Unser Jr. and Johnny Rutherford monitor practice and race action closely and talk to various drivers from time to time about on-track conduct and safety issues.
  • More good news for the twirl...

    Indy 500 overnight down 18%.

    In a year when NASCAR appears to be shedding viewers, and on a day when the rival Coca Cola 600 was rained out, ratings still declined for the crown jewel of the Indy Racing League.

    The 2009 Indianapolis 500 drew a 4.2 overnight rating on ABC Sunday afternoon, down 18% from a 5.1 last year, and down 13% from a 4.8 for the rain-soaked 2007 race. The 4.2 overnight is the lowest for the Indy 500 since at least 1995, and likely marks the lowest overnight ever for the race.

    In each of the past two years, final ratings for the Indy 500 fell 10% from the overnight, putting this year's race on pace for a 3.8 final rating. The Indy 500 has never drawn a final rating below 4.1.
  • Nice piece, Anthony, and great research. Did you call Griffin before you aired this? Wow, Milka Duno is slow. Please write a column when she's in Playboy, she passes someone, or Barnhart parks her.

    When will IBJ realize your blog falls way below their standards?
  • Anthony has made the mistake of trying to be cool and fit in by bashing Milka. It's all the rage. Nice try, dude. Doh.

    Duno is nothing more than basic, middle to back of pack fare, but did a credible job this month in substandard equipment for a third-rate team. She deserves better than to have men who know they could never have her, but no doubt dampen many a towel back at home in front of their Milka screensavers, rip her for crimes she did not commit.

    Gayhal wrecked himself. Parco did too. Both are sub-prime lineage drivers of no particular promise. That's the truth and it must hurt for their fans, but fact is so.
  • Grate news about the ratings. Too bad nothing will dissuade Anton the Dense from continuing his travesty, but it will always be mocked and ridiculed at least if he insists. :woot:

    Really looking forward to Talkin' Terry's spin on that mess.

    As for Milkers, from post 4:
    Milka was sent to infiltrate IRL by Hugo Chavez. With Indy’s use of ethanol, Hugo’s out to destroy the league. Just my .02.

    If that's true, well then Viva Chavez and Viva Milkers! :lol:
  • Much blame for the discourse goes to Mr. Barnhart. Although I enjoyed this race and am pleased that Helio was able to pull off the win, the way the BB runs this series is becoming more of a joke with each passing year. I held out hope that his staff could curtail his need to have his hand in everything, but nothing doing. The start of the race was a farce and the attempt to keep Helio from climbing the fence was unprecedented. If he had succeeded in keeping Helio off the fence, he would have had a riot on his hands. It's past time for TG to realize BB is not the leader the series needs, but I am not holding my breath. For all you naysayers, you must admit that the series including the AAA and CART days have never had effective leadership. That has been the achilles heal for years and will continue to be unless TG does something about it.
  • berwick guy! I am amazed at your insightfulness!

    What is your take on that 3 wide green flag start? :lol:

    (I had to bring that up)...

    The IRL: Even Berwickguy thinks they suck. ;)

    Wait till next year, CART/CCWS, foreigners, recession, swine flu, NBA playoff, internet, global warming.... what will be the excuse?
  • Its the fan's fault. :lol:

    The IRL: No, we won't come kicking and screaming.
  • Innaresting about the ratings. I guess Helio prancing around in tight pants with a hot 19 year old didn't turn the IRL into ratings gold after all.
  • Stan, you spoke too soon. I guess berwick and Indy will have to travel to Sparta now to spoon with TOney.
  • TG out at IMS. Still in for IRL. Per Robin Miller.
  • It's estimated that between paying purses, supplying cars, engines and parts for other teams, hiring high powered public relations firms and starting his own IRL team, plus remaking Indy to accomodate Formula One, the IRL founder has spent more than $600 million during the past 13 years.

    yeah, your league was real popular and self supporting berwick. LOL
  • FYI, SSD, I never said I was a TG fan. Far from it. I only implied that I held out hope for the positive potential rather than swim in your negative cesspool. Perhaps I am unrealistic. I just choose not to follow your lead for now at least.
  • -600mil, now that's a negative cesspool. and for what? Oh that's right, it was about that all american, oval series LOL
  • Couldn't happen to a bigger POS. The bad news is he will still be in charge of the irl* which will continue to falter under his vision. Sounds like IMS may bring Humpy Wheeler in to fix things. My day just got a little bit better.
  • TOney being in charge of the league is good news. it has no where to go but into oblivion.
  • Expensive lesson for the first Family of Terre Haute

    IMS: Brokebank mountain. :lol:
  • Why don't you guys wait for confirmation before you dance on TG's grave. Of course the TG/IRL haters do not care about facts, they are guided by pure hatred. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Come on guys, answer a simple question. If cart was such a good business model, then why did it fail three times in just over 10 years?
  • God you are stupid. Too much reliance on manufacturer dollars and Penske pushing to go public. Again. I typed slower this time so you can keep up. The INDY 500 never got the lowest TV rating in history when CART was there.
  • hopefully for iman and berwick, robin was just writing about a dream he had. doesn't matter either way, it's under the basement either way
  • Thank you Brett, at least one TG/IRL hater is willing to tackle the question. So are you saying if TG had not started the IRL, then cart would not have relied on manufacturer dollars and Penske? Actually it was not just Penske, it was most of the cart owners who were looking at big time dollars. Would cart have succeeded with that same management and ownership without the split? what would have been different?

    Now Brett we need you to learn how to be civil. Like many TG/IRL haters I understand you cannot begin an argument without trying to trash the person you are responding to. Sad really. I guess you must have failed speech class.
  • Speedway Releases Statement Denying Removal of George

    I believe the beeping sound you guys hear is those TG/IRL haters backing off their original venomous celebration of TG being ousted as CEO.

    Of course, with all due respect to Jobu, anyone who uses Robin Miller as a primary source needs to have their head examined. He is a failed hack who hates IMS, TG, The IRL and anything involving 16th and Georgetown. Not really sure if it is because he got made a fool by AJ, or because he failed as a race car driver, but that shill has lost any credibility he ever had.

    As far as, that is the same org that stated the Colts were moving to LA and that the only thing left was to wait for the Mayflower Vans. I guess we see how that turned out.

    I think many reputable reporting organizations use their online alter egos to float these types of stories without double and triple checking their sources just so they can scoop others.
  • Indyman. I don't classify myself as one of those 'haters', in fact, I think a lot of the perceived problems the league has would eventually be solved if this violently objectionable group would focus more on bettering the sport in a positive way. I'm just an open wheel fan in the mix. Was just trying to pass on the story that broke, but was not yet up on IBJ. Personally, if the story is inaccurate, R.Miller should be held accountable. Many folks would lose their job over that kind of mistake....I'm just saying....
  • The more I think about it, I wonder how many of the TG/IRL hater names on here are actually Robin Miller?

    I think bringing in someone like Humpy may be a good thing to run marketing etc... One of the hardest things for an owner of anything is to delegate authority, the second hardest thing is to realize their limitations. The best thing to ever happen to the Colts was Irsay realizing that he was not a General Manager or marketing. The Colts turned the corner when he brought in Polian to be GM. Irsay is a good owner, but he needed the help. Could the same thing help IMS/IRL? Very possibly.

    The facts are, and Brett admitted it, cart was run badly. Again, there is a reason there is no longer any major race series run by an oligarchy of team owners.

    It would have failed with or without the IRL. Again, you do not fail with the loss of one race, albeit the big one.

    With its failure, US open wheel and the Indy 500 would have ceased to exist.

    I think now is time for the TG and the Board need to take a long look at how to make the IRL succeed. I think they are on the right path, but it may need a marketer like Humpy in there.
  • Jobu,

    I did not intend to include you in that group, I would never insult someone like that. I understand your wanting to pass on the story, but I list Robin Millers credibility one step above some of the posters on this blog. I can tell you are an OW fan and want what is best for it. We need more people on here like you. People who can make their point without insulting others to try to prove their point.
  • Indyman,

    I occasionally hear Robin on the air with JMV. While I agree with many of your points including him not being a primary source of information, I do not agree that Robin is in the same burrow as the haters that appear on this blog. He makes a lot of positive (and sometimes entertaining) comments about certain drivers and generally supports what open wheel is trying to accomplish, just not the way they are going about it. I'm certainly not here to defend Miller, only to say that he has a modicum of knowledge and a strong allegience with the old school indy drivers.

    There are, you know, some good people that didn't cut it as drivers; can we point to Ganassi for example? You do realize you referred to Miller as a hack and a shill. He may be, but shouldn't we leave the defamation to the hate gang?
  • Oh I probably should not have called him a hack and shill, but as a public figure, that is usually acceptable and would not be considered libel or slander.

    If Robin is saying good things about the IRL or IMS, or at least some good things, then that is a major change for him from the days he wrote for the Star. I intentionally do not listen or read his stuff because of his past. He may have changed, or it may be he is doing the weather vane thing. Depends which way the wind is blowing.
  • I have heard, from various sources at the Speedway and in the IRL, that the very person this original blog was about, Milka Duno, is being groomed to eventually take over leadership at IMS after the facility is purchased by a consortium involving CITGO money, but consisting of a prominent American or Americans. And that is not forum BS. I have also heard that Duno's plans include adhering to Speedway traditions and changes would be made to that end. Seriously. Nobody reports on it, because the goofs in the media that cover this sport do not take it seriously, yet it is what is actually being planned, not all teh Robin Miller junk or forum fodder.
  • Indyman:

    I did catch one piece Robin wrote on Speed. It was a tribute to Larry Rice. It was a great read. You should check it out.
  • Count Trac, true or not. I love it. It put a smile on my face. Quality stuff...quality! Go Milka Go!
  • You people need to get jobs or something.

    The facts are, ... cart was run badly.

    That's why it was profitable and successful for over 20 years? Something the pathetic 'league' you cheerlead for has never, ever been, and apparently likely never will be.

    Again, there is a reason there is no longer any major race series run by an oligarchy of team owners.

    Yeah, cause the effer TG couldn't buy it, so he stomped his feet and dun fixed it good.

    It would have failed with or without the IRL.

    And yet more offensive, foul, abject fiction from you. Just pathetic. Your Hulmanista shillism is so disgustingly blatant.
  • Is it me or does she look like Micheal Jackson?
  • Thank you Brett, at least one TG/IRL hater is willing to tackle the question.

    Why you're welcome, see how easy that was. And hate is your term, I never said I hate TG. I have met him on several occasions and have indirectly worked for him several times. I actually feel sorry for him, he doesn't come off as being very intelligent in person and unfortunately the Hulman-George family is living evidence that no matter how much money you have you can't buy class or get the rotten fish smell out. The only people I was ever taught to hate were the enemies of this great nation. I only hate what has become of the once great Indy 500. A 3.9 TV rating is unacceptable to me as is another Penske win and no passing save for restarts.
  • Like Robin Miller, I stand by my story. Tony is being pushed out the door. Hewll, he didn't even know about the meeting last night!

    5 against Tony: sister, sister, sister, Snyder, Ice atty.
    2 for Tony: Tony & Tony's Mama, Mari.

    The IRL: We can't even fire people the right way. :lol:

    *you cannot make this stuff up folks*
  • Stan,

    Profitable for 20 years but fails 3 times in the next 12 with the loss of one race. How does that happen? Either the 500 is larger than any of us imagined, or carts business model sucked. In this case, the reason for the change was mainly the cart owners were getting greedy. They had total control and started to suck the life and money out of cart. It was doing this before the creation of the IRL and they accelerated it afterwards.

    Yeah, cause the effer TG couldn’t buy it, so he stomped his feet and dun fixed it good. Not really sure how that even responded to my statement. It is a fact that no other major race series is run by a group of car owners. F1, Nascar, NHRA, etc... all have a strong chairman who runs it for better or worse. Not sure how TG is the cause of all that.

    And yet more offensive, foul, abject fiction from you. Just pathetic. Your Hulmanista shillism is so disgustingly blatant. And you were doing so well attempting to repute my statements in a almost civil way, then you go back to your old ways of insults and lack of argument. While it is my opinion that it would have failed either way, the facts back it up. Cart, according to you, the most successful and wonderful series failed 3 times in 12 years after losing one major race. Would NASCAR fold without the Daytona 500 or Talladega?

    Stan it was a valiant attempt, but in the end you did not prove me to be a lying shill an idiot and liar and whatever else you have called me in the past. You did expose your weak arguments made more pitiful by your relapse into your hate filled speech.
  • Have you guys ever watched Arrested Development?

    The Hulman-George family is starting to remind me of the Bluth family.

    I had heard about the family squabble Sunday from an employee of a close Speedway vendor (racing-type vendor, not turn 4 Lemon Ice vendor). It sounded like such an incredible rumor at the time. I guess the sisters are incredibly mad / out of patience with TG.

    The on-track product is good right now. I hope that is not lost.
  • I was actually looking forward to TG being ousted. Think about it. The IRL haters would have nothing to complain about. They backed themselves into a corner bashing TG and then once he's gone, what and/or who would they attack/blame next? I'm more curious about that.
  • What does CART have to do with TOney's failure? TOney has had IMS for 15 years and his crap is still a failure. Why, if IMS is all one needs to be successful, TOney wouldn't be looking to redirect his focus. You peeps are lame. Even IMS can't support garbage on the track. It's over. Like the reporter said when TOney took over, Now we will see if this place really is indestructible.

    Bruce Martin reported the outcome of the Tuesday board meeting on the Sports Illustrated site. Here's the current text at SI.

    What's likely to happen is George will continue in his role as the CEO of the IndyCar Series, while control of the Speedway will go to another member of the family.
  • My predictions for this upcoming weekend: you will see a lot of bare aluminum, hear a lot of excuses why the aluminum is bare, a miniscule TV number, and iman will be here next week to explain away another failure.
  • SSD,

    Who is blaming cart? I am just saying what alternative would there be without the IRL? cart failed. Cart failed multiple times. Cart failed because of the loss of one race. Without the IRL it still would have failed, unless you are saying the 500 was propping up their whole series, and we would have no US open wheel.

    At least I am a fan of something other than seeing what else you can blame on the IRL/TG/IMS. It is funny, and sad to see you guys who must have nothing else to do than to rip on a series you claim you have dislike (hate) and have no interest in. If I have no interest in something, I do not waste hours writing about how much no interest I have in it.
  • Cart failed because of the loss of one race.

    False. Made up fiction again. You persist in idiocy for what? To defend the actions of Tony George? :lol: That's clinically insane.

    Without the IRL it still would have failed, unless you are saying the 500 was propping up their whole series,

    False, and I said nothing of the sort, you are still making stuff up. Constantly. You should be in a mental ward.

    and we would have no US open wheel.

    Because everything bad happened because of those evil CART bastards, and Anton the Dense rode in to the rescue throwing his inheritance at the 'problem' to 'save' it. Laughable. Idiotic.

    And we do not have anything resembling top level open wheel racing in the US. Atlantics is about the pinnacle now. The earl is a total farce and fraud, like you.
  • Be careful, Davey, how you mince your words. Someone in the league may have you in their gun sights. Perhaps one of those insane people you talk so much about. You could, you know, be nice in the way you say things. But no.......

    I will give you this much. I have held out hope for several years that things would come together and the ship could be righted. Perhaps I'm a loon for caring, but I grew up next to the place and enjoyed the legends that were made there. Lived down the street from where A J Watson perfected the cars that Roger Ward drove.

    But, yesterday, I saw the luncacy that is TG all too clearly in his press conference trying to defend himself from his sisty uglers. It all came back, the stories that I had chosen to ignore, the madness of his mother, who looks likes like a homeless person semi dressed up, to the old house on the grounds that she used to occupy. And, I just realized, you know, you guys are right about many things that are wrong.

    Not saying I'm going to join you in the hate club, but I'm definitely seeing things through a different lens, one that I unfortunately abandoned several years ago when I moved away and didn't keep up with things as I once did.

    Oh for the good old days under Anton. How did he raise such offspring? Perhaps too much time at the track. When did the inbreeding start that affected this generation????
  • Berwickguy?!

    My GOD man, I feel like I have accomplished something here. YOU HAVE FINALLY SEEN THE LIGHT! :lol:

    Tony is an idiot with NO training, NO education, and NO sense on how to run this business. He has surrounded himself with YESMEN every step of the way, becaus everyone had their hands out for the free ride. I also spent ALOT of time there in my younger years, but cannot stand to see what Tony has done to Open Wheel racing in the US as a whole.

    He divided, he conquered, and he got played all the way to the point the IRL versionof the Indy 500 is a complete total joke. The only folks who won here are the FRANCE family.

    Now Tony has put his entire family's legacy and fortune at risk because of his idiocy.

    due - i will gladly you buy you a beer at any time. More workj with you is complete. :)
  • Da Hooey

    Name the time and place.
  • Stan,

    So if cart did not fail because of the loss of Indy, then why did they fail? They had everthing else from what you guys say was a 20 year old successful racing series. And actually it was more like 15.

    I never said you said it, I was saying that is the only other thing it could be. Please read carefully before commenting.

    Now you presume to put words in my mouth? TG has made mistakes, as has any owner of any company, team, race series what have you. But cart made enough mistakes to kill its series 3 times. that inspite of cars and stars, all races but one, wealthy team owners, loads of sponsors and Push to pass.

    Sorry Stan, you try to make some arguments, and I applaud you for the attempt, but you still miss the mark.
  • Dahooey,

    My only question on your last post is who divided who? Let me put out some basic comments and see if we agree to them.

    Did cart not want to minimize Indy by cutting it from a month to two weeks or less?

    Did TG try to get a say on Carts board to protect IMS's interest in the sport?

    Did cart refuse?

    Did TG start the IRL but do so in such a way that both series could live together peaceably with drivers from both series being able to race both series?

    Did cart intentionally schedule all of its races on IRL race weekends including the 500 to insure there would be no cooperation between series?

    Did cart not fail three times in less than 15 years with the only difference being they did not have the 500 as one of their races?

    These are the facts as I see them that started this whole thing. TG has made mistakes. I again liken him to Jim Irsay. There are a lot of paralels here. Rich kids who inherited much. TG like Irsay wants what is best for racing and for Indy, but I think he needs to turn somethings like promotion over to experts, like Irsay did with Polian. And yes, both overcame drug habits, which takes tough men to do. Many never do overcome them.
  • So when / where is the beer sharing? Can I show up?
  • I am putting the detyails together. And yes, all are welcome. Next week one night. stay tuned to THIS thread.

    And Anthony better show up. Time to meet the loonies Anthony. :lol:
  • Nice. Here you imply that you want to be somewhat accomodating to openminded thinking and then you turn it into condescending by referring to those that haven't agreed with you as loonies. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Kind of like TG and his denial of having lost one of his toys because his mommie told him that his sisty uglers would have to be nice to him. So he calls them loonies even though they finally realized he was out of control. DaHooey and TGooey - hey, I love it!!!! (INSERT SMILEY FACE HERE WITH BIG GRIN)
  • These are the facts as I see them

    Those aren't 'facts', they are fiction. All of them. With some Hulmanista spin sprinkled on them.

    You are completely delusional, and an outright liar and fraud.

    Before you start, yet again, with your nonsensical 'prove me wrong' garbage, try proving your fiction first. And that means not throwing Hulmanista claptrap out as 'fact'.

    By al means though, keep obsessing about CART. They made a profit and had lots of fans and success. Your lord and savior has been nothing but a pile of fail. :lol:

    sc = arrugh The sound earlboy makes when he tries to form a coherent sentence! :D
  • looks like berwick has left Jan Shaffer out to dry
  • Why Stanley, sooooo bitter you are. My, my, my and yet you also end your rant with a cute little smiley face. Go ahead and put your nightie on, pound your pillow and call on the hate gods to calm you down. Down, boy, er girl......
  • 68 posts and what have we accomplished?

    berwick guy finally sees the garbage of hulman. +1.
  • Stan, don't let Jan get on your nerves. He's just doing what IMS pays him to do.
  • Stan, don’t let Jan get on your nerves. He’s just doing what IMS pays him to do.

    Not an issue. I think he gets rather riled up over the rest of us here though. :lol:

    Is that really the scotchygen-laced, putrid Hulmanista shill Shaffer? I wouldn't be surprised. Has a lot of the same tendencies toward promoting total fiction and vehemently pretending it is fact.

    If/when his eff-ness TG gets the boot, what will Jan do for income? Truck stop glory holes aren't really that good for someone constantly hooked to a scotchygen tank.
  • Dang. sumbuddy's been to smackforum. :lol:
  • Look at the grate crowd that showed up in Milwaukee for TOney's league

    Sum shill over at espn wrote that things were on the upswing and the future bright LMAO
  • Davey - still running your hate thread. Someone else get your panties in a wad? Sure seems like it. And your buddy Stan has found another person to demean. How remorseful. Such a shame you guys have to be so pithy. Since your pic is from quals, let's see what the race crowd is. If it's down again, I send you some attaboys. If it's up, you can just chew your shut the hell up gum for the day, ok?
  • I would guess the picture is from practice. I don't think they leave from their pit box during quals. Looked like a good race crowd, though.
  • Stan,

    While I give you credit as the only TG/IRL hater to acknowledge my facts, you have fallen back to your old ways of insult and ignore. Great debate tactics. Everything you say is wrong. Wow, I am sure they teach that in debate class, if not they should. Stan, take a few minutes from your angry rant and prove what I say is wrong. For that matter the rest of you. If you are right, and I am wrong, prove it. Show where my facts are wrong. I thought this would be a good time for all of us to agree how this started.

    As Dahooey says, it is all true, look it up, prove me wrong.
  • Good article for IRL fans to read:

    Sorry, Indyman, I remain a fan of IndyCar and want nothing more than success for those involved, but I have become convinced by recent events that TG is more of a problem than he is a solution.
  • Key Count Chocula...aren't you the jerkoff who gave me a ration for using childish and boorish nicknames like Milk 'N' Donuts and Steve Gregory a couple of years back?

    Graham Gayhal and Parco Andretti?

    What's up, hypocrite?
  • WAS you! Remember?

    I'm here at our friends home in Cincy taking a couple days off from the Speedway and viewing your photos on their home PC, having introduced them to Trackforum this morning over coffee and Indy talk. These are very nice photos. In fact, I am partially in one of them.

    I would just like to take this opportunity to submit that your constant reference to Milka Duno as Milk 'N' Donuts does a great deal to discredit to what otherwise is a nice volume of work. Additionally, your continual referencing of Stephan Gregoire as Steve Gregory is borish (sic) and insulting.

    Both are very good friends of mine and have been since the late 1990's. I am delighted they are at Indy with us this year and wish them well. I don't know quite what would compel a person to be insulting as you have but I am beginning to see that is quite common here at Trackforum, where numerous posters appear stuck in some sort of yesteryear time warp, wishing for our sport to return to an era that is long past, while trivializing and marginalizing this era as somehow less. If Ms. Duno does not somehow meet your ideal of an Indy Car racer I suggest you stop coming instead of insulting people you do not feel kinship with.

    You are most certainly entitled to express yourself here, of course, but again, the borish (sic) name-calling discredits this otherwise impressive volume of work.

    I am guilty of some name-calling, myself, especially regarding Scott Pruett yesterday. If you think that was something, you should hear what he was called around the paddock in the 90's! But I digress. I came to this forum to be a fan, not a particpant (sic) all of the time. It's a much different world from this perspective. I am not sure how long I will remain. But I am seeking to take a higher road when it comes to how I express myself on Trackforum, if I don't end up leaving the format altogether soon. I regret my comments about Mr. Pruett, a man that I have known since his kart racing days in California.

    I would ask you take a higher road yourself. If you do not, that is your business. But derogatory nicknames for a gentle lady and racer such as Milka Duno or a gentleman and racer such as Stephan is uncalled for and childish.

    They may not reflect your vision of Indy, no pun intended, but they certainly deserve better treatment on this forum.

    Your posts often smack of jealousy and resentment. Try a differnt (sic) tact because your photography is excellent and suffers when you debase it with childish name calling.


    Count Tracula

    IRL Team Owner (a team of which you have taken many photos).
  • whoa! SMACK! :lol:
  • Show where my facts are wrong.

    Post some actual facts, first, instead of the fiction and Hulmanista rubbish you spew constantly and then keep screeching about.

    You whine like a little beyotch about 'insults' yet constantly act in the manner of a petulant, smarmy 8-year-old. Not unlike your lord and savior in that regard.

    And you aren't in charge here, so stop being a whiner about 'debate' as well. Better yet, go back to 3rd grade where a mentality such as yours would be typical.

    Lastly, are you or are you not that Hulmanista shillbag drunken old broken down piece of trash Jan Shaffer aka indytool? Well, are you, punk? :lol:
  • Wow, Stanley put on his big boy pants and became Clint Eastwood for the big smackdown!!!
  • Wow, after reading all these comments, I feel like I need a bath to wash away all the hate.
  • Say Anything:

    Sometimes you can just hear some chick saying eeeuuuuu.
  • The funny thing is Stanley goes on yet another rant but still cannot refute the facts I posted. I wonder if we will see him on Dancing with the Stars, because he cha cha'd all around the argument.

    And you aren’t in charge here, so stop being a whiner about ‘debate’ as well. Lets see, this is a blog. Blogs are usually for discussing and debating issues. Am I missing something here?

    Better yet, go back to 3rd grade where a mentality such as yours would be typical. Lets seem when I was in 3rd grade, I seem to remember people thought personal attacks and insults were cool. Who is being childish?

    Lastly, are you or are you not that Hulmanista shillbag drunken old broken down piece of trash Jan Shaffer aka indytool? Nope, I have been Indyman around here for several years, probably since this forum started, and well before the rejects came over here to spew their hatred.

    Well, are you, punk? Clint Eastwood called, he said he put his tired old '70's line to bed and wants you to do the same.

    Stan you seem to think insults and tired old lines are cool. Sorry, unless you are still in grade school, it is not. You sound like a Jim Rome wanna be.
  • This year (Chet) Fillip is entered as the works driver for Mercedes-Benz in the inaugural 24 Hours of Madagascar Euro Truck Classic, where he will team with Dr. Jack Miller and Count Tracula in a truck owned by Milka Duno.

    Looks like Milk 'N' Donuts is somebody's Sugar Momma so he can play race car driver.

    Dr. Jack Miller?

    You two gonna flip a coin to see who gets to stack up Milker's rig first?

    Bring your toof brush, count.
  • So what is this, the most bogus pimp job ever fostered upon the reading public? I have never, never seen anymore absurd nonsense in my life. So, what do you count, go around and hack into websites with your fantasies. You have changed your stripes so many times in these forums that no one can even remember your last nonsense filled comments. You must have overdosed on mercury laced pablum. You are to put it bluntly a first class nut, a wing nut, a wack job.

    Please leave a little decorum for what Anthony is trying to do here and refrain from annoying anyone here anymore. Here I go violating my own assurance to avoid name calling, but this guy is over the top. Please consider those as titles for Nocount Tracula, not names.
  • You hateful windbags took a story about Milka Duno and somehow turned it into a debate about Indy Car racing from over a decade ago which then morphed into a personal spit fest from (as Walter Zoomie admitted) at least two years ago. Many here were too busy trying to beat each other up (ironically as the sport's only alleged supporters) to notice or care about what prospective IRL fans see from you. If I was sitting in the stands between morons like Walter Zoomie and Count Tracula, I'd either run to the nearest NASCAR race or maybe just away from racing altogether. The comments to this story prove why the mainstream public doesn't give a consistent flying flip about the IRL. If this is the best you can offer, no wonder the Indy 500 is at its lowest TV ratings in history.
  • I'm soooooo sorry. (Sarah Meatball)

    Maybe it IS the fan's fault after all? :lol:
  • Da Hooey

    What happened to the beer outing?
  • I am busy. I will get er Dungy tho. stay glued to this...

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  1. to mention the rest of Molly's experience- she served as Communications Director for the Indianapolis Department of Public Works and also did communications for the state. She's incredibly qualified for this role and has a real love for Indianapolis and Indiana. Best of luck to her!

  2. Shall we not demand the same scrutiny for law schools, med schools, heaven forbid, business schools, etc.? How many law school grads are servers? How many business start ups fail and how many business grads get low paying jobs because there are so few high paying positions available? Why does our legislature continue to demean public schools and give taxpayer dollars to charters and private schools, ($171 million last year), rather than investing in our community schools? We are on a course of disaster regarding our public school attitudes unless we change our thinking in a short time.

  3. I agree with the other reader's comment about the chunky tomato soup. I found myself wanting a breadstick to dip into it. It tasted more like a marinara sauce; I couldn't eat it as a soup. In general, I liked the place... but doubt that I'll frequent it once the novelty wears off.

  4. The Indiana toll road used to have some of the cleanest bathrooms you could find on the road. After the lease they went downhill quickly. While not the grossest you'll see, they hover a bit below average. Am not sure if this is indicative of the entire deal or merely a portion of it. But the goals of anyone taking over the lease will always be at odds. The fewer repairs they make, the more money they earn since they have a virtual monopoly on travel from Cleveland to Chicago. So they only comply to satisfy the rules. It's hard to hand public works over to private enterprise. The incentives are misaligned. In true competition, you'd have multiple roads, each build by different companies motivated to make theirs more attractive. Working to attract customers is very different than working to maximize profit on people who have no choice but to choose your road. Of course, we all know two roads would be even more ridiculous.

  5. The State is in a perfect position. The consortium overpaid for leasing the toll road. Good for the State. The money they paid is being used across the State to upgrade roads and bridges and employ people at at time most of the country is scrambling to fund basic repairs. Good for the State. Indiana taxpayers are no longer subsidizing the toll roads to the tune of millions a year as we had for the last 20 years because the legislature did not have the guts to raise tolls. Good for the State. If the consortium fails, they either find another operator, acceptable to the State, to buy them out or the road gets turned back over to the State and we keep the Billions. Good for the State. Pat Bauer is no longer the Majority or Minority Leader of the House. Good for the State. Anyway you look at this, the State received billions of dollars for an assett the taxpayers were subsidizing, the State does not have to pay to maintain the road for 70 years. I am having trouble seeing the downside.