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  1. Biggest scam ever!! Took 307 out of my bank ac count. Never received a single call! They prey on new small business and flat out rob them! Do not sign up with these thieves. I filed a complaint with the ftc. I suggest doing the same ic they robbed you too.

  2. Obamacare has nothing to do with slow job growth. There is a reason corporate profits are at an all time high while wage growth is stagnant and unskilled labor can't find good paying jobs. Billion dollar multi national corporations park their profits offshore avoiding taxes, while us suckers get stuck paying them. American corporations and the wealthy could care less about the American middle class and have no allegiance to America as their consumers are the global middle class. All they care about is maximizing shareholder value at everyone else's expense. Tea baggers and other "patriots" are busy fighting a culture war against the evil "socialist" liberals while they get poorer and poorer

  3. Woohoo! We're #200!!! Absolutely disgusting. Bring on the congestion. Indianapolis NEEDS it.

  4. So Westfield invested about $30M in developing Grand Park and attendance to date is good enough that local hotel can't meet the demand. Carmel invested $180M in the Palladium - which generates zero hotel demand for its casino acts. Which Mayor made the better decision?

  5. Here is a fascinating look at mass transit in the US. Try and find Indy in the list. Moral of the story? Indy is a total failure.