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  1. It appears that ITT's egregious practices--both deceptive and predatory--have caught with them. It has become a greedy and poorly run quasi-government agency although its leaders will deny that characterization.

  2. Confined feeding operation....this is factory farming and has been proven to be detrimental to our environment, water supplies, and now aiding in the increase of antibiotic resistant bacteria! This "farm" will not be any different than the other unsanitary CFO's that litter the state. These practices need to be STOPPED, not multiplied. We need to gain control of our food supply.

  3. Funny how you disparage those that you feel are (your words) Internet TV Experts (ITEs). Yet, a quick look through your history of postings (here and elsewhere) shows that the IBJ quoted D of I is wrong more than just about anyone._______July 15, 2013: "IndyCar has two national television deals that PAY IndyCar tens of millions of dollars every year". Two responses later uou fessed up to the the value being (also on the 15th) "Your math is off. Total packages, including the 500, top out at around 16. Additionally, they get some avails" NOT 10s of millions.______April 18, 2013 : " Aero kits will be available for the 2014 season. " Wrong again.____March 18, 2013 : "IZOD also has options for extensions that could push the deal through 2020, although due to executive level changes in that organization the thought is the deal could end at the conclusion of the contract in 2015" 2015! Wasn't it you that said their contract expired in 2013? So, according to your own words, IZOD LEFT EARLY! They DIDN't fulfill their contract. Much like Pep Boys, Northern Lights, etc.______Jan 3, 2013: "Truth is Indy Car had several sellout events"-NAME ONE!. And your little missive, posted as Captain Oblivious, regarding the sucess of "Turbo" (where Dreamworks took a $13 million write down) really calls into light your assertion that you're some kind of knowlegeable "expert". Frankly, Chief and Burl, amongst others, are far more accurate than you are. And if we pull some crap off your own blog, you look even worse.__________I just don't have the time, or energy for it. Point made, you make it up as you go along.

  4. This is great news for this area, but the site plan should show the building fairly close to Keystone. A standard building at the back, sea of parking in front is not pedestrian friendly. It needn't be right up on Keystone, but close enough to enhance the street scape and give walkers easy access.

  5. Hey Markus, there will still be lengthy background checks for the gun permits....which there is not for voting, not to mention the massive fraud that voting on-line would create.