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  1. It's time for Indiana to change the constitution to make several state offices (AG, Supt. Schools, Auditor, Sec. State) into "appointed" offices by the Governor. This will end all the political theater in Indiana at the State level b/n Dems and Repubs holding the other offices. If we don't like what an Admin produces overall, then we can vote in the other guys. But all this operational dysfunction (political gaming) is far worse than having one party control all the operations for 4 years at a time.

  2. Our Govenor and his band of spoilers has never been able to get over their loss of the precious Tony Bennett (remember him?) Since Tony's scandals have faded into the background, Pence and his minions have been unrelenting in trying to rewrite the results of the election. Bully tactics have been the norm and forming an unprecidented and questionably legal alternate governing body to take power away from our elected official is just typical. Enjoy it, Governor. Sooner or later even the Republicans will get fed up with you. Do not worry too much, you can always go where Tony went.

  3. Ritz is there only because of teacher union activism. We, the citizens of Indiana, didn't like Bennett, but we all got sucker punched by teacher union outreach. Most people in Indiana revere our kids' school teachers, but eschew labor unions in general. The clear answer is for the voters of Indiana to pay more attention to who is running our education system and vote for the best candidate, irrespective of political affiliation. Bennett had no classroom time and Ritz is a bought and paid for union shill, so neither is acceptable to me. Next time I'll pay more attention, as should all Hoosiers who really care.

  4. a whole lot of nothing coming from your windpipes.No in fact - Its worse..........

  5. The people who complained are the people who will have this in their back yard. There is no need for an above the ground storatge tank, it could be underground, however CWTD does not want to pay for it. It could also be taken to the pant they currently have at 96th and Hazel Dell, also an expense they don't want. They have plenty of room to expand there and it is not in a neighborhood. Perhaps you could volunteer to have it in your back yard.