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  1. They can do with their endowment what they please, and Lilly can throw penis-pill money at it all they wish. But clearly, the teaching of theology isn't what needs "strengthening" in the US. It's the teaching of science, creativity, and critical thinking that needs a big fat Lilly shot in the arm.

  2. If you have a problem with "intent", read up on SCOTUS decision. -- The majority voted for the law, and they knew perfectly well that it was going to need to provide subsidies on all the exchanges, in every state. -- Other parts of the law also give mentions that the exchanges setup by the Federal Government, are still State-restricted exchanges. In other words, they are still "state exchanges". -- The ruling should be cut and dry when it goes to the next levels. --In the mean time, the people who celebrate this particular decision, are celebrating the possibility of millions of Americans losing their health insurance and having their lives put in danger. Which speaks as much about them as it does about the case itself.

  3. I paid a company on AL to do a job for me. Turns out that it was the worst job ever & I asked for my money back. I was refused. After doing some research to file a small claims law suit, I found out that this company is not registered with the state, never has been , and is dong business illegally. This info came directly from the Secretary of State's office in my state. The reviews on AL were fantastic. I am really thinking that the reviews are not valid. How can a business that really is not a business be on AL? The BBB is not much better. I have worked for 2 companies in my life that were the most unethical rip-off's I have known. They both had A+ ratings with the BBB. If you pay your fee, and agree to settle any disputes that you might get, you get a good rating, even though you still continue the same business practices. I quit both jobs because I couldn't work for such people who cheat others. I won't renew AL. You can get the exact review, word for word, on yp listings that have reviews for free. Anytime you say you have honest reviews from honest people, there will always be people & companies who will prove you wrong.

  4. A Christian telling people to mind their own business? Thanks for the major laugh!

  5. Without our employer subsidized insurance plans, neither the wife or I could afford our "non-Obamacare" plans through our work. And it's not a recent thing. The country has had this problem for decades. Very few people have ever been able to afford to fully insure themselves without assistance. -- The growth in the total healthcare costs has slowed down since the law was passed. As has annual premium increases. -- One of the things in this law that does help people against the insurance companies, is the mandate that minimum of 80% of the premiums you pay must go towards treatment instead of overhead. --There is no reason why we cannot insure everyone, and have a healthy economy. The two benefit each other, as a healthy worker is a good worker.