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  1. I just learned that Anderson is a democratic stronghold with a large black population. I guess compared to Carmel.

  2. It's true that it will become increasingly difficult for independent breweries to make money due to increased competition. However, I don't think the local market is saturated. Big breweries are not growing their sales, but independent small breweries are still growing at double-digit rate and Indiana was behind (and still is when you look at % of the market that independents have compared other states). So, it gets harder and more expensive for each new brewer to enter the market, but as long as there is double-digit sales growth, there will be new players entering the market. Nothing wrong with that. Capitalism at its best.

  3. If he has any answers he should have raised tolls in the first place. Second only time we hear anything from him is when he is grousing. He needs to be retired.

  4. And since insurance companies are required to have a maximum profit margin, the great news is that many of their salaries have DOUBLED.

  5. That old brick eyesore has as much history as my beige, vinyl'ed house has in Fishers. If the house sat over in Conner Prairie, was a trading post that lead to the formation of what we now call Fishers, was home to a famous or historical person, or had some other value other than it's managed to not be knocked down as it should have been then we would see much more interest from the public in saving it. But in reality it's just a brick house that is uninspiring and will be moved to a location that is not conducive to tourism. It will never be a destination. At least the Ambassador House had some significance other than just being old and at least the Ambassador House was moved to a significant location -- in a park -- where it has become a destination and rentable facility (namely for weddings). This house will never be that as it's nestled in right alongside 12 lanes of traffic. Those of us who think this is a waste don't hate history nor do we think money should not be spent on art, but what is artful about this home? $115,000 ($70k from tourism money!?) to save a house...for what purpose!? What will it be when moved? Who will maintain it? Frustrating to see money wasted on this thing.