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  1. Hoosier Lib - The Federal Government has no business being in the healthcare industry nor require participation. Try reading the constitution. As it is, this should be a conflict of interest. We are losing our freedoms, slowly but surely. A wise man once said something along the lines of those willing to trade their freedom for security will have neither and it is oh so true.

  2. I believe every student in Indiana should get a voucher to attend an accredited school of the parent's choice. This includes faith-based schools and others. The amounts of the vouchers could be weighted for income of the parents but Indiana should be the first state in the nation to publicly state that each child is guaranteed a first-rated education and gradually eliminate government owned and run schools.

  3. This so called publication is best used for bird cage liner. Until they understand that they should report and represent the broader community vs their own teabagger ideology, Current's best use is catching my sh**....

  4. Great Airshow, will be missed. I have been taking my so. To this show every year, it was a family tradition. Flew in the Huey helicopter and much much more. I hope one day the event can be brought back. Everyone should write their representitive to express their disappointment with the political posturing in Washington that has affected an American tradition and family traditions. Cost- all the teams spend money to perform and practice, why not let all Americans throughout the country enjoy watching.

  5. Where does Indiana rank among the states in education, and how many charters have been closed or rejected for an awful education experience. This just a great way for the state to pay for religious education.