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  1. This is more same-old, same-old from a new generation of non-progressive 'progressives and fear mongers. One only needs to look at the economic havoc being experienced in California to understand the effect of drought on economies and people's lives. The same mindset in California turned a blind eye to the growth of population and water needs in California, defeating proposal after proposal to build reservoirs, improve water storage and delivery infrastructure...and the price now being paid for putting the demands of a raucous minority ahead of the needs of many. Some people never, never learn..

  2. I wonder if I can marry him too? Considering we are both males, wouldn't that be a same sex marriage as well? If they don't honor it, I'll scream discrimination just like all these people have....

  3. Re: "A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Indiana must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states" Well, in ALL other jurisdictions where it is legal. My friends Terry and Art came up here to Canada to get married years ago, and now their perfectly legal marriage will be legally recognized in their own home State. Good for them and good for Indiana. Re: "but stayed the ruling until the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could decide on the issue." Justice delayed is justice denied. All these "stays" are sops to the frightwing, and merely serve to delay the inevitable.

  4. What do all the filings mean? I see Tim's name and his mothers names?

  5. What about Dallas Clark (No. 44) He's the best tight end the Colts ever had and they just brought him back for a day so he could retire as a Colt. He will be in the Ring of Honor someday too!