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  1. Crystal serves great food & desserts. They also have three outstanding venues. I have an event scheduled at the redesigned Willows in October.

  2. This guy is delusional, but he's really good at not paying his subcontractors!

  3. There are currently no long term plans for water acquisition in Central Indiana thus making this reservoir project viable. It is reasonable to believe that the future of water ownership and distribution here is already being played out in Texas, Arizona, and other Southwestern states. But, to "Observer"'s point, place an overlay of the reservoir project land on top of the "800 acres of prime farmland in Delaware and Madison Counties" recently purchased by John Paugh, CEO of Carter Express. Then begin creating a list of who is planning for the future and who will benefit from the plan.

  4. Maybe they're not making money but they are hiring and putting money into Indy residents. I live on south port and it's hard to run into someone weekly who doesn't work for Angies list. I think they bought the sinking landmark building as well. These 97 out of the 2100 are probably sales rep that were riding the boat and not converting. Sales jobs are mostly all based on performance.

  5. We hope they make it! something "different" is refreshing - We echo the review - but are HOPEFUL?? I will take the comments one step farther: If you are going to have "tequila bar" in your name - the servers need to KNOW what you offer and have a WIDE selection of tequila! not just George Clooney/Randy Gerber offering - infused tequila? Really? With all the brew pubs popping up and great staff at those watering holes, BarRio needs to step it up! My Bride an I were looking forward to an education - not an after thought which our girl did not know what was available. I was really hoping for a "flight" of tequilas when I saw the Flight of salsas (which were good!) DON'T MISS THE MARK ! FOCUS!!