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  1. I think that most employees would probably much prefer to have their own personal phones/tablets and let the company they work for provide a separate phone or tablet if they want them to be available and have mobile access. Yes carrying 2 phones/tablets can be a tad awkward at times but then this whole issue discussed in the article goes Company provided phone or tablet is owned and paid for by the company. Personal phone or tablet is owned and paid for by the employee. Company info stays with company phone and/or tablet. Personal info stays with personal phone and/or tablet.

  2. I applaud IDI and its contributions to downtown Indianapolis' revival. But now that downtown is more or less "done," what purpose does IDI serve? City agencies, neighborhood organizations and private nonprofits will ensure that downtown doesn't backslide--and even if it does, IDI can be re-created. For now, though, it's time for IDI to retire.

  3. Maybe the can change the image of Indianapolis from BumTown back to NapTown.

  4. People born around here do not call Indianapolis "Indy". That's what somebody from somewhere else calls it.

  5. An interesting side issue is the lack of insurance for exposure of privacy data or business interruption related to network issues. Most business owners have no idea they are not insured for this exposure or they purchase a "data compromise" policy which provides no coverage for business interruption caused by hackers. You really should have your insurance agent review this coverage on your current policies. Cyber, Privacy & Media liability insurance is not just for tech companies.