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  1. This foot is destroying Indiana.Do we really want him to ruin the country. He should be IMPEACHED

  2. Economically viable, letting the developers decide that? Thats ok I guess, but a community also needs to think about whether it's infrastructure (fire, police, schools, utilities) as mentioned, can support it. Then, one needs to consider what these units will be like in 20-25 years. Good example, look at the apartments behind St. Vincents on 86th street. They were high end apartments when built. Now, not quite as nice, in so many ways. Many developers and planning commissions don't want to discuss that, as they believe it crosses the PC line. Multi family is NOT bad, it serves a definite need, and is welcome. Too many is bad. Too much concentration in one area is bad. Seems to me, many of these planners refuse to look at what has happened before, and will happen again. Profit motive in our cities, always outweighs logic.

  3. The "business as usual" conflict of interest culture in Indiana government is rampant. We need some leadership at the top of state government and at the top of agencies to change both the "appearance" and existence of conflicts of interest. Indiana politicians and Commissions talk a good game but do nothing. They like to focus on technical issues of the law rather than on clear moral issues. Disgusting!

  4. The Star Spangled Banner says "Land of the Free"...apparently Indiana is not part of the US

  5. Having the benefit of learning from other communities' experience would help in the decision making process and the implementation of a successful initiative. Sound like an idea worth pursuing.